11 CH: 11 Big Change

I was in front of a crude mirror while Maria changed it.

"What a hassle!" I Complained.

Maria smiled after glancing at me.

"Don't be like that. Today is a very special day for your sister, you have to be impeccable."

I clicked my tongue in annoyance. Not because I actually bothered getting ready, I was bothered by what was going to happen today.

My older sister Lucia was to be engaged to the second son of the Lawather family.

I have 12 older siblings. Two of the same age as me, but who were born a few months before me. The rest were 10 of them, 4 men and 6 women.

The oldest of all was already 20 years old and had married and gone to live with her husband, in fact I did not get to know her before she was out of my reach…

The second, third and fourth were all men and since they had married their respective women from different families.

The second of course was the first son of Magnus in addition to the fact that he inherited the element magma from my father, for which he is the current heir to the lord of Rodmandy.

Now the fifth daughter was Lucia who turned 15 today and was going to be engaged.

In retrospect, questioning my beliefs felt like shedding the impetuousness of youth. The realization struck me, leaving me genuinely perturbed. For a while, I had nurtured a sense of discontent within, a disquiet stemming from the fact that I harbored deep feelings for my exquisite sister.

A few months prior, I embarked on a delicate journey, subtly navigating the contours of our relationship. I initiated casual conversations, extending a reliable presence for any assistance she might require. My genuine interest in her extended to understanding her preferences, both likes and dislikes, establishing a foundation rooted in familiarity.

To add enchantment to our interactions, I showcased glimpses of my magical abilities, a source of entertainment that drew her closer. Narrating love stories from my past became a conduit for revealing my vulnerabilities, creating an emotional bridge between us. As time unfolded, our connection evolved, weaving a tapestry of shared moments and mutual understanding.

Her personality traits, a delicate blend of grace and resilience, unfolded like petals in bloom. Her innate curiosity mirrored my own, sparking engaging conversations that transcended mere familial ties. Through moments of laughter and shared confidences, a profound intimacy blossomed.

Our relationship matured, akin to the gradual unfurling of a captivating narrative. She, with her gentle spirit, reciprocated the effort, gradually reciprocating the sentiment. The bond we forged, a testament to the depth of connection I was building, was a mosaic of shared experiences, laughter, and a growing fondness that wasn't ordinary.

Why, you ask? The simplicity lies in my desire to claim her as mine, a possessive yearning that surged within me. Today, an undeserving fellow, lacking any rightful claim to her inheritance, intended to sweep her away.

The mere thought incited a disdainful click of my tongue. Anger, a tempest raging beyond conventional bounds, gripped me with an intensity beyond belief. The very idea of that contemptible man encroaching upon my beautiful sister, assuming a position he had no right to, fueled a rage that scorched through my veins.

The mental image of him, audaciously spreading the legs of the one I held dear, ignited a visceral fury. My blood seethed and boiled, an inferno stoked by the injustice of it all. Tch, the sound of disdain echoed, a mere reflection of the storm raging within me as I contemplated the impending affront to what was rightfully mine.

I had to get this anger out or it could be disastrous and I know only one reason besides betting the shit out of that bastard.


So I pushed Maria against the wall, as a yelp escaped from her mouth with sudden pull. As I

ripped her very new fancy dress that Comnear could only dream of buying. I pulled the big, thick cock out of my pants and shoved it in hard.


I lunged quickly and hard, ripping the top of Maria's dress and exposing her boobs. I grabbed her by her soft neck and began to thrust hard.

Maria could only support her back against the wall while I pressed her with her legs in the air.

"Oh yeah iiii more! More! Give me more !!"

I grabbed her neck with one hand and whipped her large, firm breasts with the other.

When my hands were marked on Maria's tender white tits, I smirked.


"Now it's my turn to help you back"

As I said that I didn't give her much of a chance as I raised Maria up and placed her on the table, her beautiful breasts jiggling, that sweet tits of hers still calling for me to ravage it, yet I held myself back for now as my hands started to take off her remaining dress, intent on making her leaking cunt taste my lips to the fullest extent, while I took so, all the very bold noble lady Maria could do was go with the flow, her lust overriding her reason.


Maria couldn't hold back her moans as I pulled teasing her pussy. Which was soaked and clung to my crotch. It was only fitting that the rest of her body was in a similar state, glistening and sweaty from her efforts.

