Etherial Adventurer [Adventure LitRPG] Book

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Etherial Adventurer [Adventure LitRPG]


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Humanity as a civilization and species has come very far compared to the time they only inhabited a single planet. The reason? Humanity has long since been completely integrated into the Intergalactic Society (IGS), hundreds of thousands of years ago to not be exact. Over this long stretch of time, technology and society continued to develop, with its ups and downs, until in the cycle 745 of the IGS Universe Calendar, where the Universe finally reached the necessary ether density to awaken a bringer of extraordinary changes, the Ether Law. Amidst the gargantuan IGS spanning tens of galaxies, Rune is only a good-standing galactic citizen living a peaceful life on a rural planet with his family. And when the previously unimaginable changes start to happen, his heart tells him it was something he had waited for, for a long time. *** My first serious attempt at being a webnovel writer. It ended up being relatively successful Ultimately though, objectively, I was too ambitious and didn't have enough experience to start with this story. If you want to read because you really ran out of other novels, you better brace yourself for dozens of chapters where I struggle before it becomes more exciting. *** Chapters: Around 3 000 words each. Update: It's dropped duh~ Of course the title isn't miswritten~ It's Etherial, not Ethereal. A serial killer, not a sereal killer. It's controversial, not controverseal. Quintessential, not quintessenteal.


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