32 Chapter 31 Fighting the Hooligans

"Who dares to interpret us?" the man said as his gun fell to the side.

Ryna had a gut feeling that this man was crazy just from looking into his bloodshot eyes.

Ryna had thrown the stone with some strength... So, the gun had fallen some distance away from the man. Sensing that it was the right chance, she slowly started moving towards the gun when the hooligans were not looking her way.

She reached for the gun as quickly as she can and took it, but one of the hooligan saw her from the distance and shouted, "Boss! look there is a girl!"

"What you are staring at me for? Go and catch her, you fool." The one who was previously holding the gun and seem like their boss said.

"Yes! Yes!" the men said in unison.

Ryna, seeing that the situation wasn't favourable to her, pointed the gun towards the moving men, precisely their leader. "Don't you dare move or I would let your leader see what it feels like to be shot by a gun"

Ryna said, making them halt in their steps.

"Huh!" their leader scoffed. "Listen, you all useless fools! That is the best and hardest gun to use. The one who gave us the order to kill this girl has specially given it us to extinguish her. A weak girl like her can't even hold it for few more minutes. She won't even know to use a normal gun, nevertheless this one." The leader said, laughing.

Ryna raised her brow. Indeed, this gun was the best and difficult to use from what she knew, this gun name might be some H2K P7. She has used it before though just for practice. It needs a lot of pressure to use.

The grip of the gun, the lever has to be squeezed first with much pressure. When fully depressed, the only about 2 pounds of force is required to keep it cocked. Then the weapon is fired by pressing the single stage trigger. If the lever is released, the weapon is immediately de-cocked and rendered safe. This method of operation dispensed the need for a manual safety selector while providing safety for the user carrying the pistol with a chambered round and increased the speed with which the pistol could be deployed and fired. This gun is the single sexiest pistol ever made and adding silencer enhances its beauty. And currently it was fit in it. But where did these hooligans got this gun? I don't think they would even have much money, authority and capability to buy it. This should be the one that has given them the deal to kill the person.

As the men were moving toward her, she hurriedly squeezed the lever of the gun and pulled the trigger at the sky. Nevertheless, she can't kill them, she just want to tell them she knows how to use it and make them afraid to buy some time.

"See, don't underestimate me, if any of you even dare to touch me… I promise you would all die with me here and now." Ryna said once again stopped the men in their tracks and draining out all the colour from the boss' face, which was just laughing crazily one minute ago.

"Guys, just quickly kill that person and leave from here. This girl isn't normal. We can't afford to offend her." The leader said.

"Oh! so you are smart to know who to offend or who to not. But still you can't take the person away." She said, looking at the unconscious girl. Ok! It was Luna. She has seen her when the men shifted toward her. She could say this from a glance, but how come she had so many hooligans before her? Ok! She can't let them take her classmate's life. Even though their relationship was not good.

"Hey girl, think it as a gratitude from us, that we are leaving you. Don't you think if you had a gun, you could defeat us? It only has a one bullet anyway, and you had just shot it now," the leader said with a snicker.

'Looks like the gun could only buy this much time,' Ryna thought.

"Your boss is quite stingy to give you only one bullet," Ryna said, seeing one of the men moving towards Luna.

"Stinky brat, you still haven't gone yet!" the leader said, seeing that Ryna still hadn't gone from there.

"Ok! Leave that girl now." Ryna said, this time her voice ice cold.

"Huh! Looks like that. The little girl got angry. What? Want daddy to make up for you?" The man said with his nasty voice.

"Looks like some people only understand the language of force." Ryna said, running toward the man and kicking at his vital point.

"Ah..." the man screamed, suddenly feeling an inexplicable pain in his body. He had fallen far away when Ryna kicked him. He was feeling pain all over his body. He was unable to move any part of his body. His abdomen was hurting badly. He was at his tears.

"Go catch that girl first and tell her what it means to hurt me," the leader said with great difficulty, despite his bad situation.

His other subordinates, seeing their boss and listening to his orders, started moving toward Ryna forming a circle around her.

Ryna roundhouse kicked the man that was nearest to her, sending him and the subordinates near him away flying.

'What's with the police nowadays? They took so time to come. It was explainable cause this place was hard to find and was the corner of valley but she can't manage to buy more time. These people would soon be able to kill her with Luna too.' Ryna thought, her body sweating from the intense fight.

The man who thought her to be an easy

turn to defeat, were now all careful with their moves. They all, after giving a glance at each other, started moving toward her together.

Ryna, seeing their intelligence, was quite impressed, but this was not the time to praise them. She hit a man with the gun at his head, making him unconscious.

"Ok, so only two left," she thought. She kicked the one in front of her and secretly pressed an acupuncture point for the other that could make unable for him to move. All this time, careful to avoid their weapons, who still managed to give her some sharp scratches.

"Ufff…looks like everyone is had dealt with. I didn't think I would manage to do that. " Ryna thought her head feeling a little dizzy. She was feeling like every part of her body was broken. Her body was aching everywhere.

'She moved toward Luna, intending to examine her situation. Her legs were somewhat shaking. She walked their with difficulty. She bended her knees and started examining her situation. There were scratch marks on her face. She was wearing a white crop- top and jeans. After the school incident looks like, she had gone home. But why did she come here? I don't remember this incident to happen in my previous life too. Then what is it all about?" Just as Ryna was lost in her thoughts, she suddenly felt a huge pain in her head. She turned around only to see one of the unconscious man hitting her with a nearby stick. She difficulty tried to kick him.

The man took the knife near him and aimed at her abdomen. Ryna dodged the attack only to be stabbed at her hand.

Just then, as Ryna couldn't take it anymore, she heard the voices of police horn and people coming nearby, and then and there she lost her consciousness.


Disclaimer: The information provided upside about gun is real. I has researched about it from internet.

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