621 Who Are You?

A dim campfire lit the interior of a small cave, illuminating two figures within. One was lying on a makeshift bed on the ground, motionless as if dead. The other sat on a log, their concerned face dimly lit by the nearby fire. 

"Just what did those bastards do to you," Iris mumbled softly. Anger continued to build up within her body as she saw Adams condition and recalled Number Ones description of what had happened, but she suppressed her growing rage as best she could. She was Adams only lifeline at the moment, and needed to stay calm and alert at all times.

After Number One left, Iris found a well hidden cave within the expansive forest. She covered up the entrance as best she could before she started to tend to Adam. His exterior wounds were still visible as they had not been fully healed, but were no longer life threatening. 


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