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An ordinary university student died because of a misunderstanding. He suddenly woke up in a familiar room yet unfamiliar for him. Feeling confused, he trying to recall what happened to himself, only to find that he has two memories inside his head! After being freaked out for few moments and trying hard to reorganized his two memories, he realized that he actually has been reincarnated into a seventeen years old teenage boy! And the shocking thing is that he reincarnated as a fictional character! And that character is none other than the antagonist-turn-protagonist, Misogi Kumagawa from anime and manga called 'Medaka Box' written by Nisio Isin. But the shock is not over yet. When he investigated the memory of the current Misogi Kumagawa, he found out that what was this Kumagawa experienced until now is different from what he knows from the anime and manga! And how the heck he meet characters from different anime and manga! He even befriend three protagonist from three different harem anime and manga and become his classmates no less! He fell into shocked silence after knowing this and then starting to contemplating his life. But suddenly, he was interupted by something more surprising as a blue holographic screen interface appeared in front of his face. *Ding* *Congratulations! You have been choosen as first member of Multiverse Chat Group!* "Huh?" *You can travel to another world and gaining powerful ability and items given by the system!* "Huh?!" *Sending invitation... Invitation has been received and accepted by the other members across the multiverse!" *Ding* PriestessofThunder has joined! AdvocateofGenderEquality has joined! WorstSpirit has joined! RulerofMonsters has joined! "HUH?!" *Ding* *Rejoice, young man! As first member to receive the first invitation, Naked-ApronSenpai have been choosen as admin of the Dimensional Chat Group!* "NANI DAFUQ?!" Misogi can't helped but think that this is just a prank made by Anshin'in...

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Chapter 9: When Five Secret Bosses Were Thrown into Starter Town (II)

"Caladbolg!" And Rimuru released the string.


The spiral sword arrow was shot toward the zombies.


The rotating spiral sword arrow was distorting the space around it as it flew and creating a vacuum that shredded most of the zombies that were in its path and its surroundings.


The sword arrow pierced and destroyed the wall, creating a huge hole in it after all the zombies were eliminated from its path as it flew outside the school grounds.


The arrow crashed into a big building outside and then exploded like it was being hit by a missile.


The building was then reduced to rubble a half second later after being hit by Caladbolg.

Seeing the destruction made by a single sword-turned arrow that was being shot by Rimuru, Saeko and Shizuka couldn't help but slack-jawed at the spectacle. They saw as the arrow create a vacuum that shredded all the zombies outside the infirmary to pieces and pierced the wall until it flew outside and hit the big building and then exploded and crumbled quickly after it was hit by a single shot of a freaking sword that used as an arrow!

"Hmmm... Why does it feel like it lacks firepower than the original?" Misogi commented.

"It seems creating it with magicule needs more adjustments since EMIYA's magecraft are using Od or Prana as the source for his UBW." Rimuru answered while rubbing his chin, "Need some more of trial to perfectly create it with magicule then."

"Hey Misogi, why you didn't ask me to kill those zombies? I already installed Lancer Karna's class card for myself. So why Rimuru?" Kazuma asked Misogi, a bit disappointed he didn't get the chance to show his power.

Misogi looked at Kazuma with half-lidded eyes, "You just want to throw Brahmastra Kundala right?"

Seeing Kazuma's expression turning sheepish, Misogi guessed was right on the spot, "If you use that Noble Phantasm, the whole room, no, the whole school building would surely burn down by the fire upon its activation. And don't forget your Vasavi Shakti, by just a mere activation of it, it can burn down this city. If not this entire province."

Kazuma opened his mouth to complain but stopped as he digested the reasons put forward by Misogi so he put his mouth shut and started to sulk.

Misogi sighed when he saw Kazuma was sulking, "You said before that we treated this mission as training right, so use your power when we were on the outside of the building."

"Fine." That seems to lift Kazuma's spirit.

"Then, let's go to the faculty office since the zombies outside this room have already been eliminated," Akeno said, ignoring the gore of flesh in front of her caused by Rimuru.

Still dumbfounded by the aftermath of Rimuru's attack previously, Shizuka and Saeko only stare at the scenery in front of them.

"Shizuka-san? Saeko-san?" Kurumi called because both still had not moved from their spot when Misogi, Rimuru, Kazuma, Akeno, and Kurumi were already out of the room.

"H-Huh? Oh, umm, what is it?" Shizuka who first snapped back from the shock asked while stuttering a bit.

"We want you and Saeko to guide us to the faculty office since we don't know where it is located," Misogi answered while frowning when he looked toward the remaining unmoving bodies of the zombies.

"R-right! Let's go Busujima-san." Shizuka replied as she shook Saeko's shoulder slightly.

"Huh? Y-yes." Saeko responded after Shizuka called her.

Glancing toward the destruction once again, Both Saeko and Shizuka followed them and left toward the faculty office.

On the way there they encounter many zombified students and school staff. Each person then uses their ability on them. Misogi use giant screws and his rotating Subspace Lances to skewer and pierced them, Kurumi used her Twins of Eden and fire a gravitational wave toward the zombies making them crushed under the weight of more than 100x normal gravity or just simply firing miniature black hole bullets at them which make the zombies being sucked to it if they're near it. Akeno was using her Seven Thunder of Retribution: Sword form and using it like swordmaster because she was applying Yae Sakura's swordsmanship skill she got at her first ten pulls in her body, she also used her herrscher of Thunder ability to speed up her move making her speed are as fast as lightning as her body emited electricity.

Kazuma was stabbing and slashing at the zombies and burned them to ashes with Karna's divine fire. And Rimuru was more versatile by using more different weapons to experiment. He used swords, spears, lances, halberds, arrows, and many more, but what he liked the most was when he created more nameless C-rank noble phantasms and threw them like projectiles toward the horde of zombies.

