1 Morning of the ceremony

Within the world of Zutrana, where monsters and humans formed alliances, treasure-filled dungeons were raided by adventures, and people connected with the various elements. There were many powerful nations and kingdoms, some of which broke apart as a result of others with much greater power, which caused the others to fall from grace and become lowly pets to the higher authorities.

Among the more powerful nations was the kingdom of Teblen, which was renowned for its strong warriors, breathtaking landscape, and other riches that even kingdoms far more powerful than that envied, especially the skill of the royal family's beast tamers.

At the end of the great city of Teblen surrounded by magnificent trees, mountains, rivers and floating crystal barriers laid the castle, one of the places where it had all begun.

One bright morning, a young lady with long straight and silky silver hair, who was the princess of the kingdom, got up from a bed and stretched off before getting out and approaching the balcony door where she pulled the curtains, allowing the sunlight to enter the room.

She then made her way to the restroom to start her morning routine when she heard someone pounding on her door and yelling her name.

It was early and due to her not getting enough sleep the night before, she was a little tired and gritted her teeth in irritation before putting her hair up in a bun and approaching the door to open it.

"What is it?" She asked in a calm tone after opening the door and looking at the maid panting before her.

"My lady, good morning, your father has been asking for you for the past five minutes," She said and the young lady sighed then smiled and patted the maid on the shoulder.

"Good morning, I will be down in a few minutes, relax," She replied.

"Thank you, I will inform him," She said then rushed off and the girl closed the door before exhaling deeply and taking off her clothes to go freshen up.

After she was finished, she got dressed then looked at herself in the mirror, and started combing her hair. As she was doing so, the water in front of her started to move, and she flinched as the air around her grew colder.

"My lady!" Someone shouted and she turned around and her hair blew up.

A small Narvir, which had a fox-like body, bird-like wings, a small face, two tails, bright blue eyes, a black beak, and was galaxy black in color with white flower patterns on its body, materialized before her out of nowhere.

He said in a firm yet gentle voice, "My lady, the king will start losing his patience. I suggest you go for breakfast right away, he might not look like it but it seems as though something might be wrong, be normal."

"You startled me, sorry, I am done here, thanks," She replied before rushing out the door and the creature sighed then disappeared and the girl ran to the dining room where she exhaled deeply upon arrival.

"You are late," A man said in a gentle yet stern tone and she looked before her then he smiled and she approached him.

"I am sorry, good morning everyone," She replied.

"Good morning, you are the princess, learn to be a bit more punctual," He said and she looked at him with her bright green eyes and a smile appeared on her face as the sunlight reflected on her smooth, white skin.

The young lady was the princess, Myalis, whose name literally meant "magic" and was given to her because her eyes sparkled brightly at birth.

She was tall, curvy, and a very kind person who had a lot of problems because she was the only girl in her family who wanted to be a beast tamer, but never once was there a girl beast tamer within the royal family, which only made it harder for her to even mention what she wanted to be since she didn't want to be laughed at, she was not like the other girls within her family, she loved learning to fight and going on adventures with her family, especially her father since he was one of the strongest beast tamer they knew.

After she sat down to have breakfast with her family, the king glanced at her then smiled and handed her a glass of juice which she collected and then thanked him.

"Myalis, Kiniv, as you may know, today is the awakening ceremony, which will be held in the center of the city. You guys have practiced many things over the years, and as brother and sister, you will be attending the ceremony together, Kiniv wants to see if he can awaken another talent," An old man with silver hair and wrinkles on his face and a short beard said, the princess looked at him and then at her brother.

He was tall, muscular, yet slim, with short purple and black hair, a slim face with a broad jawline, and green eyes similar to Myalis's, though not as shimmering.

"Grandpa, we'll make you proud; I know what my next ability will be as a guy within this family, I will probably gain the beat tamer talent, but what do you think Myalis's will be?" He inquired, and the old man sighed as he looked at Myalis.

"I don't know, that really does depend on you guys or whether she even wants to take it or not, not everyone gets a talent," He responded with a smile as Myalis ate her food then looked at him and smiled.

"Don't worry about that, hopefully we will all get what we want at the ceremony even if I don't awaken a talent it will be fine, thought, what are you doing here, Grandpa?" She inquired.

"You are great kiddo, also as the former king, I have an obligation; I came to give a speech at the ceremony and to see you guys there; I'm curious to see what you'll get, it's okay if one doesn't awaken a talent as well, everyone is different in their own way," He responded then patted her on her head and a frown appeared on her face and her mother saw then sighed.

"How wonderful, this will be a great bonding experience for grandfather and his grandchildren, who are now all grown up and ready to begin their own lives," The king, Viasran said, and the princess gave him a sidelong glance.

"I have to say what I am seeing right now and that is, you sound jealous," She said, and he coughed then scoffed, and the mother and grandfather laughed at him before continuing to eat their breakfast.

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