1 Now this is truly strange

It could be said that a number of strange thing's occur around the world everyday.

The world is a vast and mysterious place. From unexplained phenomena to strange occurrences, there are always mysterious events unfolding around us. Some people view these strange happenings with fear and uncertainty, while others see them as opportunities for growth and exploration. Ultimately, the way we perceive these strange thing's and make sense of them is a reflection of our own beliefs.

For some, these anomalies represent a fundamental aspect of the universe. They see these strange happenings as a reminder of the vast complexity of life beyond our understanding. They accept that there are things that we cannot explain and may never understand, and they find comfort in the unknown. This embraces the mystery around us without trying to define or explain it.

Others may view these anomalies as a reminder of our own limitations. They argue that there are fundamental questions about existence that remain unanswered, and we may never fully comprehend the world and all its wonders. This philosophy encourages humility and acceptance of the unknown, emphasizing that we must embrace our imperfections as part of our human nature.

Some reject the idea of the unknown altogether, believing that everything has a rational explanation if we continue to search for it. They dismiss strange happenings as merely misunderstood phenomena and believe that science and critical thinking can eventually unravel any mystery. This relies on intelligence and analytical abilities to make sense of the world.

But what was happening now simply had no explanation.

I fell out off what I had surprisingly quickly identified as a desk of some kind. At the same time I took note of something falling off my face as my rear planted itself onto the ground. Before I could ponder just what exactly was happening, I saw everything.

Despite being so far from a window,  I clearly saw the small blue chirping birds outside, I saw the gentle hum of the wind whistling through the air conditioning vents. I was aware of the multiple sources of light, from the fluorescent bulbs overhead to the natural light streaming in through the window.

The other people in this place I had identify as a classroom, I could see every detail on their faces: the crooked line of one's septum piercing and the flecks of gold in another student's hazel eyes. I was hyper aware of the smoothness and roughness of different textures around me: the scratchiness of the carpet under my rear and the coarseness of the wooden desk I fell out off.

I notice everything around me as if the world is an uninterrupted panorama. I feel encapsulated in the middle of an invisible 360-degree sphere, where everything was visible and clear. Every object in the room felt like it had a life of its own.

As I looked around the room, I could see the different facets of my surroundings from several perspectives. A triangle desk at the front of the room appeard to me like a pyramid, its angled sides giving it new depths that I would never have before noticed. The posters on the walls now emanate from a newly created texture. I could see the intricate webs of cracks within the plaster on the walls, also something I would have never even taken note off.

I was experiencing a heightened sensory experience, I could see the minutest of details of everything around me, and in every direction, I look, there were infinite new details to be discovered. It was as if I had a superpower to see with acute attention and acuteness within a 360-degree radius that had previously been beyond reach.

Coupled with this new perspective of the world was a foreign energy, that was the only way I could describe it. I could see it, and surprisingly I could freely control and mold it. It felt as natural as moving an arm or a leg, like I had been doing it for years. I could also see I had an absurd amount of this flowing energy that engulfed me. It was near limitless. There was also something else, something I feel I could reach out to.

But before any of that, the absurdity of what was happening quickly sunk in.

"Mr.Gojo, are you fine?" I heard a mature female voice ask, I turned to the women who addressed me. The only was I could describe her is as the typical teacher you'd find in any school. A loose white blouse along with a black skirt and stockings with heels, this person looked unfamiliar. But I didn't stare too long as I was taking in too much, I could literally see each individual strand of her neatly tied hair.

Instinctively I grabbed at something that fell to the floor with me, a pair of circular glasses with pitch black lenses. I doubt anyone would be able to see through them. But as I put them on, my perception of the world dulled as all seemed to be more normal now. As I stood up I immediately took note of how I dwarfed this supposed teacher in height.

I also seemed to have attracted the attention of the other kid's in this classroom, some were snickering no doubt due to me unceremoniously falling out of that desk. While there was also a number of female student's who were looking at me with a tinge of red in their cheeks. I ignored all that as I remembered something. She called me Gojo, that was not my name.

