As a Scum Noble in the Fantasy World Book

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As a Scum Noble in the Fantasy World


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MC was reincarnated in the Noble Family which held a lot of power. He chose to free his darkest desire and he would do everything for his goals. Including Destroying other people's live for fans. ------------ MC is trash and he is a villain character. This novel contains ra-pe, Incest, and hardcore BDSM. A lot of stupid and hardcore things. Well, just reminders. I hate NTR so there will be none and MC is not an overpowered type MC. He was a manipulative type. MC will control people and he will use his servants. MC will blackmail other people and he will rise at the top. MC will use his noble's status to abuse other people and lives. Please don't read if you don't like this kind of thing. I'm already bored of novels that MC doesn't try to use this Status.


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