Her silver eyes were filled with lust, and her face was flushed with need. Her hands trembled, and she kept glancing down at my crotch, eager to see my manhood insdes her again.

"Aren't we getting late yet aren't you too excited?"

I teased, running my fingers along her slick slit, her body shivering from my touch.

"Of course I am,"

Maria replied, her voice hoarse.

"I love you, after all."

Her words brought a smile to my lips. I bent down and kissed her deeply, letting her feel the heat of my arousal.

"Well then,"

I said, breaking the kiss.

"Let's make this one more quick round."

I lowered my head and ran my tongue along her neck, tasting the sweat that clung to her skin.

"You're mine,"

I murmured, pressing kisses against her jaw.

"Yes I'm yours."

I moved lower, leaving a trail of wet kisses along her collarbone.

"So, let's enjoy this,"

Maria whimpered, her voice thick with desire.


I moved lower, kissing and nipping at her chest. My hands caressed her breasts, cupping them and kneading them, feeling their weight and warmth. Her usually serious voice had turned into sweet moans that resounded in the room. In fact, if I had not stopped the sounds in the room from escaping outside, the people nearby would have realized what was happening there.

"Anh…~" Maria moaned, hugging my head while I sucked on her nipples. At the same time, I moved my hands towards her legs.

I first touched her thighs, using my fingers to stroke her beautiful legs. Maria shivered and slowly opened her legs, as though luring me to continue. But I did not hurry, I had anger in me and if I hurry this I will surely cause some scene in the party. I already had a speed round now. Instead, I continued stroking her things, caressing and pinching them slowly. At the same time, I moved my hand closer and closer to her moist cave, but I made sure to not touch it.

But such caresses stimulated Maria even more. She grunted and twisted her body, trying to rub her cave with my hand, but I continued teasing her, moving my hand away each time it was about to touch her slit. Maria pouted. She looked at me with a look of exasperation as though asking me what I was doing, cause I did it a lot back in our heaven.

But I just smiled and continued sucking on her right breast. Meanwhile, one of my hands played with her other breast and my other hand teased her legs. I caressed her pubic hair, but I still made sure not to touch Mira's slit. Such teasing irritated Maria greatly and increased her lust and itch.

The room was filled with the lingering scent of our passion, and the air was thick with the palpable tension between us.

"Did I ever tell you, Your body is amazing,"

I said, running my tongue along the underside of her breast.

"You're beautiful, and I want you to know how much I appreciate you."

"I know,"

Maria said, her voice soft and breathy.

"You've made it abundantly clear more times than I remember."


I took her nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around the sensitive nub. She moaned and arched her back, pushing her chest against my face. My hands trailed lower, caressing her hips and thighs. I could feel her muscles quivering, her legs trembling.

"So eager,"

I murmured, tracing circles on her inner thigh.

"You're trembling so much."


Maria admitted, her voice strained.

"I want you. I want this. Please, don't make me wait."

I chuckled, teasing her with my fingers, lightly grazing her slit.

I knelt down between her legs and slowly licked her pussy, savoring her taste. She moaned, her body tensing. I continued licking and sucking, tasting every inch of her, and drinking her nectar. She writhed and thrashed, her body consumed with pleasure.


She cried, her voice ringing through the room.

"I'm going to cum!"

Her body quivered and shook, her cries echoing through the room. She reached down and grabbed my hair, holding my head between her legs as she bucked and shuddered, her body convulsing with ecstasy, its taste filling my mouth as I took my head back, my eyes coming to meet the all satisfied Maria as I smirked.

Without hesitation, I brought my burning cock and put it against Maria's wet cunt, her lower lips begging to get pounded. Maria shivered. She used her hands to hug my back with an expectant expression while rubbing her slit against my cock. Watching her like it, I thrusted deep into her.


That was everything Maria needed. Maria shivered fiercely. Her body spasmed repeatedly and her mouth let out a soft groan. At the same time, a great amount of love juice gushed out of her moist cave again. I pressed my body against Maria and took a deep breath. The feeling of her tight insides pressing against my dick was amazing.

The expression of ecstasy on Maria's face fed my pride greatly. When I felt Maria's orgasm start to fade, I started to move. I hugged her waist and pierced her fiercely, my hips hitting hers with power. With each movement, my dick was forced deep into Maria's narrow cave.

