Awakening of the Crimson Guardian

Author: Darkswan
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What is Awakening of the Crimson Guardian

Read ‘Awakening of the Crimson Guardian’ Online for Free, written by the author Darkswan, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, ADVENTURE Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "In this world, you cannot always survive by only doing what is morally right."Myalis, a young brave, beautiful, and reb...


"In this world, you cannot always survive by only doing what is morally right." Myalis, a young brave, beautiful, and rebellious girl who led a happy and peaceful life with her family, some of history's most powerful beast tamers, life changed after awakening a talent that could change her fate. She witnessed a traumatic event, one which was caused by a threat operating in the shadows, one that ripped her apart from those that she loved and one that she was powerless to stop. Due to which, she discovered a truth, that altered her perception of reality. She was reborn, giving her access to a variety of skills, including the ability to tame beasts, transforming her into something no one had imagined she could become, bestowing upon her a power that had been lost for ages, enacting a long lost and terrifying prophecy. However, everything was different this time, including her objectives; she was unlike any other before her, and she drew the attention of many powerful beings, resulting in many conflicts, one of which threatened to destroy everything she knew. Will she be able to protect what she built? Will she be able to overcome those that oppose her and demonstrate her power or will she fail in fulfilling her purpose? What will be her path, darkness or light? What is her true intent? Follow the young woman on an exciting and mysterious journey as she overcomes countless obstacles in her path as she explores the limits to her abilities, develops special relationships with monster girls and many other beings as she rises to power, and unearths many sinister secrets about the world that have the potential to topple empires and unleash anarchy, all while rebuilding what was lost after becoming the leader of powerful beings and walking a precarious line between life and death. Note: MC's system will appear a bit later in the story, not the first set of chapters. Other tags- Evolution- Overpowered MC- Fantasy creatures- Slice of life- Mature- Revenge- Magic- Mystery- Beautiful female lead- Dark- No NTR- Dungeon.

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16 Chs
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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :The beginning, A new life
Volume 2 :Unlocked
Volume 3 :What may, a truth

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Hello Readers and potential readers. Thank you for giving my book a chance, I will tell you a little of what you can expect to find in it. I kindly ask that you be a little patient as the book begins a little slowly before picking up the pace. First off there is kingdom building in the story, but it won't start until later chapters. My MC has been through a lot in her past which will result in her acting a certain way, she is strong, cool, smart and cunning. Her harem will have quite a few girls, some of whom are beasts; each member serves their own purpose within this story, I will not give an exact number of members and there is no NTR. The book features numerous familiar monster types, and in this world, some nations have cars and other modern conveniences while others don't. Notice: I will post reference images of the MC as well as each member in the harem and various things in the book within the character references section. Details about the past and the true purpose of a guardian will be revealed later in the story. Every detail will be covered. I hope you enjoy reading the book, and please share your thoughts in a review or comment!


Beautiful Writing!!! The storyline is- très intrigant! The writing is descriptive and isn't hard to read at all, the plot is well thought out and the scenes are vivid, much props to the author for that. It is very interesting to watch how the story unfolds and I'm highly drawn to the main character. This book is definitely recommended! [img=recommend]


Exactly, we can't always survive by doing everything right. Though it wasn't Myalis' fault for things to fall apart. And a princess suits her just fine. World background is good, and I love how you introduced that foxy fellow. 🦊


There aren't a lot of faults in the story. There are little or no errors and the fight scenes are really vivid like you can see it happening. Much love, author.


I read a few starting chapter. Everything is detailed and good. Although at starting it kinda sounds boring, but soon it picks up the pace. World building is also unique.


I don't know what happened and why my review was deleted, but I guess I should post again. So the author has really worked for the novel and has done a great job, because the characters have a voice of their own and that's the symbol of hardwork, for me lol


To the one and only Lady Swan your works bring joy and happiness to those that read them and bring those to an amazing world. Never give up and know your works are incredible and inspiring.


This story is the best so far keep it up, author.


I found the first chapters interesting, but I wanted to ask something, the Harem is only for women, right? . . . . .


It starts a bit slow but once it gets going, it really gets going. The world-building is interesting, the Author managed to reveal a lot of information without it becoming too much of an info dump. The main character is interesting and appears sure of herself in a way that makes me interested in how her story unfolds. The story at the start is a bit intriguing and one can easily tell that it's only going to get better the more chapters are released. Definitely recommend


This novel is great. Probably one of the best I have read which contains good grammar and less mistakes. in fact, I never saw any mistakes during my reading. Because of that, i was able to quickly get involved in the story from my own perspective.... The only problem I have with the book is the descriptions. In short, I think the writer should make the descriptions less. Instead of writing a long list of personal attributes as description, the author can try to make it more readable by incorporating it with other scenes


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