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Baby, Get You A Me


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I highly recommend this story! This is well written! I will add this to my library and will be the witness throughout thiss story. Tho I saw errors but it's great, keep writing! Kudos to you author!

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It's a very amazing story the author has a very creative mind and critical thinking. Don't stop writing just keep on doing what you want to do. Keep it up.


It's a nice story I've read some parts of it and I can't wait to read the whole story. This kind of underrated story deserves full support. Kudos to the author I hope you can update it regularly.


I highly recommend this story. It will bring you to a different kind of dimension. The writer is amazing and I can say that it has potential. Support this kind of underrated story.


So much angst...emotions. Reading the prologue i would say this is one of those books where you Feel what the Female lead is feeling. you want to fight for her...Cry with her...love like her. good job author


Reveal spoiler


Hey, everyone! Author here. I just want to remind you that there's typographical errors ahead of these story. Bare with my story 'cause I'm still learning and new to this. I sincerely apologise for the slow update. I have my online class. I hope you understand. You can follow me on my social media accounts so that you will be updated if I'm going to update a new chapter. Thank you and stay safe. IG: kamikassyyy FB: Kassandra Joy Guevarra Twitter: kamikassyyy Enjoy reading!


This author has done an amazing job..kudos... The synopsis is so brief and on point and the prologue drive it all home. I was trapped and have to keep reading, as each word I reads keep me glue to read even more. The uniqueness of the prologue lights up the whole story with much emotions, unanticipated break up, accusations.. Could Renz be true and Kiana actually a cheat? I need to find out by reading more... Commendable job author. I recommend this book as a good read. Reviewed: Author Pattyegah Ikwue


It is an interesting story tho a few scenes may seem cliché. I am waiting for the next scenes that might hook me to the story. I just suggest that the author will put more detail so I can feel what the character is feeling. But in general, this is a good story to read especially when you are fond of reading romance novels that will make your heart feel at ease for a while.


Solid beginning. I read a few chapters and while romance is not truly my thing, you made this story an easy read, with humor sprinkled in amongst the more serious interpersonal things. I don't know why, but your characters are easy to like. You have a very promising style and I am glad to see so many people have realized what a fun and addictive read this is. Keep going.


It's very well written story. Despite not being a big fan of first person perspective, the author made good use of it. The characters are well developed and the dialogue is realistic. Recommend!


This is the kind of writing technique that I always wanted to do but didn't have the guts. I love how the Filipino culture is presented. Good job author!..


The strong female lead and I am in love with your book already dear author❤❤❤ Really a beautiful story dear author. I loved it the way you wrote the characters and their story. Awesome read. It's in my library now. Want to read more and more. Great story👏👏👏👍


The story is super good. The language is good. The progress is smooth. The story is sugary sweet in a good way. The ML is a pro when it comes to flirting and our poor FL is gonna have a heart attack one of these days😂 I genuinely enjoyed reading this💖✨ Keep it up author You are doing a fine job All the bst👍


Very nice plot. Highly recommended. The plot is quite appealing and relatable. Need more chapters. Keep updating your good work author.[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


phew! The prologue had me sweating. The feeling of betrayal and heartbreak was well depicted. I could feel The Fl's pain as she begged the Ml to stay. Nice. keep going. we need more chaps.


very good storyline... the characters are all really good and well developed so far.... I am waiting for new chapters... hoping to read the book till if ends[img=recommend][img=recommend]


What struck me the most about the story was how accurate to the real world the author made this. Some parts were a bit extreme, but overall, this is a pretty solid story. Nice work!


That first chapter hit hard! Was not expecting to feel things so soon. Poor Kiana .-. It's a great story so far. I'm definitely invested, I want to see if Kiana finds happiness D'X The characters work well together, unlike in a lot of books I've read, they actually seem to have good dialog. The story flows well too. I can't wait to see what happens next.


This story is amaaaazing 😚am just so inlove with story already, can't wait for more,am definitely adding this to my library,and anyone out there should too☺️