"Ah…~" When Maria felt my dick inserted inside her, the walls of her hole shivered violently and an intense pleasure swallowed her mind.

"Agn…Please…Mor… " Mira hugged my body and pleaded in a low voice. She clenched her fist behind my back and whined in pleasure. Her two legs hung down weakly, swinging seductively each time my cock entered and exited her cave. I smiled while enjoying her body. With a hand, I gripped one of her breasts while my mouth kissed her neck.

"Should I stop?" I asked teasingly.

Maria bit her lips and looked away in embarrassment. Her body, however, stuck to mine as though she wanted to fuse with me. I grinned and thrust vigorously, sending my cock deeper inside Maria's small hole, reaching into her womb.

"Ah~....um~…" Mira gasped and groaned, unable to form a concise sentence. Her body moved following my movements. Each time I thrust inside her, her pair of breasts trembled and shook, creating a beautiful image.

"Such a seductive body." I grinned with a teasing expression. Grinning, I pressed Maria against the table and thrust harder and harder. Her juices flowed out of Maria's cave, drenching the desk and flowing on my testicles. A part of these love juices even fell on the ground.

Happiness, excitement, embarrassment. Various emotions hit Maria's body and soul, making her groan repeatedly. Before long, her slender legs were wrapped around my waist, and her beautiful body was trembling violently.

Maria moaned and gasped without stopping. She twisted her body below me, seductively catering to my movements. Our tongues once more entangled in a long kiss, sharing our saliva with each other.

"Maxwell…" Mira whispered softly and hugged my neck. Meanwhile, her little mouth kissed my chest and neck. I replied, kissing her earlobe and accelerating my movements. At this point, I could feel Maria was close to her orgasm again. I knew she was about to come.

Maria wrapped her arms and legs around my neck and waist. She hugged my body tightly while enjoying my constant attacks. Each time I thrust, her body shook and her breast trembled. At the same time, her mouth emitted soft soul-stirring moans.

With her face flushed, Maria put on a seductive expression. Her throat emitted stifled groans, and her eyelashes shivered in pleasure. I could feel her entire body tensing up. It was obvious she was about to have an orgasm again.

Feeling the changes in her body, I moved faster and faster, thrusting and thrusting as though I wanted to break her body. Then, my dick reached her deepest part, touching the entrance of her womb. Maria's inner walls tightened around me, then, her love juices squirted out, drenching my penis.


She had reached a climax. I looked at Maria's embarrassed expression while tasting the pleasure brought by Maria's insides. Feeling Maria's hot and sticky liquid escaping from her moist cave, I could not help but feel refreshed.

But although Maria orgasmed, I did not. I was not planning to stop the enjoyment so soon. Thus, I took a deep breath and waited until the afterglow of her orgasm faded out to continue with my attacks.

When I felt that Mira's shivering stopped, I grinned and resumed my attacks.

"Ughnn…" Maria gasped in pain and pleasure, and a small frown appeared on her face.

"W-Wait a moment…" She spoke up.


"Max, wait...!"

I looked at Maria for a few seconds before smiling and pulling out my stiff cock.

"Thanks..." She sighed in relief. But it was too soon to celebrate. I was not planning to stop, of course. Instead, I hugged Maria's body and lifted her from the table, my hands gropping and holding her by her ass.

Maria blushed and looked away. But at that moment, she felt that something was touching the entrance of her moist cave. Instantly, she was hit by realization, my huge cock was standing upward in front of her slit. I grinned and adjusted Maria's body, then, I slowly let it fall.

"Ah~…" Maria let out a soft moan and put her head on my shoulders. Meanwhile, my dick slowly slid inside her hole, separating her two delicate lower lips and breaking inside her entrance, hitting her womb, the very womb beginning to take in the seeds of her step child to be full of it once again.

Maria was shocked. In the current posture, she could feel the size of my weapon more clearly. When Maria felt my dick sliding inside her still-sensitive body, she twisted her hips gently, trying to escape from my attack. But unfortunately for her, her body was still weak from her last orgasm, moreover, in her current posture, all the initiative was in my hands.

Watching Maria twisting her body like that was a pleasure in itself. I kissed Maria's lips and hugged her body, keeping her in that position. Feeling my glans inside her, her body shivered. At the same time, her body turned hot again.

