2 CH 2. Being Infant sucks!

I was shocked.

'Sexual points?'

What the heck??

As if the system was trying to answer my question, a small transparent window appeared in front of my vision.

[Maxwell Magnar]

Age: 6 Months

Force: 0.1

Agility: 0.1

Resistance: 0.1

Vitality: 1

Intelligence: 50

mana: 5

Sexual Points: 1

The interface was very simple and easily understandable. The very idea of ​​having a system, excited me beyond imagination as even with a very weak system meant I didn't have any limit on how strong I could be.

After snapping out of my wet dreams I tried to put my point to any statistic, but it did not work.


Letting out a small dejected sigh, I turned my attention to the woman holding me in her arms. I couldn't understand how a woman could get so excited with a suck on her breasts.

Either she was very sensitive in this area, or she was a total novice in sex, like a schoolgirl. Which was contradictory, since she's supposed to be my mother, or so I thought.

With a ragged breath, the woman placed me in the wooden crib, which disappointed me. I thought that I could continue to enjoy those firm and spectacular breasts.


I'm a baby! I don't have to give in.

When this thought came to my head, a very long and evil plan began to brew in my mind.

When my mother changed her dress for a simple white robe and went to sleep.

I used the strongest weapon that I had.


I started crying.

The woman was scared at first, mother hearing me crying quickly checked on me and on finding that I haven't pooped and she fed me milk just 5 minutes ago,' Why is Max crying even though he isn't hungry? or neither is he pooped?', thought mother, and on seeing Me who was still crying she started to get worried and thought about going to the Healers as they are very proficient Surgeons so they might know about it.

Then she took me in her arms and began to rock me with the intention of putting me to sleep to which I was silent, but every time the woman tried to put me in the crib I burst into tears. Having no other choice, the woman placed me next to her, on the bed and I slept with her. Which brought a perverted smile to my childish face.

Not happy with what I achieved, I used my small hands to open my mother's robe and leave her beautiful tits in the open air. The woman was surprised, she tried to hide them again, but every time she did, I would take them out again. In the end I won the battle to free the boobies and slept happily between my mother's beautiful, firm and soft boobs.

During the following days I continued playing the same cards and as time passed the woman got used to it.

And just like that two weeks passed, I learned more and more of the native language.

Time slowly passed by and I can't do anything other than pooping, sleeping, peeing, or sucking bo*bies during the first few days, and I can't help but say, 'Being an Infant Sucks!'

Especially for someone like me who came from the age of the Internet, some who spent most of their waking hours in front of some screen.

as I could do anything besides trying to move the little mana that my body has.

But even this task turned out to be a very exhausting task which helped to keep my sanity as whenever I got tired of trying to sense and move my mana I would fall asleep.

But I was already missing my former life with the internet . I realized I would never experience the internet or any of things I like or any anime book I wanted to know the ending off.

But something good did happend soon with time, I spoke my first words to her.

"Mommy, I loved your boobs"

"Umm how cute !!" My mother took me by the cheeks and began to play with them with a smile plastered on her face.

"Mommy, I love your boobs." I repeated. to which the woman brought me to her chest and rocked him happily.

I smiled lustfully at the thought of the next step in my plan.

When my mother blew out the candle that lit the room and placed it on top of her bare breasts. I started sucking and licking the breasts.

In total darkness, I could see absolutely nothing, but I could hear after a few minutes, As my mother was breathing heavily. Her nipples got hard and her chest rose and fell rapidly.

I didn't miss the chance and crawled over my mother. reaching down to her crotch, not wearing anything under her robe, made my job easier.

With a heart beating at a thousand an hour, I stuck my tongue out of her and passed it with immense passion and desire, over the cute pink vagina of my mother.

"Nooo !!" my mother writhed briefly in pleasure, but seconds later she took me in her arms and scolded loudly.

She repeated countless times that it was wrong to do that and forbade me to do it again. Nothing could dissuade her, even my teary eyes.

With nothing else to do, I was forced to go to sleep with a bit of resentment. I believed that being a baby, I was free to do some things without being reprimanded, by playing the role of an ignorant child.

But she shattered not only my beliefs but hopes and dreams also.

With nothing else to do and to ease my boredom, I again started to check my system interface. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had 11 Sexual Points on the status bar. not only that, A '+' 'Plus' sign also appeared next to each of my stats.

Without much thought, I pressed the + next to mana. Just because this statistic existed, it was gantry that magic existed.

Which brought many assumptions like the existence of Magical races like Elves, Fairies, Sprits, Girl Wolf Girl and all kinds of Demy Humans.

This meant magical beast races like Goblins Orcs Lizardman could also exist with them came all kinds of Dragon beauties.

And even if my luck turns out to be rotten and they didn't exist it at least meant I could find all kinds of anime women with big boobies, prefect slender figures, sexy bodies, amazing looks with all kinds of neutral hair colors.

Aside from that I also didn't want to be a guy without magic in a magical world so I chose to improve my magical stats first after all what is more effective a punch or literal fucking Nuke.

Seconds after adding the points, I could feel a strange but refreshing sensation, spread throughout my body. I felt so good that I could even compare it to ejaculation.

The sensation didn't last long before leaving, but it didn't bring any particular change in me either. Except for a new statistic unlocked in the interface.

Magical perception!

Which was also at zero.

The days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. And in what seemed like the blink of an eye, a very painful blink of an eye 5 years passed.

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