The last two person in the group, Saeko and Shizuka was left speechless at their display of powers. They didn't notice that more zombies were approaching them from behind. Fortunately, the zombies are pierced by many giant screws that manifest from the ground courtesy of Misogi. Making both women turn their heads back in surprise.

"Please pay attention to your surroundings you two!" Misogi told them to be cautious, "There are still many zombies in this school that are attracted toward here by the loud sounds of our battle! You can't be carefree here!"

"Yes, Misogi-kun." Saeko inwardly cursed her carelessness. Clenching Sode no Shirayuki with both hands tighter, "Let's join the battle even if we only make little contributions to them."

Shizuka nodded nervously, "R-right!" She grips The Dominator gun with her shaking hands. Shizuka actually had handled a firearm before because she shared a house with her best friend who is a member of Japan's Special Assault Team. But she never used it to shoot something, only holding it and posing like a military soldier for fun in front of a mirror. But never in her life she would actually think to fire a real futuristic-looking firearm to kill zombies at this moment!

The group keeps advancing to their destination with moderate speed while killing all the zombies they've found.

"Is the faculty office still far?" Rimuru asked as he threw a nameless sword to the last zombies right in the head in their area.

"No, we're already close." Shizuka answered, "One turn left and we will arrive at the faculty office after we pass the staircase that goes toward the second floor."

Suddenly they hear a girl screaming nearby. It's come from the direction of their destination.

The seven of them then hurriedly going there. While passing the staircase, there's two student was running down from it. A black-haired boy holding a bloodied baseball bat and a long brown-haired girl wielding a makeshift spear made from a broomstick.

They didn't question each other as both groups met and ran toward the source of the screaming girl, which was in front of the faculty office. When they arrived, they saw two students, a girl and an overweight boy surrounded by zombies. The girl had long pink hair in two ponytails on either side of her head the boy was an overweight male student holding a gas-powered nail gun.

The overweight boy was firing his nail gun with perfect accuracy to the zombie's head. But it seemed he was about to run out of nails for ammo since he suddenly turned his head toward the twin-tailed girl and asked her about something with a complicated expression while the girl kept shouting at him.

Seeing that the two students were surrounded by zombies, Rimuru acted quickly.

"Trace Bullet Continous Fire!"

Many swords were created above Rimuru and shot at the zombies in front of them with the speed of a bullet. Showering them with many nameless swords. And the result is a bloodied scene of zombies that turned into porcupines with many swords on their bodies and flesh, shocking the two students who were saved. The two students who are also running alongside Misogi's group also show a surprised face and incredulous expressions after witnessing many swords appear from nowhere and then shoot out toward the mob of zombies.

"Are you two alright?" Rimuru went toward them and asked their condition if they were bitten by the zombies or not.

Both the twin-tailed girl and the short overweight boy were trying to make sense of what just happened earlier alongside the black-haired boy wielding a baseball bat and the girl holding a makeshift spear.

The four newcomers just stared at the zombies and the swords that pierced them with open mouths. The swords that Rimuru created then disappeared in particles of light causing the four of them to question whether they were just dreaming or not. Being surrounded by zombies seems more logical than a person who can make many swords out of nothing and after making the zombies into porcupines, the swords are disappeared. Is this some kind of magic trick? The four of them thought simultaneously.

"Shizuka, is this the faculty office?" Misogi asked the busty nurse as they came over to Rimuru's side.

Shizuka nodded at him, "Yes, Misogi-kun. Let's go inside and take a break for a while then search for the key to the bus."

The seven of them then entered the faculty office to rest for a bit.

Akeno was about to enter following Misogi and the rest, she noticed that the four students are not moving from their place and staring still at the gore made from the zombies' flesh around them.

"Okay you four. Stop staring at them and come inside with us to take a rest and discussed what to do from now." Akeno said to them with a smile which snapped their attention from their dumbfounded state and looked at her.

The black haired boy and the overweight boy were blushing at the beauty of the personification of Yamato Nadeshiko. Both boys was entranced by her smile while the long brown-haired girl and the pink-haired twin-tailed girl frowned at the black-haired boy's blushing look when he enthralled by Akeno's beauty.

Feeling annoyed and displeased, the brown-haired girl pinched the black-haired boy's arm and causing him to yelp in pain.

"Ouch! Rei! What are you doing!" The black-haired boy asked her while rubbing his arm which she's pinched, "Why are you suddenly pinching me like that?"

"Hmph! Nothing!" The girl named Rei snorted in annoyance and entered the faculty office following Akeno.

The twin-tailed girl also looked at the black-haired boy with displeased look and entered the faculty office after Rei. Leaving him and the overweight boy alone on the hallways.

"You seems have girls problem, Komuro-san." The overweight boy asked the black haired boy.

"*sigh* I don't know why she's angry though. Let's just enter and discuss what to do in this situation and what our move in the future." He answered tiredly.

When both boys entered, they saw Shizuka was searching for the key to the bus, Akeno and Saeko talking about something that involved swordsmanship, Kurumi talking with Rimuru and Kazuma about Bahamut ZERO's power, Misogi checking the news about zombie outbreaks on the TV, Rei was resting on the chair and was checking her phone anxiously, and the twin-tailed girl was removing her contact lens from her eyes and pulled out a glasses and wearing it properly.

All of them were busy minding their own business before Shizuka let out a cute yell.

"Bus key acquired~." She said with a cheery tone causing all heads to turn toward her direction.

Saeko then turned toward Misogi who watching the news on the TV, "Should we go to the parking area now or are we taking a short rest here?"

