Chapter 181: Mianmian Has An Urgent Matter!!

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His mind was filled with many thoughts, but Su Chenjin's expression remained indifferent.

He looked down at Mianmian and picked her up, "In our family, Little Auntie is in charge, so if you have any questions, you can just talk to Little Auntie directly."

Teacher Liu felt somewhat embarrassed.

She glanced at the female ghost and the baby ghost behind her, and upon realizing that they were watching her, she quickly averted her gaze, pretending to look elsewhere.

"Ah, alright then, I guess we won't exchange mobile phone numbers. Let me take you inside for a tour."

With that, Teacher Liu led the way, carefully explaining the structure and facilities of the kindergarten.

Yangguang Kindergarten was indeed an old one, with its colorful paint on the walls peeling off to varying degrees, and the plastic tables and chairs showing signs of wear.

Since there were no classes, the desks and chairs in the classrooms were neatly arranged.