Ascension of the Immortal Asura

On the Yuan Continent, monstrous beasts and powerful cultivators reign supreme. Their immense power is capable of shattering mountains and emptying oceans. On this continent lives John Fenix, an unfortunate youth who is unable to cultivate and wield such immense power. He could only look up powerlessly at others and watch as they soared to heights unseen. One day, after a fortuitous encounter with a mysterious and dangerous object, John finds himself able to cultivate and wield this immense power. Determined to never feel powerless again, he sets out on a journey filled with danger, excitment, joy and strife. A journey to push through his limits, rise through the ranks of the martial world, and ascend above all as the Immortal Asura. Novel Discord : https://discord.gg/95nDYr56HZ TikTok for novel videos: https://www.tiktok.com/@rrandomwn

rRandom · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1150 Chs

Heavenly Curse

The glowing rune on the girl's chest faded away, and soon her skin returned to normal as if the rune never existed. A slightly surprised expression appeared on her face as John had correctly identified her power.

"How do you know about the Dao of Time?" the girl asked curiously. "It's a power almost no one has experienced in this world."

"Ahhh….it's a long story," John replied sheepishly as his finger scratched his cheek. He couldn't explain the source of his knowledge. 

"So that's how you stopped that creature!" John chimed up in realization. Back when they fought the skeletal creature, the girl had yelled "stop!" and the creature seemed to be frozen in place for the briefest moments.