Taking off his attention from the news and turned off the TV, Misogi looked toward all of them, "Let's rest for a bit in here. Me, Rimuru, Kazuma, Akeno, and Kurumi are fine, while you and Shizuka, and the four of them looked exhausted and need to rest before we go outside."

Shizuka approach Misogi with anxious expression, "How is the news about this zombie outbreak pandemic, Misogi-kun?"

At her question, everyone's head turned toward Misogi.

"Worse. Every city and region in Japan is experiencing the same thing, zombie outbreak" Misogi told all of them bluntly, "This pandemic happened globally which means not only Japan but every country in the world."

This makes everyone shocked except for Misogi's group.

"I-if what you said is true, t-then, there's no safe place for us in the world! What should we do?!" The overweight boy exclaimed in horror.

Hearing him, everyone's faces except Misogi's group were turned into panicked looks.

"Nah, don't worry about it too much." Kazuma suddenly said with a calm tone.

"Don't worry? Don't worry you said!" The pink-haired twin-tailed girl repeated with trembling body, her head was lowered, "This is an internationally apocalyptic incident! There's no safe place for us out there! We don't know if our family is safe in this chaotic situation! What if they're turned into zombies like everyone in this school?! And you said that we shouldn't worry about this dangerous situation the world's in right now! You cosplayer are just a weirdo!" She shouted when she raised her head and looked at Kazuma.

Before she could explode anymore, Saeko quickly hugged her to calm her down while looking toward Kazuma with a serious expression.

"Judging from how calm you are when saying that, I guess you have some plan to deal with the zombies?"

Hearing Saeko ask him, Kazuma was recovered from being mentally wounded by being called a cosplayer and weirdo. And it was from a girl no less! Kazuma wondered if he was going outside while wearing Karna's armor, would every survivor he would meet also call him a weirdo? Suddenly Kazuma feels that he can't get a girlfriend in the future.

"Kazuma-san?" Saeko asked again since he was not responding when she asked.

"Huh?" Kazuma was snapped out of his gloomy thought when Saeko called his name and remembered she asked him a question, "Oh, about that, yes we had a plan for it."

"Can you tell us about this plan?" Shizuka asked him.

"It's rather easy actually, for Misogi of course." Kazuma replied, "He can erase all the zombies in the world with a thought after all." He told them with a calm expression while twirling his golden spear with his finger. Making them who know nothing of Misogi's All Fiction ability didn't believe him.

"Umm, Kazuma?" Misogi called out to him while rubbed the back his head as if he was having a trouble.


"About that, we got a problem." Misogi told him. Making the other four MCG members' attention turn toward him.

"Huh? What problem?" Kazuma stopped twirling his spear as he looked toward the serious face of Misogi had right now.

"I can't erased them with All Fiction." Misogi answered with a serious tone while crossing his arms.

That made the four of them who knew about Misogi's overpowered ability caught in surprise while Shizuka, Saeko and the other four students make a confused expression.

"What do you mean by that?" Rimuru asked him with a frown.

"When we were on the way here from infirmary, I actually used All Fiction on the remains of the zombies you burned, sliced, stabbed, cut down, shoot, etc. But when I erased them, it was still there. Not disappear from existence." Misogi told them honestly, "From there, I begin to have a sense of Deja vu. I then tried to erase the zombie that attacked us before you guys eliminated them, but the result was still the same."

That info makes Rimuru and Kazuma, who knows how brokenly overpowered All Fiction Misogi had, was frowning their eyebrow. Akeno and Kurumi was surprised that the reality warping ability of Misogi cannot erased a simple thing like zombie. And for the other people beside them who listen to their conversation are confused. All Fiction? Can erase all the zombies in the world with a mere thought? What the heck is that?! Who the hell are these people!?

"Then are our original ability cannot be used when we traverse to another world to take a mission in the future?" Akeno questioned, feeling a bit uncomfortable.

A soft hand grasped Akeno's right hand, making her turn her head toward Kurumi who smiling at her, "I think that is not the case, Akeno-san." Her left hand then also grasped softly by another person, "She's right Akeno-san." The other people seemed become very noisy like had shocked reaction after the other person grasped Akeno's left hand, but she ignored them.

Akeno then tried to let out her devil wing. A pair of jet-black bat wings appeared on her back. Surprising the hell out of five students and one nurse who never met with the supernatural situation until now. Akeno also still feels the demonic energy in her body.

Sighing in relief, Akeno turned toward the person who grasped her left hand to thank her, when she looked at the person, Akeno blinked.

"... Kurumi... San?" Akeno questioned, she then looked toward her right side and saw Kurumi was still grasping her right hand with a sweet smile. Turning her head toward her left side again, Akeno also saw Kurumi which smiling mischievously at her.

"Eh?! There's two Kurumi-san?!" Akeno exclaimed in surprise. Saeko and the others who also surprised earlier was looking at both Kurumi with dumbfounded expression on their face.

Seeing that her sister but blood starting to get confused, Kurumi explained, "See? My ability as Time Spirit can be used here. The 'me' on your left side are my Time Clones from one minute ago that I summoned into this period."

Akeno was dumbfounded. Summoning your past self into the present timeline! Looking toward the other Kurumi a bit longer, Akeno suddenly hit with a weird thought.

She then looked at the two Kurumis, "Kurumi-san, how many time clones can you summon right now?"

"Probably a hundred, if my reiryoku are full, I can summon more than five hundred of them." Kurumi answered, "Why you asked that Akeno-san?"

Misogi suddenly had an uncomfortable feeling in his heart about what Akeno was about to say to Kurumi.

"Let's all your time clones join our threesomes together and make it hundredsomes with our Misogi-kun as the sole male!" Akeno said it with an excited voice!

