25 Author's Note

Hello guys first of all your author missed you....

So the thing is my school opened suddenly and it took me some time to adjust from my assignments and exams that suddenly happened . And my pre boards will be there soon and then boards.

So I have to focus on studies so you can except very few or no chapters till April.

I am sorry and I really want to thank you guys for not leaving this book if I was there I may be leave because of not regular updates.

But you were still there and I really appreciate it. And if you can please wait till april or March for updates.

I had written this with some time saving grace and had written this in hurry so don't mind grammatical mistakes.

I have so many things to say to you the emotions I have experienced in few days writing this chapter I was filling lot of emotional fluctuations basically sad ones.

And Happy valentine's day soory for late wishing and if you haven't recieved any confessions so don't feel lonely your author is with you....

So on this day my friend was not single anymore. {just gossip}

Anyway let's fly away the sad emotions....

Mini imagination.....

There was a girl that was so strong that she didn't cry and afraid on any troubles. An immortal with the power of creation tried many times to let her plead him for happiness but she didn't have any such reaction.

So to satisfy his desire he created another same world and same world and girl but the girl in that world will cry in every turn and this satisfied his desire.... And that's how the parrelel world was created.

So this was my imagination and this is not at all true but this imagination moral is to be strong and don't afraid of troubles.

I just wanted it to share with you as your author had this creative thought... And just want to tell you cheer up guys if you are bored with your routine...

What do you think how parrelel world existed comment your thoughts.....

And remember your author loves you


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