20 Chapter 20 New classmate

Now she was eating in a restaurant. As you know, she is a great foodie and wants to enjoy this life, at least not like her previous one where only study and work matters.

In this life she was working too and enjoying all the colours of life. And William's matter is also done for now and she will contact him about two weeks later, as he has a mother to care for and now he had only graduated from college, so he needs time to arrange.

Yeah, she knows, she was a very understanding person.^•~•^

Don't know why these day she feels that she was forgetting a very big trouble that has come now days. Just can't remember, but she was careful about it.

Forget it. She just came home and lie on the bed as saving the Hero for a beauty like me is very tiring.

After a moment of laziness she changed her clothes because she had already eaten outside and just slept waiting for another day.

In morning....

After getting ready and having breakfast now, she was on the way to school.

Standing in the class, she didn't see him around and breathed a sigh of relief and seeing Reena she hurriedly came near her and sat with her as even if he come she will definitely not sit with that pervert.

Reena asked her, seeing her in such a hurry, "What happened? Why are you so hurried?"

'Running from a pervert. I was definitely not saying it to her.'

"Nothing, it's all fine." She replied.

"Oh, right?" I turned towards her and asked, "How is your mother? What happened to her?"

Poor Reena doesn't notice that her best friend is trying to change the topic.

"Ah! Nothing. It was just my mother's hand had accidentally burned so I don't come to school to school so I can take care of her. You don't have to worry now she is Ok, now," she replied with a smile.

She was just going to say something when the class teacher came.

There was a girl with the class teacher.

She was like the pure and cute type. She doesn't have much height but it serve her as an advantage because it makes her look more cute.

She was not wearing the school uniform but a white knee-length dress that was making her look more pure. She was completely different from Ryna. if Ryna was a charming then she was a delicate beauty whom everyone wants to protect.

The teacher introduced her as lily and she was a transfer student. There was one more, but he will come after a few days.

Seeing her, she tried to remember about this classmate in her previous events of life, but she was unable to recall anything.

Looking the girl was now looking at her and was smiling. It was pure and cute but she doesn't know why she felt goosebumps all over her body looking at it.

In the whole class she was trying to remembering her but her poor memory.

But she can feel a little danger near her so she just got up and hurriedly run with Reena after class, seeing her coming towards us.

Even if her brain doesn't remember her, but her instincts say to stay away from this girl.

She told Reena to leave for now as she was insisting to meet the new student. She can't let her meet until she remembers her as she can't take risk as her instincts told her to stay as far as possible from that girl as something was weird about her.

"Why did you drag me outside and why is your complexion so poor? Reena asked her.

"I am alright. I just have a headache." Ryna replied.

And she bid her goodbye, finally listening to her nagging to take care of myself. Coming into the car, she breathed a sigh of relief.

She doesn't know, but seeing this girl there was little anger and she felt scared too. She doesn't know why, but there was suppressed jealousy, too. The reactions were pretty strong.

She came to the restaurant near the school to have lunch.

She ordered her food. Her head really was paining from trying to remember that girl.

After some time, when she had finished her lunch and was coming from there, she saw two girls and one boy fighting over. The white dress girl was weeping, and the boy was confronting her and was scolding the other girl.

I shook my head and thought, Another white Lotus drama....

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