"Oh~! What a great idea, Akeno-san!" Kurumi replied with enthusiasm.




The reaction of Misogi, Rimuru, and Kazuma was disbelief, surprised, and cursing to the heaven.

As the five students and one nurse, they were blushing at the mention of the segs, let alone threesomes, the two girls was planning to have one hundred girls doing segs with one male! How envi- no, how shameless!

The overweight boy had nosebleeds while murmuring, "A real life harem..."

Rimuru looked at Misogi, "Are you going to be alright? I mean having segs with almost one hundred girls in one night. Wouldn't that will sucking up your white fluid until it dried up?" He asked if Misogi could handle the assaults of the girls, "When I was doing it with Shion and Shuna, we're doing it from noon until night because the accumulated lust that I stored was opened and I can do it with them longer, leaving both of them pretty exhausted. Are you going to be alright?"

"Hmm, I think I can manage and came out as the winner when I used my All Fiction to erase my tirednes." Misogi answered confidently.

"Huh? Didn't you said you can't use it before?" Kaxuma asked.

"Only to the zombies, My All Fiction are functioned like normally it does, I tried to erase the flame you made when you accidentaly burned Shizuka's skirt which she doesn't realize it and it worked, the flame was gone and fortunately Shizuka's skirt are still fine but burned at the middle and I can see her purple panties she wears on her buttock, thought I closed it and erased the burned hole on her skirt with All Fiction to make it looked brand new and saving Shizuka from embarrassement and- E-eh I talked to far and that part slipped out!"

After Misogi said that, all of them turned toward the busty nurse who was blushing heavily as the new purple panties she wore were seen by a boy she met for the first time!

Misogi could only mouthed a silent apology to her, making Shizuka pout cutely.

"Moving on," Rimuru said to erase the awkward and embarrassing moment that would happen to Shizuka if they stared at her long enough, "Do you know why your All Fiction is not working on them?"

Misogi sighed heavily, "I think I know the reason."


"It's not because my All Fiction is malfunctioned because it still functioned normally." Misogi answered first, "But the problem is with the zombies, they're not normal."

Akeno frowned at that, "What do you mean, Misogi-kun?"

Misogi have a pained expression as he remembering what the previous Misogi had experienced before reincarnated as the new Misogi right now.

"I... The previous Misogi actually experiencing similar situation like this before..." Misogi admitted.

"The previous Misogi?" Kazuma asked, recalling that Misogi told the four of them that he was reincarnated two times when they get knowing each other before the first mission was issued for them, "You mean the one in Medaka Box's world before it turned into mashed up world you live in now?"

"Yes." Misogi nodded at him, "Remember one of the mission tasks given to us?"

The four members of the Multiverse Chat Group then opened the Mission panel and read it again.

"Yes. But which one do you mean?" Kurumi asked.

"Kill the <A**i**h***s >." Misogi answered her, "At first, I was skeptical about the censored word. But after knowing that All Fiction is not working at the zombies. I was sure of one thing. <Anti-Thesis >."

"Anti-Thesis?" Akeno repeated the words, don't know what is that just like the others members.

"They're a being which was opposed to the concept of life itself." Misogi explained, "In the previous Misogi's world, they suddenly appeared out of nowhere and attacked the resident there. Making it become total chaos and disaster for humanity when they arrived and attacked any living being there. Science and modern weaponry aren't effective when humanity fights back. The ones who can kill them are the ones who were given the power by Anshin'in. The Abnormal, and the Minuses. Even Anshin'in herself had difficulty when fighting them and their leader since reality warping power is not working on them. The attack that works is just the physical brute force or elemental attack."

What Misogi had revealed made the entire room fall in silence. Even Saeko, Shizuka, and the other four students also silent while confused by their conversation topics. But they also know what Misogi said was far above ordinary person can comprehend.

"Then, the previous Misogi's world is..." Rimuru chooses his words carefully so as not to mention Misogi's past.

"Gone? Destroyed?" Misogi said with a sad smile, "Yeah. Not only the world but the universe. It was destroyed along with all the living beings inside. I don't remember how many times I died, but me and Anshin'in were the only ones who survived but she also disappeared after defeating the leader of Anty-Thesis. Before she died, Anshin'in used all of her power to repair the multiverse which was destroyed by them. Her parting words to me before she disappeared completely are 'Protect the new worlds and the life inside it.'"

"Then how are you reincarnated as the new Misogi?" Kazuma asked bluntly.

"I didn't know actually, but I have suspicion that this was also Anshin'in doing." Misogi tapped his chin, "When Anshin'in was about to repair the multiverse, she said that she need help of my All Fiction and Non Fiction. 'Destroy and Create' I think she said that time, and she told me that my abilities would be come back to me later when I was reincarnated in the new world."

"Wait wait waaait!" The pink haired twintail girls suddenly yelled out. "I was listening your ridiculous conversation patiently, and now I want answer! Who or what are you guys! The girl in elegant Gothic dress said that she can create hundreds clones of herself, The girl with unknown school uniform suddenly sprouted black bat wing in her back! Then you three suddenly talking about superpower that can erased the zombies in the whole world just with a thought but turned it can't! When I thought it was over, you begin talking about something absurd like reincarnation! Destoyed world! Multiverse! Etc!"

She was starting to lose her composure.

"W-wait! Calm down, Saya!" The guy named Komuro and the overweight boy tried to calm the girl.

Saeko looked to Misogi's group with a curious look, "I also agree with her. Just what are you five? Marikawa sensei said that you came out from a distortion in space inside the infirmary when she was about to take a nap. While I'm a very patient person, it doesn't mean that I can't ignore it after I and Marikawa-sensei saw when you fought the zombies."