Maria started to twist her body gently, trying to insert my glans in the deepest part of her. I chuckled softly and let Maria's body fall.

"Ah~" Maria groaned seductively. Her little lips opened in a lascivious expression and her legs wrapped around me. I stared at her while enjoying the warmth of her cave. Then, I started to shake my hips.

"Aghn… Uhhh… Maaaxx…"

Maria groaned softly while feeling my dick inside her. Her wet lower body sucked on my glans as though it wanted to devour it. I enjoyed the pleasurable sensation and thrust fiercely, going in and out of her cave.

Each time I moved, I could feel her fleshy walls wrapping around my meat stick, caressing it gently. At the same time, I could feel my penis hitting the entrance of her womb. I moved faster and faster, harder and harder, creating slapping sounds that reverberated in the room, something that any man or woman with experience would understand what was going on if they heard it.

Maria hugged my body tightly while kissing me. At the same time, she moved her waist up and down to complement my movements. Her soft and beautiful body shook repeatedly, and her breasts moved up and down like the waves in the sea. It was an incredibly wonderful sight.

Her insides tightened around my dick. Each time Maria groaned, her fleshy cave turned tighter, giving me an incredibly pleasurable sensation. Soon, Mira's fourth orgasm was coming. Maria half-opened her eyes and stared at me dazedly. She then kissed my lips fiercely and started to swing her waist faster.

At the same time, I moved faster as well. Feeling that her orgasm was coming, I prepared myself to ejaculate. White-hot liquid accumulated in my abdomen waiting to be shot. At the same time, my dick became even bigger, causing Maria to gasp.

Suddenly, her body stiffened, and her toes curled.

"Cumming…!" With a long shout, Maria pressed her body against me. At the same time, I thrust upwards and shot my semen inside Maria's womb, filling her up with my hot stocky seeds.


For several seconds, the two of us kept that position. Then, Maria collapsed in my arms. I smiled gently and kissed her lips and forehead. Maria then looked at me and smiled before putting her head on my chest.

"… That was great," Maria whispered.

Certainly, but I was not done but sadly we were truly late. I would like to ignore it but not going could cause unexpected consequences.

The sight of a totally disheveled Maria leaning against the wall with her legs spread showing him her dripping vagina enchanted me and put me in a good mood.


A few minutes later, we both changed into fresh attire, despite Maria's minor complaints. A simple reminder of her earlier screams served as an effective counter, coaxing her into dropping any further objections. Fully dressed, we left the room and were greeted by a charming and beautiful girl, appearing much older than her tender age of 7.

"Mom! Brother! Are you finally ready for the party?" The girl exclaimed as she grabbed Maria for spilling her.

The girl was very pretty and she shared a lot of similarities with Maria except for her hair which were blonde. I couldn't help but imagine that growing up she would be just as beautiful as her mother.

"Yes yes honey, we are ready." Maria smiled fondly as she rubbed her head.

Here in this enigmatic world, the echoes of the Song of Ice and Fire resonate in our unique aging patterns. Although Ana María is merely seven, her appearance gracefully defies time, suggesting a maturity closer to twelve. The curious cadence of aging in this realm extends beyond her, casting me as a living testament to the phenomenon. At the age of ten, I wore the guise of a sixteen or seventeen-year-old.

Initially, I believed this rapid maturation was a personal quirk, a consequence of my fervent infusion of mana. However, as both Ana María and I continued to grow, it became apparent that this accelerated progression wasn't unique to me or confined to noble bloodlines. Commoners, too, dance to the same rhythm of swift maturation, a universal cadence that propels everyone into an early state of adulthood.

The 'why' remains a mystery, a puzzle I'm not particularly keen on solving. Perhaps, it's the influence of mana coursing through our bodies, orchestrating this symphony of rapid development, a secret known only to the arcane forces that govern our existence.

In the intricate tapestry of my life, emerges Ana María Magnar, daughter of María. Ana has long, beautiful blonde hair that falls gracefully down her back. Her eyes are a unique shade of silver, which adds to her alluring presence. She has a striking face, with symmetrical features that catch the attention of those around her. Ana's height is average, and she carries herself with elegance and poise. Her complexion is fair, giving her a subtle glow. She has a figure that many would describe as curvaceous, with a well-proportioned bust and a slender waist, creating an hourglass shape. Additionally, as Ana continues to mature, she maintains a fit physique, which includes well-defined buttocks.

