As a Scum in the Fantasy World Book

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As a Scum in the Fantasy World


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Warning: This a translation story with my own touch and I will try to complete it. Warning: Contains heavy sexual content. In this dark fantasy tale, our protagonist, a man reincarnated in a world of swords and magic, stands out for his depravity, violence, and insatiable desires. Unlike conventional heroes, he harbors no ambitions for strength or power; instead, he pursues an unapologetically hedonistic goal — claiming all the women who cross his path. The narrative delves into explicit and controversial themes, exploring the darkest corners of the protagonist's character, including incest and age-related taboos. Brace yourself for a story where the boundaries of morality are pushed to their limits, as the protagonist, a true embodiment of moral decay, refuses to be hindered by societal norms or ethical constraints.


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