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"Cursed Technique Reversal: Red." Staring at the table infont of me, I extended my index and middle finger as I focused.

But nope, nothing, nada, zilch.

Of course taking Curse Energy and reversing it into positive energy is a very complex process. Not something easily achievable, but not for me. I'll get it down eventually. After all I'm built different. I mean it's a simple equation really.

Negative x Negative = Positive

Cursed Energy (-) x Cursed Energy (-) = Positive Energy (+)

I need to be able to grasp it. I have a general idea on how I can accomplish that, but it'll take some time. I need to tap into the core of Curse Energy, I must understand it on a fundamental level. Having Reverse Curse Technique will be a game changer, seeing as how quickly I exhaust myself. And if I can passively keep it flowing through my body then my brain will be kept in top condition. On another note.

Cursed Technique Lapse: Blue, that's something I'm easily capable off. It's strange, but something like that seems as easy to do as breathing. Then there's Infinity, creating that barrier was easy but also a tad difficult. It's like I'm actively tensing a muscle, so not something I can passively keep doing. But I'll get there eventually, I'm me after all.

Though I'm more focused on utilizing teleportation. The concept of how original Gojo does it is simple enough, he creates a negative distance between himself and the place he wants to teleport. Since negative distance can never exist, the real distance between Gojo and his destination has to forcibly fill in the void, collapsing the distance between the two and making teleportation a success. I'll focus on that in the mean time.

But damn, still can't over how surreal this whole thing is. Waking up in a fictional world as a fictional charecter. That just screams absurdity, but as much as I want to whine about the unfairness of this, I have more important thing's to do. Like getting strong enough to survive.

But for now, I must venture to the confines of hell. I mean school.

After beating up those thugs I just looked for some hotel to crash at. Of course being the kind soul I am I just relieved them of their money instead of doodling on their unconscious faces (I totally used a marker to mess up their faces.) Truly I'm so kind.

But back to school, I was really only going as I wanted to ask Tim where I lived. I didn't know if he knew, but I didn't have a better lead currently. After that I'll probably just drop out or something.  I mean I'm Satoru freaking Gojo, also I happened to be in the DC universe so school is irrelevant. I am going to focus on my strength and only that. And maybe make some anime references as apperantly I'm fluent in Japanese now.

"Kore o yonde iru hito wa geidesu."


Thing's have been calm recently. Well as calm as thing's can be in a place like Gotham City. Barring the usual attempted muggings, not much was happening out in his usual patrols. That much was understandable, with big wigs like the Joker, Scarecrow and Two Face being tucked away in Arckham Asylum, though that was sure to change soon. As for the Penguin, the man seemed content with keeping his overly large nose clean. Killer Croc was nowhere to be seen, with Bane it was much the same. It was surprising that thing's were as quiet as they were, seeing as Batman was away on Justice League business.

Though the Dark Knight trusted himself and Batgirl enough to keep thing's under control in his absence. Though he liked the peace, Tim had been agitated. Though he exceld in it, going through school was such a mundane experience. Though he was no adrenaline junkie, he far more preferred being out patrolling and actually doing something.

Batman for all his stoicism was still a surrogate father to him, after what happend to his dad. Though he was his side kick, Batman didn't want him investing too much time in vigilantism, atleast not as much as the Dark Knight himself.

Tim sighed to himself as he walked through the courtyard of the schools Academy.

He liked being Robin. No, he loved it.

Alas the city didn't need vigilanties for the time being, as even petty crimes were a rarity. But that was bound to change soon, hopefully later. For now he'd focus on his training and of course scho-

"Did you pray today?" A voice behind him whispered in his ear.

Having trained under Batman having to know when someone is behind you was crucial to avoid any kind of sneak attack. This was a combination of mechanosensation and proprioception, which are both part of your sense of touch. Small air movements caused by somebody moving behind you are felt by the hairs on your body, the small movement of these hairs is sensed and felt as the movement of something behind you. That feeling can be amplified should you train under certain conditions.

But he noticed nothing. He had not even heard any footsteps. But he kept himself composed as he turned around to a grinning face, he heaved a sigh as he took note of the familiar pair of glasses and tousled snow white hair.

"Satoru, please don't sneak up on me like that."

"Ooh, I scare ya? My bad." His grinning friend spoke not seeming to take note of his contemplated look.

"But you're here pretty early. Usually you only show up during first period." Despite the earlier oddity, this in itself was also strange to some degree atleast. "Satoru Gojo actually showing up to school early? The world must ending." Gojo merely shurgged at his joke.

"Eh, I decided to grace the school with my presence earlier." Flashing a smile to some passing girls who all immediately giggled amongst themselves at the action he turned back to Tim. "Anyhow honor student-san, how about we head to class?"

"Heading to class early too? What have you done with the real Satoru?" Tim joked again.

"Who knows?" Passing him Gojo walked on ahead as Tim quickly caught up.

"Hi Gojo~"

"Hello Satoru!"

"Morning Gojo!"