"Kazuma-kun can create flame that burn the zombies with a mere slash or stab from his spear, Kurumi-san can make the zombies crushed down by making the gravity around them more heavy 100x than normal while also can create miniature black holes to suck the zombies and adding the fact that she apparently can make copies of herself, Akeno-san has perfect mastery of swordsmanship while handling the blade in her hand with a skill which I doubt a human can accomplish, other than that she also emitted electricity when she was moving so fast, and there's also her black bat wings in her back added the question more. Rimuru-kun, he can created many weaponry especially swords, spear, bow, arrows and many more, he also handle all of them to a mastery degree and also can also shoot multiple swords you create like a bullet as we see before."

Saeko turned to look at Misogi, "Misogi-kun can summon multiple rotating blue and white lance and launch them toward a horde of zombies. Not only that, you also can make this beautiful sword." She raised Sode no Shirayuki in her hand, "You even can make Marikawa-sensei a futuristic gun which didn't need to reloading bullets as it can fired green energy laser endlessly." The last sentence Saeko had said was made the overweight student turn to the black futuristic-looking gun in Shizuka's hand with surprise and then turn excited as he is a gun otaku maniac.

"And lastly, you talking about reincarnation, destroyed world, multiverse. But more importantly, your ability that you called All Fiction which can turn realities into fiction, which means that you can erase the earth by only thinking about it. And I couldn't help but feel that that is just an exaggeration. Even if it true you can erase the world but cannot erase the zombies, I cannot fully believe you even after Akeno-san, Kurumi-san, Rimuru-kun, and Kazuma-kun showed their supernatural ability."

Misogi stared at Saeko who also staring at him, he then sighed, "In other words, you need proof right?"

Saeko nodded seriously at him, "Obviously."

Looking at Saeko that what she had said to him was very serious words, Misogi decided to elaborate.

"Rimuru, can you use Nine Lives Blade Works on me?"

Rimuru blinked at the request, "Isn't that very overkill? And this room going to be messy by just the swing of the blade you know?"

"Don't worry, I'll return it back to normal later with All Fiction." Misogi shrugged when answering Rimuru.

Rimuru nodded, "If you're sure, okay then. Trace on." After saying the iconic words from Shirou Emiya, an enormous axe-sword appears in the hand of Rimuru. Making the other non-MCG members gape their mouths in surprise at the giant weapon. Despite being larger and bigger than Rimuru himself, he didn't have a problem when holding it.

"Get ready!" Rimuru said as he raised the axe-sword toward Misogi who were just standing idly as if didn't care that he was going to get attacked by a brutal stone sword.

Saeko and the others widen their eyes in surprise when Rimuru is about to attack Misogi, "Wait! Rimuru-san! What are you-" She yelled as her voice was cut off as Rimuru swung his sword.

"Nine Lives Blade Works!"

Rimuru uses Nine Lives Blade Works to attack Misogi with a pummeling, high-speed series of eight strikes. He targets and slashes the upper arm, collarbone, windpipe, temple, diaphragm, rib, testicles, and thighs simultaneously at "godspeed", faster than the speed of sound.

The swing of each attack caused shock waves and left slash marks or craters on the floor and wall around them.

As the attack was over, they saw the mutilated bloodied body of Misogi and the messy and nearly destroyed faculty room, Making the nonmembers of MCG pale in a shocked state as they stared at Misogi's body.

The black-haired student named Komuro went toward Rimuru and glared at him with angered expression.

"You! Why are you killing him?! Aren't you guys friends!" He shouted in anger.

Rimuru looked at him nonchalantly, "He asked me to kill him, so I'm just doing as he requested." And before Komuro and the other nonmembers of MCG make a fuss, Rimuru then added, "Besides, this kind of thing isn't enough to kill him permanently."

"He is right you know?" The voice of a person they thought they wouldn't hear again was in agreement with his killer and said it in a calm tone.

Looking in the direction of the voice, the seven ordinary people didn't see a mutilated and bloodied body of Misogi, rather, they saw Misogi with his body still intact and his uniform clean without any speck of blood on it standing there calmly with a smile. The faculty office which was full of slash marks and craters also returned to its fine conditions and not as messy as before Rimuru launched his attack.

"H-how...?" Saya uttered with a disbelief tone in her voice.

"How I'm not dead?" Misogi replied with a smirk and amused expression at the six ordinary people in front of him who were looking at him with shocked and confused looks mixed in on their faces, "It's quite simple actually."

"S-simple?" Shizuka repeated while her heart was beating loudly for witnessing a murder scene earlier.

Misogi then making his expresion similar to the previous Misogi when he talked with his opponent with narrowed eyes and smirked evilly, "I erased my own death with All Fiction. So that makes me an Immortal, even if a nuke or meteor hit me and my body was destroyed, I still didn't die, no, to be exact, I can't die since death cannot claim my life after All Fiction erased my own concept of death. no one could kill me permanently. And there is someone out there that said 'People die if they're killed', it's true for many living beings, but me and a few other individuals in the multiverse are not included in that quote."

"... Just what is this All Fiction is?" Saeko asked and for the first time in her life, she was feeling intrigued by something that caught her attention from the boy she suddenly took a liking to.

"All Fiction is an Ability to make reality becoming nothing, in other word I can erased anything completely and making it not exist like a fiction. This ability allows me to deny any aspect of reality, be it concept, damage, race, another ability user, wound, and etc"

Silence dominating the faculty office after Misogi explained his ability for awhile.

"Are you a god?" That silence was broken by a simple question from the overweight students.


"Then what are your and your group purpose here?" The twin-tailed pink-haired girl asked with apprehension clear on her face.

