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Ascension: Legend of the Blue Deity


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[Update] As of September, 2021: If you would like to see more of this story, I have switched over to NovelCat for now. Thank you for reading this. 18-year-old Jay had just died, immediately forgetting everything that had once happened, last seeing his corpse surrounded by a group of mysterious individuals as he ascended into the sky. Teleporting into a vast, cloudy rift, he soon became an angel, then hearing a mysterious voice that told him to fulfill the task of preserving and defending life. Then getting sent to an unknown, fragmented world, he prioritized recovering his memories first, as what he had seen previously was very strange to him. Eventually, Jay had soon met up with a family who had lived by a forest as he mysteriously woke up in their home. Although a bit paranoid at first, his life began to feel nice and pleasant as he had a lot of fun experiences spending time with them. As he had gotten to know the family, he quickly began to form a strong relationship with them. However, since nothing is perfect, his happiness was soon short lived, as an unfortunate series of events had begun to turn his brief utopian life of satisfaction into a long, grieving Hell for the rest of his time. [Side Note] The beginning of this novel is a very slow start, and it may even seem boring and lackluster to you. But I promise you that the story will get many times better (I'd say it starts getting interesting at chapter 9), with more action, events, and plenty more characters. As a new author, with time and experience comes a much greater improvement in quality, and so you may see that the more you progress through each chapter of my story. And for those who've read this message and are willing to stick along, I promise I won't leave you disappointed. [Another Side Note] This is a lot darker than your typical fantasy isekai (reincarnation). Death and gore will be included.


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