"I'm fine teach, just needa' use the bathroom. If I'm too long then it means I'm taking a number two." I heard some more snickering and giggles around the classroom as I moved past the teacher not waiting for her to respond. Why the hell did I say that? That wasn't at all like me.

I pushed that to the back of my mind as I stepped out of the classroom and onto the hallways.

The hallways were well-lit, spacious and seemed to be meticulously maintained. The walls were painted in vibrant colors and was adorned with artwork, displaying this school's achievements and accomplishments. The floors were polished and shiny, reflecting the bright overhead lights and creating a professional and modern atmosphere. The lockers were made of stainless steel and high-quality looking material, and there was even electronic panels on each of them.

Though most notable was the furnishings and decorations that dot the hallways. The furniture and fixtures looked expensive, ranging from wall sconces, high-end carpets, and ornate moldings. There was also various awards, trophies, lined plaques up in glass cases along the walls. The place even had various plasters of inspirational quotes or maybe the school's motto on the walls.

Despite the glasses helping somewhat I was still perceiving everything so clearly. Though that only made it easier in searching for the restroom as I easily noticed the signs. Turning my heel I walked into the boy's restroom as the door behind me closed shut. Hell, even the bathroom looked high-end, with marbled floors and clean stalls.

But I ignored all that as I exhaled deeply.

"WHAT THE FUCK!?" My confusion was not lessened by letting that out.

How was it that I found myself in a school of all places? I was just in my bed ready to sleep and then suddenly I found myself in a classroom full of unfamiliar faces. What the actual fuck was happening? Was this some kind of elaborate prank? That might explain it, but then what the other mysteries. What was this...this foreign yet familiar energy inside me? Why was it that I perceived everything so clearly? And...

"Why the hell do I sound so different?" My question was easily answered as turned to glance at one of the various mirrors plasterd against the wall. "Wut?"

I looked at that youthful yet perfectly sculpted face. A face with no imperfections. Yet this graceful face was not most surprising, no. It was the head of wild snow white hair that almost seemed radiating and natural.

I moved closer to the reflection as I took off the glasses. I took in every detail of those eyes surrounded by lush white eyelashes.

They were deep and vibrant. The pupils were large and round, with sharp edges that lend an intense quality. The surrounding whites of the eye's were bright and clear, creating a stark contrast with the luscious depths of color in these irises. They held a sense of vitality and energy, but I ignored all that.

"Is that Gojo?" I asked incredulously as the reflections mouth moved as well. "Holy shit that's me!"

Nah no way, I must be high out my mind. Or this is just a dream. Pinching myself, I discovered that no this was infact not a dream. And that I was infact not high out of my mind.

Next thing I did was tug on my hair to check if I was wearing a wig. I was not. And this looked natural too, the eyelashes and eyebrows attributed to that. Or maybe both were dyed. Could you dye your eyelashes?

Wait no that's not important! Why do I look like a carbon copy of a younger Gojo? Was I abducted by someone who performed plastic surgery on me? If they did, then damn did they do a good job. I stared at my reflection for a moment too long as I quickly shook my head to rid myself of any useless thoughts.

Why am I in a school then? I finished with that shit a year ago.

What the hell was happening?


Yeah I got nothing. This level absurdity is straight up bizarre. I feel like I should panicking a lot more.

As I continued staring at my reflection I slid back my messy hair and held it so with my hand.

"Now I'm motivated!" Heh.

Wait no, this isn't the time for jokes! I let my hair fall back down as the absurdity of the situation made itself known again. Bruh, I'm going in circles here. I don't know what's happening, why I'm in a school or why I look like  Gojo. Honestly what the fuck was happening?

Placing back my glasses I stepped away from the mirror. At the same time to door to the restroom opened.

A boy around this Gojo's age enterd, he wore the same uniform as I did. A light-grey blazer over a dark vest with simple slacks of the same colour as well as black shoes. Only difference in our uniforms was that he was wearing his tie, which was a bright red. Though barring that his apperance wasn't all that notable, short black hair with dark blue eye's.