[Image Here]

A mere eighteen months ago marked her awakening—an event met with disappointment by her father. The cause? Ana María's alignment with the water element, an element that in addition to being harmless, yet one that stood in stark contrast to the fiery legacy etched in the family's history.

This unexpected revelation, gentle yet incongruous with their fiery heritage, cast a shadow over her father's expectations. The clash of elements within their familial realm mirrored the complexities underlying their story, where unspoken tensions and diverging destinies were woven into the very fabric of their lives.

Naturally, the disappointment harbored by her father meant little to me. In my understanding, the strength of an element is intrinsically tied to the prowess of its wielder. Drawing a parallel to the world of Devil Fruits, where abilities become formidable in the hands of skilled users, an element could only be as strong as its user, The water element too possesses latent power awaiting release.

Unlocking the boundless potential of water, Ana María, my dear sister, possesses powers beyond mere elemental manipulation. From effortlessly cutting through mountains under pressure to mending wounds with her aquatic prowess, she masterfully commands torrents, shapes waves at will, and conjures liquid tendrils into formidable weapons. Her abilities, akin to my own diverse range, underscore that it's not the inherent weakness of the element but the unparalleled potential wielded by its master. To unleash the full scope of her capabilities, she requires a colossal supply of mana, an unyielding will, an imagination surpassing ordinary mortals, unwavering practice, and, conveniently for her, the sagacious guidance of her most beloved brother.

In this elaborate dance toward empowerment, I find myself in the unique position of not only training her but also sculpting her path toward unprecedented power—power that surpasses the lofty expectations of our family. It's a journey where my influence and wisdom seamlessly blend, guiding her toward a greatness that, in my humble estimation, the family could scarcely fathom.

"Ana, aren't you forgetting something?" I asked as I get rid of my current thoughts. while going on my knees, spreading my arms wide.


Ana jumped happily into my arms and kissed me directly on the lips. I grabbed the girl by the two small round buttocks of hers and returned the kiss with passion, even sticking my tongue out of her.

The whole scene took place in front of Maria herself, who although she did not fully agree, consented to her silence.

From a very young age, I had taught Ana that particular way of greeting him. To which Maria did not agree, one thing was her and another completely different was her daughter.

But we both shared a big secret, which is why she couldn't accuse me. On the other hand, I was stronger and more influential than her, awakening the lightning element from her. Her resistance was further diminished when she realized that her daughter had awakened the water element. The only bright future for her was to be able to marry a minor nobleman and in the meantime she had little to no support. But being so close to Max no one had dared to intimidate or bully her unlike other children of Magnar.

Bullying within the intricate fabric of the Magnar family is an unfortunate norm, particularly directed at younger siblings, especially those born to high noble mothers. The older siblings, stemming from lineage traced to laser houses, perceive themselves as superior, fostering an environment where the hierarchy of birthright is keenly felt. This culture of superiority remains unchecked, with the count turning a blind eye, subscribing to the belief that enduring such trials will forge mental resilience, preparing them for the harsh realities of the world.

The bullying manifests in various forms – subtle taunts echoing the supposed inferiority of their lineage, exclusionary tactics in family gatherings, and even sly manipulations to undermine the younger siblings. While physical violence is strictly prohibited, the psychological warfare waged within the familial boundaries cultivates an atmosphere of cutthroat competition. The count's rationale behind this laissez-faire approach is rooted in a desire to cultivate a sense of toughness among his progeny, shaping them into individuals who comprehend the world as a challenging arena, devoid of mere sunshine and rainbows..

Undoubtedly, the persistent atmosphere of bullying within the family inflicts enduring mental trauma. The scars left by these acts, while not visible, resonate deeply, shaping the psychological landscape of those subjected to such unrelenting torment.

Being the dark horse of the family with the mightiest elemental prowess, coupled with my conspicuous absence from their lives, grants me an impervious shield against any familial transgressions. Even if someone dares to test these boundaries, I dismiss their attempts as mere childish prattle, opting to ignore the trivial provocations.