Misogi sighed heavily at that, "... Let's introduce ourselves to each other first then I told you what our purpose here."

~~~Ten Minutes later~~~

"Alright, Takashi Komuro, Rei Miyamoto, Saya Takagi and Kohta Hirano." Misogi nodded after he explained their origin and purpose in this world to the four of them including Saeko and Shizuka. At first they were in disbelief at his explanation but Misogi asked Rimuru to turn himself to his original appearance which is a 'not a bad slime' and Akeno showed her devil wings again making them accept the ridiculous thing they heard from him.

"If you guys have a question, save it later until we arrive at Shizuka's house." Misogi told them, "Now, let's go to the parking area where the bus parked."

"Already? The four of us still don't have proper weapons to protect ourselves you know?" Saya, the twin-tailed pink-haired girl said to him, "It's nice and all that you guys who have superpowers are protecting us from zombies and this Anti-Thesis. But we also need it to make us feel safe because we also have weapons to protect ourselves with."

"Oh, about that, here." Misogi then created two black futuristic handguns similar to what he had given to Shizuka before and gave one to her, and one to the overweight student, Kohta Hirano, which made the gun otaku make a fuss about the design and firepower it had.

Misogi also asked Takashi and Rei what their preferred weapon.

Rei want a spear so Misogi create a spear which is comprised of eight gold bars linked by black chains from the handle of the spear to its blade. Using this spear, Rei can constrict her opponents or extend the reach of her attacks. Kazuma and Rimuru recognize the spear immediately which is from a famous magical girls anime that first break the usual magical girl trope because of the tragic fate of the girls that showed in the anime, Making Rimuru and Kazuma have depressed look when they remember how dark was that particular magical girl anime when showing the dead of a senior blond haired magical girl being eaten by a big white cartoonish worm at episode three and how the tragedies followed in each episode.

Takashi prefered weapon are simple, a blunt baseball bat. As Misogi about to create it, he remembered something and pulled out a weapon(?) from his inventory and giving it to Takashi. The actual use of that particular weapon are sword, but very blunt on the edge so it can also being used as a bat.

Takasi raised his eyebrow, "A fish?" He then looking back at Misogi if he is being serious.

"No. It's a weapon, the name of this weapon is One Salty Tuna. It can give a heavy damage to your enemy even when you swing it casually at them. It's also indestructible so you don't need to go back and forth to change weapons." Misogi explained.

"But... Why it's shaped like a tuna?"

"Blame Mihoyo for that, I also didn't know why they create this weapon with the shape of a tuna. If you don't belive me, try swing it on that desk with little effort."

Feeling sceptical, Takashi followed Misogi's suggestions. Walked right to a desk he raised his One Salty Tuna on the air then swing it down without much effort.


To Takashi surprise, the desk was not only heavily damaged, but also destroyed as if he hit the desk from many directions!

Looking at the fish shaped weapon in his hand, Takashi was staring at it in awe.

Kazuma who was looking at them was gaping in disbelief, "I know there's a fish-shaped sword in Honkai Impact and I'm also somehow got it too in the past. But how the heck a fish, let a lone a frozen tuna can destroy a desk?!"

Misogi shrugged his shoulder at Kazuma question, "Like I said, blame Mihoyo for that."

"It's ridiculous alright." Rimuru pointed out while Akeno and Kurumi only stared at it if that tuna could be cooked and made into a delicious food. As the others, they only looked at the One Salty Tuna in Takashi's hand with a dumbfounded expression.

Misogi clapped his hands to get their attention, "Now that's everyone is armed, where the parking areas are in this school?" He asked.

Shizuka pointed her finger toward the outside, "Just outside of the school building, you can see it from the this faculty office's window. Look, there's the bus was parked."

Misogi and the others looked outside the window and looked at the parking area. Indeed there's a bus there.

"The problem is we need to get down to the first floor and going to the open field where the bus is located, so we should run toward it when we're out from the school building entrance as Kumagawa and his group defeat the zombies roaming outside there." Saya said as she readied her the futuristic black gun.

Misogi looked at her weirdly, "Why should we do that?"

"Pardon?" Saya looked at him, puzzled as to why he said that.

"Why should we must going there with a long way if I can teleport us to the area of the parked busses?"

Saya was about to open her mouth to say something but closed it, remembering that Misogi and his group were not normal people.

"But, Misogi-kun, didn't you say that you cannot teleport to the place where you have never been visited before when we were in the infirmary?" Shizuka asked him with her index finger placed on her cheek. Trying to remember his words if her memory is correct or not.

Misogi looked at her briefly before turning to the parking area where the busses were visible from the window.

"It's true that I cannot teleport toward the places where I have never been before, but I can teleport to the place as long as I can see where it is in my vision." Misogi answered in confidence as he already tried his Herrscher of Void power and his new abilities he gained as MANTIS before in the training room of PSYREN in the next day after the fiasco of Aiko confession incident happened. He was surprised when he tested his ability as MANTIS which granted him two more abilities since Assaka was originally two honkai beasts that became one. His new abilities from becoming a MANTIS with Assaka's gene are Telekinesis and Parallel Thought. So, now he had nine abilities in total, making everyone who watch the test was bewildered and Aiho made a flat expression after witnessing it.

Rei looked a bit hesitant, "Then what about other students and school staff who survive and hide in this school? Would we leave them?"

Saya scoffed, "Fat chance, do you think there's anyone who has survived until now except us because of Kumagawa and his group?"

"Takagi-san is right Miyamoto-san." Kohta agreed with Saya.

"Our priority right now was to survive first, leave the school grounds and go toward Marikawa-sensei's house and if we meet another survivor, we take them." Takashi told Rei and placed his hand on her shoulder to reassure her, "And then we can search the whereabouts of our family." He then glanced at Misogi and his group, "With or without Kumagawa and his group help."

Misogi shrugged at him, "Fine by me, one of our mission tasks is protecting you and your group. Wherever you go we will follow you. But if the Anti-Thesis attack, you and the others should go to a safe place."

Takashi nodded at his word.

"By the way, darling." Kurumi spoke up, "What are these Anti-Thesis look like?"

"Very alien-like I should say, you could recognize it even if I do not describe its appearance," Misogi answered while tapping his chin.

"Alien-like? Like honkai beast?" Kazuma asked.

"Umm... Kind of? I'm not sure since when describing Anti-Thesis, they are very... Out of the world, I think." Misogi frowned as he didn't have a way to describe them with words, he then shook his head, "Let's leave it for later, right now we should get going." He reminded them and they nodded.

"All right then," Misogi then created a big horizontal purple void portal above them when then descended and covered their body from above. After the void portal completely engulfs them from head to toe, the eleven people inside the room are gone, leaving the faculty office empty of living beings.