"Satoru? You doing okay? You kinda just rushed outta class." The boy asked. He spoke in an all too casual tone too, like we were acquainted. He also didn't address me with my family name, either he doesn't respect Japanese custom or he was just really good friends with Gojo?

Hold on. Did I just tranmigrate as Gojo in Jujutsu Kaisen? Wait no, that can't be right. I look about 16, at that age it was the Hidden Inventory arc, right? If transmigration was at work then I should be at Tokyo Jujutsu High. This uniform is clearly not a Jujutsu High one, not to mention this guy was speaking English and that teacher did as well. Did Gojo ever go abroad?

"Uhm, Satoru? You doing okay there, bud?" The kid's voice snapped my attention back to him.

"Huh? Yeah sure, you know how it is. Nature called." I merely said with a shrug. He looked at me with a raised eyebrow as he spoke.

"I see, well you probably shouldn't just rush out of class like that. You know how much of a hardass any teacher at Gotham Academy can be." Gotham Academy? Goofy ass name.... Hold on, wait a minute....something ain't right. "But well knowing you, you'll just continue doing what you want." The boy continued with a somewhat exasperated sigh.

"Batman's pretty cool, huh?" He blinked at my sudden statement. And though it would barley be noticeable to anyone else,  I took note of that split second of panic that graced his features.

"Well, I guess he's pretty cool..." He murmured a shurg.

"I see....so that's how it is..."



The earpiecing sound of the school bell quickly cut off any word's I had ready. Soon after various muffled footsteps reverberated behind the doorway as students exited their classrooms.

"Dc, huh."

Fuck you too God.


A/N: I originally planned to just insert regular Gojo but decided against it. Though the Mc will have some Gojo traits he won't be a carbon copy, also the problem with Gojo is that depending on which universe he is sent to he could either be extremely OP or extremely weak. That's probably why so many are mostly self inserts with Gojo's apperance and ability.

Seeing as this is the DC universe, the new Gojo's power will be scaled accordingly. Though I'm not sure what 'accordingly' really entails. He won't be OP from the start, well he kinda will be but not overly OP. Just don't expect him to run into trouble so soon. But regarding future Gojo's power:

Maximum Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue= An actual Black Hole? Something stronger?

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red= ??? Don't actually know what the strongest repulsive force is. I'd say a White Hole but do they have a repulsive field? As they do keep thing's from entering them.

Hollow Technique: Purple= Still not quite sure how to scale this as it is described as an imaginary force. I want it to be destructive as well as hax based, something like that erases all, like matter and the soul. Completely destroying everything. I also want it to have a bigger boom.

Unlimited Void= Maybe overload someone's mind with more than the usual information. Like the vast cosmos and how the universe came to be, answers to every question and what not. I'm open to suggestions herw.

Infinity= Really not sure how you could boost infinity as the power of the Infinity is to slow things down till they just stop, this is just a dumbed down version of the overall power. When something attempts to hit Gojo it just slows down, so theoretically someone like the Flash could touch him for obvious reasons. And obviously I can't just let Infinity be able to somehow block speed of light attacks and higher, I mean I could as this is a bullshit fanfic but that would ruin the whole concept of infinity as a whole.

And regarding reinforcing and strengthening oneself with Cursed Energy. I plan of boosting that too, so don't be surprised when he throws hands with some heavy hitters. As I do want Gojo to throw hands with an avatar of Darkseid.

Also RCT will also be boosted accordingly.

Techniques like Black Flash will also be utilized later. So yep essentially this guy is Gojo on crack. Or he will be Gojo on crack eventually. This isn't really a serious fanfic persay, I'm writing it more so for fun more than anything. But I'll try to keep character's in character. I'll probably only make like 9 or 10 chapter's and see how this story is received.

Well that's it for the first, chap. Any suggestions are welcome. Also beyond this prologue there will be some spoilers to Jjk later on. You have been warned.

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