A clear and unwavering display of my profound love for Ana in the presence of the entire family serves as a formidable deterrent, ensuring that those aspiring to bully her maintain a cautious distance. The palpable intensity of my affection becomes a silent warning, dissuading any ill-intentioned family members from encroaching upon the sanctuary of our bond.

When I finished kissing her, I lowered the girl to the ground. Other than tongue kisses, I had done nothing to the girl. Not because she didn't want to, it was just that she was still very small.

I am just waiting for her to grow up and become the powerful and beautiful woman I want.

Will this be counted as grooming? I guess so but hit there is no FBI here to detain me. Even if they hardly did any of that as whole Hollywood does this in the open.

Who knows about her, maybe when the time comes, maybe I will take her virginity in front of her own mother.

"Let's go to the stupid banquet." I said as I advanced with both women on my side.

A few minutes after walking through the long corridors of the castle, I and the company came to a corridor fully guarded by guards with gigantic doors at the end.

As we walked down the corridor, the guards lowered their heads in reverence.

When we reached the door, two guards immediately opened it and shouted: "Please welcome the lord's thirteenth son, Maxwell Magnar."

His voice echoed through the great hall filled with people in different suits and dresses. All of whom without exception turned their heads curiously.


3rd Person POV

Three people entered the room, but only one was announced. It was a detail that did not escape anyone's eyes.

Thirteenth son of the Lord!

The title although it was not very well known among all these people, they were not indifferent towards it.

Maxwell Magnar of the Lightning element.

One of the lucky few in this realm to awaken such a rare and distributive element.

No one truly knew much about this boy after waking up from him. Only he was excellent in his studies and training. There was no complaint from anyone about him. He was someone who kept a low profile.

Max ignored all the stares and sat on his seat. Number 12 among all the Lord's children, since his first daughter sat I separated from her with her husband.

Max glanced in his sister's direction and couldn't help but be taken aback by her stunning appearance. Despite being 24 years old, she exuded a remarkable youthful energy. Her white-blonde hair fell in luscious ringlets, framing her face with elegance and adding a touch of ethereal beauty.

Her figure was truly captivating, boasting curves that accentuated her femininity. Max couldn't help but notice her graceful curves, prominent contours, and a confident stride that showcased her signature thick thighs. Her eyes, a unique shade of reddish-brown, held a mischievous glimmer, adding an allure that was hard to resist.

Today, she graced the occasion in a resplendent white wedding gown that could have leapt from the pages of a fairytale. The bodice was a masterpiece of intricate lace detailing, tracing delicate patterns that adorned her figure with timeless elegance. Layers of flowing skirts cascaded gracefully, creating a regal silhouette that echoed romance.

Adding a whimsical touch, she paired the gown with frilled stockings, ascending to the mid-thigh. These stockings, while playful, served to accentuate her well-formed hips, tracing her curves in a manner both sensual and tasteful. Initially daring in its design, Max couldn't help but acknowledge the impeccable fashion sense encapsulated in her choice of outfit. As she moved, the gown's train followed her every step, creating an ethereal presence that lingered in the minds of everyone fortunate enough to cross paths with this enchanting bride.

Worst of all ... her husband was a disgusting meatball that couldn't handle his massive belly.


The stark contrast was undeniable, akin to a fat crow feasting an alluringly sexy and elegant swan.

Max was getting more and more upset.

"Please welcome Roger Magnar, lord of Winterfell."

Max turned his head curiously as he recognized the name.

Roger Magnar!

The younger brother of his father and lord of Winterfell, one of the largest territories in Rodmandy.

His uncle was a tall and robust man in his 40s, short blond hair and a frown always seemed to adorn his face. Next to him were three beautiful women with fiery red hair.

The woman next to him was looking around early 30 years old very great charm, red hair blue eyes a hourglass figure like a perfect milf.

[Image Here]

The two daughters, aged 16 and 14, radiated confidence with fiery red hair, piercing blue eyes, and hourglass figures reminiscent of their mother. Each carried distinct, attractive features that blended seamlessly with their overall allure, embodying a captivating mix of grace and allure beyond their years.

[Image Here Younger Sister]

[Image Here Older Sister]

Max's little brother immediately woke up just seeing these three beauties.

Max couldn't help but lick his lips at the sight of them.

It seems that this banquet will not be so boring after all.


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