16 Chapter 16 Legendary Hacking Queen

Running from there, she hurriedly came out of the school afraid of him catching her and then sat in her car and have a sigh of relief.

Today things were really going different as the school hunk was behaviour was somewhat odd.

Why was he teasing her and like he was interested in her? Seeing him, she always felt that she can't run away from him.

Every time she sees him her heart starts beating fast but she really has to stay away from this man.

This man is scary. He can make anyone easily fall in love with him.

Remembering him, she always felt a sense of crisis. He is not for her and she was not for him.

Arriving at room.....

She opened the closet and looked at the small box.

Seeing the box she was not ready yet to find him, she thought and closed her closet.

She then opened her sketch pad and started designing as she was planning to open her own brand soon.

After two hours.....

Her first design (in this life at least) was finally done. It was a long dark red gown with crystals at the top.

It was a sleeveless gown that was sparkling all over.

Seeing it, anyone can only say it was stunning that your eyes can go blind.

She smiled, satisfied with her work.

Then she uploaded it in internet on her account with the caption "Fashion Tiara's first work."

Then, seeing Mr John's message, she remembered the promise to give him the evidence of the attack.

She then started her work and started typing keys on laptop soon her fingers were flying fast on the laptop. And black codes kept appearing at a fast speed that no one can understand.

But if a great hacker looked carefully, then they can detect that this was the only and the legendary hacker. The one hacking the CC TV camera of the best software with ease like playing games.

This was the legendary hacker that had kept the whole hacking network in an uproar after appearing only a few days ago.

She kept stealing the files that has kept on the mission panel one by one, appearing on the top of the famous hackers list.

She had almost completed the missions in at least half an hour that no one can do for two years.

And all networks are busy in finding her that appeared out of nowhere.

After stealing the cctv footage of Mr John's step brother making out with his girlfriend and discussing the plan to attack Mr John successfully.

She smirked and sent Mr John the footage.

The kind man he was, he surely would be hurt first,, but he didn't let his feelings come in between and deal with his enemies ruthlessly. She can tell it as she knows him for one lifetime more. And he already knew about it because as when he divided to fake news of being died, his step-brother in only a few days started showing his true colours. She was only sending it as a final evidence and her job was done here to help him find evidence.

After sending the message, she got ready to eat outside as mom and dad were not at home today. And she was in the mood to eat outside.

Wearing jeans and a white crop top. She took a cap to cover her face as she didn't want to attract bees and butterflies.

She also wore a black jacket with it as there was cold outside and it suited her dress well.

Looking in the mirror, she was looking carefree and super cool.

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