2 Basilisk

After they finished their breakfast, the princess stood up and stubbed her feet by the chair side and nearly fell but her father grabbed onto her and she looked at him then he smiled.

"You have to be careful sweetheart," He said.

"Thank you, father," She replied then he patted her on the head and the others smiled as she stretched before looking at her father, who was worried about what talent his daughter will awaken, and she knew it but didn't say anything.

"Your Majesty!" After entering the castle, someone yelled, and they realized it was one of the knights.

"What's the matter?" The king asked as he flung up from his seat.

"There is a massive basilisk that appeared out of nowhere," The prince looked at his father as the knight panted in response.

"Where?" The prince inquired.

"Just outside the city, a few knights are taking care of it so that it doesn't enter the city, but it shoots spikes and breathes fire as well, it's really ugly," He replied, and the grandfather chuckled.

"All right, I will help you guys," The king said as he got up and the prince sighed before grabbing his sword.

"I am not going, you guys handle it on your own," The king's father said and the king scoffed, then looked at the princess and she smiled at him.

"You want to go too, don't you?" Her father asked, she nodded then he sighed.

"All right, come along, we'll be taking the horses, will be able to get there faster," He said as he walked away with the prince, and Myalis smiled and rushed out after them, grabbing a white horse from the stable by the side of the castle before taking off with them.

The princess opened her hair as they were heading to the city, letting the cool air pass through it. Her brother smiled and threw her a whip, which she collected and rode up beside him. Her eyes widened as she saw the size of the beast the knights had managed to fend off, and they came to a stop and then came off of the horses.

The knights greeted the king with a smile and then bowed their heads as he pulled out his sword and turned to face Myalis.

"Stay put; you can't use magic yet let's take care of this, if we need assistance you can help then, got it? She nodded in response to the king's question as her brother attacked the beast but was forced to retreat by the creature's spike-shooting ability.

The king disappeared, then reappeared in the air beside the beast, balancing his body, then blew fire at the creature.

The king's flames were blue and orange and burned patches of the creature's skin, causing it to roar in pain and release a circle of flames into the air. The king dodged the flames, but just then, the creature leaped into the air and landed past the knights where a few civilians were.

"We have to kill it," The prince said and Myalis's eyes widened when she saw it was about to attack a few people, she rushed towards the beast, and before it could breathe fire.

She threw the whip at its mouth, where it wrapped around it. She then pulled firmly, piercing the creature's thick skin and her father smiled at her.

"For someone who doesn't engage in any fight often, you are quite good," Her brother remarked, she threw the whip's handle his way and he grabbed it, then pulled the beast's face in his direction.

Just when the creature was about to unleash another attack of spikes, Myalis jumped and shoved the civilians out of the way, her hand got scraped by one of the spikes and her father saw then threw a sword towards her and she flung herself up in the air, grabbed it and slashed the creature on its tail, one of the places where it was shooting most spikes from then landed back on her feet as its blood splattered on the ground.

It roared in agony and attempted to breathe fire, but her brother forcefully pulled its head to the ground and it began shooting spikes from other parts of its body, and before it could strike the civilians that were behind Myalis, she used her sword, slashing and knocking the spikes to the ground. At that precise moment, her father blew fire around the creature.

The flames he blew formed a wall around it, trapping it inside, and her brother used his strength to keep pressing him down so it couldn't breathe any amount of fire.

"Are you okay?" Her father asked.

"It's just a scratch, no big deal, relax," She responded and he exhaled deeply before turning towards the beast.

The king didn't want to kill it, nor did the others, but they knew it was evil and not all beast could be tamed.

Myalis noticed something glowing around the creature's feet while she was looking at it, and her eyes narrowed when it glanced at her. She looked right back at him, no fear in her eyes, and her father pierced the creature's heart with his sword from the top of his body down, causing it to fall to the ground and Myalis sighed.

The flame walls were then brought down by the king, and her brother took the whip off of the dead beast and threw it back at Myalis. Myalis grabbed it and then turned to face the three civilians—two girls of similar age and a young boy.

"Thank you, princess," The blonde girl who was holding onto the little black-haired boy said and Myalis smiled at them, then patted the kid on his head.

"You are welcome, you can go from here, the knights have to clean up this mess, be careful," She replied.

"You too," The child said before leaving and she smiled at him as he waved at her.

"You can hold your own, that's nice, now we have to get home and change, we have a ceremony to go to," The prince said, Myalis scoffed and he patted her on the shoulder.

Myalis was going to tell her father about what she saw on the beast, but then saw whatever it was, had already disappeared and they were also in a hurry so decided to leave it for later.

"Come on, let's go, the knights will clean up this mess," The king said before grabbing Myalis by her waist, she smiled at her father then he placed her on top of his horse and her bother chuckled before getting onto his horse and that's when she noticed that her father was indeed worried about something.

"Thanks, father," Myalis said.

"You are welcome, kiddo," He replied then got onto his horse and they left with him since they didn't want to keep more people waiting.

One would naturally go to the awakening ceremony to awaken their talent to see if they have any especially if they didn't like others get any as a child since one could get their abilities as a child, either they were born with it or it starts flowing later in their life, abilities can be awakened without the stone, though for some, the stone is necessary. The princess was worried about what talent she would awaken due to which she didn't want to attend the ceremony, but she didn't say anything.

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