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Ryna was living a perfect life until she died in an accident. She was a famous girl with many secret identities and mistakes that she had made in her teen age. Her life was not easy with many friends that destroyed her life in high school and she died without revenge. But God gave her a second chance and she will live it to fulfill. Si Yehan was the school hunk and was the mysterious business man whom nobody knows. He went to school to look for a fiancee that his grandmother has chosen and to marry her to fulfill his grandma's last wish. ******** "Mm... let me think about it. Yes! I can accept you as....my…my.." Ryna was muttering and suddenly an idea popped out and she said….."Apprentice!!" Si Yehan: -_-""??! He got trapped as her student by her words just because of asking for lunch?? He, who always trapped others in his words, was now trapped by words of a girl??? ********** "Where should I sit?" Si Yehan said, making an innocent face. "Why are you asking me?" Ryna said her face was red from embarrassment the whispers of students around her. "You are my teacher." He said, making a thoughtful expression. Ryna was dumbfounded. "•_•'? ...... What's the fate between them? You can find with me in this novel. ******* Volume 2; Her Return Volume 3; ??? This is my first novel. Please support it if you like it. English is not my first language so if there is any mistake you can tell me in the comment section. The cover pic is not mine credit goes to the owner. I just edited it. This is my original work. All copyrights belong to me. ......... Instagram: love.q120 Discord: LoveQ#1262