"Looking good as ever Satoru."

Various greetings flew his way as he walked through the hallways of the prestigious school, most stemming from the female populace of the school. Gojo flicked his hair in a dramatic fashion as he heaved an over exasperated sigh.

"The curse of good looks."

"Well aren't you modest?" Came the sarcastic remark of Tim. Well atleast it was good to see him acting the same again, yesterday he was a tad odd to say the least. He was so aloof.

But still there was definitely something off about him. Something about that look in his eye's.

Well it was probably nothing.


Yep, I'm at a lost.

Currently that is. Tapping in to Reverse Curse energy is going to be more tedious than I thought. Since coming to school today I had some time to ponder and think, though I used most of said time studying my own Curse Energy. Molding, shaping and focusing it. I wanted a better feel for it, you know?

But how hard could figuring out Reverse Curse Technique be?

I just need to review everything. What is Reverse Curse Technique/Energy?

It's processes negative energy into positive energy by taking two sources of Cursed Energy and multiplying them by one other. As a result, the energy that destroys becomes energy that creates, and negative energy becomes positive. It sounds so simple but it's anything but, though as complex as it is Reverse Curse Technique isn't something I'll give up on anytime soon.

Reverse Cursed Technique can even be used to replenish one's burnt out Curse Techniques. That will be something especially useful for when I master Domain Expansion. Though I wonder if I'll be able to use Reverse Curse Technique on other's, probably not. Not even the original Gojo was capable of that. So I'll focus on only utilizing it on myself.

But maybe I should just stab myself? A near death experience helped original Gojo. With it he was able to grasp the core of Curse Energy, wonder if I'll be able to do the same. Hmm, maybe but do I really want to risk stabbing myself over something that might not be a sure possibility? Nah most definitely not. Or perhaps...taking risk would fit in with the DC criteria. I mean I want to be as strong as possible in this world. I won't be prepping to fight the Presence or Lucifer, but being decently strong would be comforting.

I also decided after I drop out of school after figuring out where I live, I'll just stay in Gotham. It's a shitty city sure, but for now that's fine. Even lacking Reverse Curse Technique, I'm confident in beating most obstacles in Gotham. The only thing I was scared of was the immense plot armor that most had in Gotham. (*Cough* *Cough* Batman and Joker *Cough* *Cough*) Other then those two, I don't have to fear much really. Unless Satan decides to pull up.

But how strong would I be all thing's considered. If stay in Gotham then there isn't exactly much to worry about, this isn't me being cocky. Barring some irregular comic bullshit I can bulldoze through anyone in Gotham. Of course I'll still stay clear of someone like Joker. See the thing is you could take every shounen protagonist and combine their plot armor, and still Joker would have more plot armor.

Put him behind bars? Somehow escapes. Kill him? Somehow comes back to life. Honestly Joker is, painfully ordinary. I say that as he got boring real quick, nothing's unique about. There's just too many insane villains running around that the whole concept has gotten dull, to me atleast. Either way his plot armor may still be active so I'll won't engage or involve myself in anything Joker related. Unless I have to, but I'm no hero.

Though enough about that...

"Cosy place."

It was a cosy one floor apartment with a minimalistic yet inviting interior design. There was a small living area with a comfortable couch, a coffee table, and a fluffy rug beneath it. The walls were painted in a light shade of grey and adorned with a few tasteful art pieces, atleast that added some character to the space.

To the left of the living area, there was a small kitchen with sleek black countertops and white cabinets. The kitchen seemed to be fully equipped with default appliances like a refrigerator, microwave, and a stove. Neat, maybe I can get cooking once I get the supplies.

Adjacent to the kitchen, there was a compact dining area with a small table and chairs that could comfortably fit two people.

The bedroom was decent too, with a comfortable queen-sized bed dressed with crisp linens and a few scattered throw pillows. On each side of the bed, there was  a small nightstand with a lamp for reading. Opposite the bed, there was a built-in wardrobe providing ample storage space.

The bathroom was spacious enough , with white tiles and a glass-enclosed shower. There was a small sink with a mirror above it and a few shelves for storing toiletries.

It was easier than expected to find this place. I just asked Tim if he could let me hitch a ride, apperantly he had his own motorcycle. So yep no more school for me. But wait I wonder who was paying my tuition. This Gojo didn't have parent's from what I've gathered.

Eh, doesn't matter for now I have other thing's to focus.

Seeing as Reverse Curse Technique is out of my grasp, any fights I get in will mostly be me reinforcing and strengthening my body via Curse Energy. Though I'm adept in basic self defense, studying actual Martial Arts may be a good idea. Good thing I have internet.

Speaking of internet, who the hell is paying for it? I'm guessing this house was already paid for beforehand. But eh, stuff to think about later. Another issue, money. Accessing my bank account was easier then expected (the pin was 1234 -_-) I had like 1000 dollars there. Now I don't know if I'm being paid a monthly allowance by someone but having some more cash is never a bad idea.

Eh, I'll figure it out eventually.

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