~~~Background Change!~~~

A purple portal suddenly appears on the ground beside the parked buses on the parking area and it went upward horizontally. Appeared from the void portal after it going upward are Misogi and Takashi's group. Making the people who never experienced the supernatural phenomenon themselves are a bit dizzy and nauseous after the transition. Looking around, they're amazed that they really teleported!

Kazuma looked toward Misogi with a raised eyebrow, "Hey, Misogi, why you didn't teleport us inside the bus?"

Misogi rolled his eyes, "My teleportation ability is limited to places I have visited or places that are within my line of sight or that I can see, and I can't see inside the bus you know? But it would be different if I have X-ray vision ability thought."

"Isn't that an ability that can see through objects?" Rimuru asked.

"Yeah, there two or three psychics in the PSYREN branch in my place, two are under the Intelligence Gathering Division and the third one is a mission operator-..." Misogi trailed off, talking about the mission operator, Misogi suddenly remembered that time when Hibari was having a hot passionate moment with her boyfriend when he appeared suddenly and interrupted their sexual intercourse time. Misogi completely forgot about that incident because of Aiho's sudden bold confession fiasco to him after that. He suddenly remembered it after he told Rimuru about the Psychic who had X-ray vision and Hibari was one of the psychics who had that ability.

Misogi then told himself to properly apologized to Hibari when they meet in the future.

"Hmm... An X-ray Vision huh? An ability that many men of culture would die to have it for themselves." Kazuma murmured with a grin, "Maybe there's one in the MCG's shop."

"Oh, Kazuma, if you're going to buy and use the X-ray vision ability to peep on bathing women then forget it since it only shows you their bones like what the X-ray machine does." Misogi told him the harsh truth to destroy Kazuma's dream making him feel dejected, "But if it's Leo's 'All Seeing Eyes of God', that would different thing."

"You mean Leonardo Watch from Kekkai Sensen? He is in your world?" Rimuru asked in surprise.

"Yep, he is in the PSYREN Europa branch. I met him a few times when we were doing a mission together in London, hunting a group of rogue psychics who joined with the rogue magician who wanted to cast ritual magic 'Call of the Cthulhu'. But thank god the Necessarius came to help. If not, the hidden side of the world to which normal citizens know nothing off would be exposed."

"... Your world is so complicated and to be a combination of many anime and manga worlds. I don't know what to think." Rimuru answered with a flat look.

Akeno and Kurumi who eavesdropping their conversation join in.

"So, there also ability that can sees trough object, yes?" Akeno asked with twinkles on her eyes.

"Yeah, why do you ask?" Misogi replied.

"Ne~, darling, if you have that see trough ability, what are you going to do? Are you going to peep at any woman when they take a bath?"

Misogi turned at his two girlfriends with a flat expression but with a serious tone he said, "How rude, I'm not gonna peep to any sexy and beautiful woman I first see you know? If I have that ability, of course I only peep toward my three lovers, and that is both of you and Aiho."

Misogi's answer of course making Akeno and Kurumi happy since he genuinely answered that he only doing it toward the girls he's loves. Not doing it to any random woman like a scumbag who only has lust inside his brain.

The atmosphere around the three of them turned pink immediately, making Rimuru sigh and Kazuma grit his teeth in frustration because why he is the only one who didn't have a girl to flirt with.

"Do that elsewhere later, you three." Rimuru interrupt them, "This is not the time and place to flirt. You just making us feels awkward."

Misogi, Kurumi and Akeno looked toward Rimuru and then the other. True enough, Takashi, Kohta, Rei and Saya were looking at them with uncomfortable expressions, Saeko was looking at them while thinking about something and Shizuka was for some reason she herself didn't know, pouting in jealousy.

Misogi then fake coughed to mask his embarrassment, "Well, let's get inside the bus everyone."

Fortunately, they talking in small voice so the zombies, which roaming a bit far from them didn't hear them and only walking lifelessly.

Shizuka first enter the bus after she unlocked the door, followed by Kohta, Saya, Akeno and Kurumi.

And when it was Rei's turn to enter, they heard someone shouted toward their direction.

"Wait! Please wait for us!"

Misogi, Rimuru, Kazuma, Takashi, Saeko and Rei looked toward the one who shouted. Annoyed that the one who shouted probably would attract the attention of the zombies which not far from them.

Saeko narrowed her eyes at the one who shouted.

A few people were running in their direction while being chased by a horde of zombies behind them.

The one who shouted was a man wearing a black pinstripe suit. Inside the suit, he wears a white dress shirt along with a yellow tie. He also wears black-framed glasses. It seemed he was a teacher.

"... Koichi Shido." Recognizing him, Saeko was scowling when she said the name of the glasses-wearing teacher who was running toward them.

