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[This novel is not dropped][It's on Hiatus] (Warning; -(The first 60 chapters will contain pure adventures!)(45 Chapters free!! ) -For every 4 Golden Tickets- 1 bonus chapter -Read the free chapters then judge it by yourself War- Present!, Necromancer- Top tier!, Mc vs The World- Present!!, Destruction- Universe Scale!!, Netherworld Summoner- Yes, Yes!!, Harem- Absolutely no!!, Female Lead- Single!, Romance- Not the main focus of the story!!, No Personality- Top Quality!!, Evolution- Monsterous!!, Level-Up System- Killll! ---------------------------- On my way to a job interview, I had an accident. Instead of dying, I woke up inside my book 'Era of Heroes,' which I wrote when I was in my early 20s. I found myself in the body of Alex Delius, a minor character in the story. Trying to survive in a harsh world without any power or a strong background was challenging. Then it hit me—I could make life easier with my knowledge of the future and understanding of the main characters! Right...? "Yeah, I can do this!" Or so I thought until I remembered how the book ends. This world is heading for doom! Before long, I realized the novel and the world I ended up in might not be as alike as I first thought. Follow Alex’s journey as he makes friends, betrays, manipulates, and falls in love using all the information he has as the author. ========== -The cover Art is not mine If the owner wants to remove it, Please contact me. -(How can you support my novel?) = By Power Stones and Golden Tickets - For every 150 Power Stones- 1 bonus chapter - For every 4 Golden Tickets- 1 bonus chapter - For every 1 Plot hole of the story- 1 bonus chapter ============ You can also support this book by giving this book comments and reviews.