Chapter 180: Been Eyed!

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Through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the office balcony, the twin brothers playing games with Dahuang, Xiaohuang, and Bai Bai heard they were going to the kindergarten to play, and their originally happy faces instantly turned into bitter melon expressions.

Su Chaoyu, "Why do we have to go to kindergarten, Little Auntie?"

Su Chaoyang, "Yeah, there's nothing fun at the kindergarten, really!"

Su Chaoyu, "The children at the kindergarten are all very strange."

Su Chaoyang, "Yes, yes, just, just like your few good friends here, Little Auntie, a bit strange..."

The reason Su Chaoyang said this was all because Liao An and the Ying siblings, once on the balcony, stood in the spot where the sunlight shone directly, motionless.

The three children seemed to be playing statues, staying still without blinking their eyes.

Mianmian looked towards her friends.