"Shido...!" Rei also scowled when she heard the name, "Let's go. Just leave him here to be eaten by zombies, he is better off dead!" She said with utter disgust and venom in her voice.

"Wha! Why do you say that, Rei!? We should help them!" Takashi was surprised by his childhood friend's words and tone.

Rei then glared at Takashi, making him flinch a bit, "Because he is a cruel and heartless person." She said with hatred.


"Miyamoto is right Komuro-kun." Saeko cut his word, and she also agreed to leave behind the teacher called Shido, "Koichi Shido isn't a good person. You wouldn't want him around you if you know what his real personality is."

When Takashi was about to argue, Misogi tapped him on his shoulder, "I also agree with the two of them, look." He pointed at Shidou's direction. Making Takashi looked toward the glasses-wearing teacher in the distance.

Takashi saw a student who was running alongside Shido tripped and fell, when the student who fell was about to ask for help, Shido kicked him in the face to make him the bait for slowing down the zombies who were chasing after them and then left the student to be devoured.

Watching the entire thing happen, Takashi was surprised. But his morality is still taking hold.

"But, still..."

Misogi then sighed heavily, "Then let's just save the students, but the person named Koichi Shidou will be left behind." He said to Takashi, which hesitantly nodded. Then turned toward Saeko and Rei, "How about it, you two?"

"I'm fine with it." Saeko replied.

"... Fine, but leave that bastard to die and rot here!" Rei answered while sscoffing at Shido's direction.

Misogi then turned on the incoming students who was being chased by a mobs of zombies.

"Gate of..." Many purple portals appear in the air above Misogi as he raised his right arms, taking aim to the zombies who chased the students.

"Screw Lances!" Misogi shouted as his right arms lowered, making many rotating Subspace Lances shooting off from inside the many of Void Portals, firing off with precise accuracy at the horde of zombies.

Caught off guard by a sudden barrage of something long rotating thing being fired from in front of them, the students who were running for their life were surprised and tripped by their own feet and fell to the ground as the Subspace Lance passed above them and piercing the heads of many zombies who's chasing them, making it explode upon contact and leaving a gory scene were blood and flesh scattered on the grounds as Misogi keep firing his Subspace Lances to the remaining zombies.

"What are you guys waiting for!? Run!" Rimuru shouted to the stunned students who was watching many zombies which was being pierced exploding behind them.

Snapping out from their stunned state by Rimuru's shout, they immediately got up from the ground and began running desperately toward the bus.

Kazuma and Rimuru looked toward Misogi with a deadpanned look.

"Gate of Screw Lances? Really?" Rimuru said with a flat tone.

"More like degraded knocks off version of Gate of Babylon ." Commented Kazuma.

"Hey, a man can dream okay!"

The running students finally arrived toward the bus and enter it with Rei and Saeko while Misogi, Rimuru and Kazuma fending off the zombies who was closing to them when suddenly...


They heard a scream from somewhere.

"What was that?!" The last male student which enter the bus asked in surprise.

"Probably just some person whose found by the zombies and being attacked by them, now go inside the bus quickly!" Answered Misogi and kicked the butt of the student for blocking the door of the bus for him and the other two, making the male student flying inside because the force of the kick were very strong.

When all of them were inside the bus, Shizuka immediately inserted the bus key and turned it on, making the engine start, "Ahhh! This isn't like my car!" Shizuka shouted while checking the many steering system components of the bus, "Let me see... ABC, ABC..."

As Shizuka was trying to configure each part of the steering system, Rei approached Misogi and asked him in a whisper.

"That scream was from Shido right? Where did you teleport him?" Rei and the others except the newcomer students are actually saw when Shido was running full speed toward them when a purple portal suddenly appears in front of him and because he was running too fast, he couldn't stop his running momentum and entered the portal in a quick motion and after Shido was entering inside, the portal closed quickly.

"Just a few meters above the school's rooftop. Right now he probably has a broken leg after falling from such a height and now being surrounded by zombies there." Misogi whispered back.

Rei was silent before a small smile appeared on her lips, "I know I shouldn't be happy when people die, but he is an exception. Thanks, Kumagawa."

"You're welcome." Misogi giving her a thumbs up.

"Okay! I got it!" Shizuka yelled out after taking a quick look at the manual and checking the function on each part of the steering system, "Everyone! Let's get out of here!"

With that declaration, Shizuka drove the bus toward the parking area exit gate and out of the school's ground.

As for the bus protection, Misogi deployed many of his Subspace Lances orbiting the bus and controlled it with telekinesis and parallel thoughts so it could attack the zombies who were flocking to the bus automatically with only a thoughts. It's actually similar to funnels from gundam series, which Misogi use as the basis idea from, making Rimuru and Kazuma have stars in their eyes for seeing a real-life 'Lance Bits', as the trio reincarnator dubbed it.

"How long until we arrive at your house, Marikawa-sensei?" Saeko asked.

"If there are no obstacles and distractions, maybe about an hour." Replied Shizuka while focusing on the road in front of her while driving.

"Now, we can relax until we arrive at Marikawa-san house. What worse could happen to us in here?" Kazuma said with relaxed look.

~~~Twenty minutes later~~~

"Shizuka? Why are we stopping?" Misogi asked the busty nurse while the other people inside the bus was confused why the bus was stopped.

Shizuka turned her head toward Misogi with an apologetic look.

"Umm, I'm sorry. The bus was running out of fuel."


The MCG's members slowly turned their head toward Kazuma.

"Hey it's not my fault that the bus running out of fuel!"


"Sorry, I jinxed us. It was my fault." Kazuma apologised as he couldn't stand his friends gazing at him like that.

Now their journey toward their destination are longer without the bus.