1 Just the Weakest Magician

Hunters Dystopian City, Northern Beast's Wilderness, Planet Xavier.

Hunters Dystopian City, one of the most famous cities ruled by the Magician Association, was the birthplace of numerous talented magicians.

The city was famous for two reasons!

The first reason for the city's popularity was the schools where humans were trained to become a magician that came in many shapes and form, cold-hearted, ruthless, righteous, and so on.

The children were taught how to fight and kill from the young age of six.

The instructors of the schools train the students of their class for years, preparing them for the entrance examination of the magician academy, a place every magician needs to attend, whether they be on planet Earth or planet Xavier, for two years once they're of age so that they can become full-fledged.

The second reason for the city's popularity was the wilderness, which surrounded it from all sides.

The wilderness outside this city's dome-like energy barrier was dotted with trees, spanning more than ten thousand miles. It is a place where magicians hunt beasts for their materials and gather ingredients such as magic herbs, magic plants, and so on for alchemical purposes, as the wilderness has an abundance of monsters and herbs.

However, it isn't safe for any human, be they normies or magicians. After all, a person can die anytime in the wilderness under the claws and jaws of monsters.

"Only magicians can go to such places to hunt monsters and come out alive. Even among magicians, casualties occur daily as magicians who don't train hard enough become the prey in the wilderness, not the hunter! They get hunted down by beasts. Do you want to become the prey?!"

A man with a height of six and a half feet and seemingly in his mid-thirties shouted at the top of his lungs as he looked at the teenagers running across the wide stretched field with all their strength. Although he was in his mid-thirties and had some stubbles on his face, he was still in better shape than people in their twenties. 

"No, sir!"

"We don't want to be the prey in the wilderness."

"We want to be the hunters."

The students shouted out while running around the field as fast as furious bulls, the expression of easiness on their faces showed how easy it was for them to talk while running at such a high speed.

"That's good! But words mean nothing. Prove it with your actions. The best way for young magicians in the magical realm to increase their magic energy capacity is to exercise to the limits of their bodies. So, keep on running until you complete seventy laps around the track. Who knows? Maybe you will be able to gain an increase in your magic energy capacity." Instructor Leonardo said at the top of his lungs, intending to motivate the young ones.

His words motivated the youngster indeed, and they began running even more hurriedly.

"We understand, Sir. We will prove our conviction to become strong as a magician with our actions!"

Everyone was running at a high speed with ease, except for the weakest magician in history—Elliot Vincent. A name too grand for a fragile chicken like him.

A magician is a human whose body can contain magic energy. Magic energy is present in nature. It is a mysterious energy that the bodies of magicians can retain. The increase in their lifespan, physical capabilities, and strength depends on the amount of magic energy their bodies can contain.

A magician can at least contain more than 15 units of magic energy once they are born. One can increase their magic energy capacity by training and improving their fitness and physical body capabilities.

However, Elliot Vincent happened to be the only man in history that couldn't contain more than two units of magic energy in his body.

He trained a lot too, but for some reason, he never experienced an increase in his magic energy capacity.

Out of all the students here, he was the only one out of breath and gasping for air.

His back was drenched in sweat as his lungs expanded and contracted to the limit. Sweat trickled down from his forehead and along his cheek and chin as his face as red as the scarlet butt of baboons made it seems like he would collapse any moment now.

Taking even a single step felt painful, and he could only do so after mustering up all his strength as if there was a huge boulder placed on his back.

For being the weakest magician in history, this was just one of the perks. There were more perks, and each one was more painful and toxic than the others.

"But hey, at least I won't get my ass kicked by the bullies as long as the instructor from the magician academy is supervising our training," Elliot said in his mind, moving slowly across the tack while breathing rhythmically and mysteriously to restore his stamina.

His parents had passed down this supernatural technique to him when they were still alive.

The technique allows him to restore his stamina as long as he breathes exercising the unique patterns mentioned in the book.

For the past several minutes, he had decreased his speed and focused more on using this technique to restore his stamina so that he won't collapse on the ground and embarrass himself in front of the entire school.

A few moments later, once Elliot replenished his stamina by using his supernatural technique, he revealed a refreshing smile as strength has come back to his body.

"Let's catch up to them and impress the instructor." Elliot thought in his mind as he tried to catch up with the others.

However, he was six laps behind the rest of the students.

Six whole fucking laps around the track!

"What a sore loser."

Elliot was the greatest disappointment in the eyes of the teachers of this school.

The very teacher that has been sucking up to the instructor from the magician academy and picking up his mighty balls to enter his good grace.

"He still hasn't collapsed, huh? With his tiny strength, low stamina, lanky body, and weak bones, it's a surprise that he can continue running. Is this the determination of the weakest magician?" The instructor said under his breath.

As the man looked at him, he couldn't help but think that Elliot was an interesting student. He had looked at his files and knew that he was the weakest magician in history. The student had no ability and didn't seem to have more than two units of magic energy in his body, yet he could still run more than ten kilometers without showing any signs of giving up.

Of course, this came as a surprise to him.

"Instructor Leonardo, he might end up hurting himself if he continues like this. Should we stop him?" A boy with pointy ears and wearing a pair of sunglasses with black shades asked as he looked at his soon-to-be instructor.

"Nope, Theo. Let him run." Instructor Leonardo from the magician academy said as he looked at the talented boy with the potential to be one of the strongest magicians who he had luckily came across in the wilderness of planet Xavier.

"Alright," Theo Rose nodded.

"Let's see for how many laps he can keep on going." Instructor Leonardo said as he looked at Elliot with a gaze of subtle interest.

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