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I originally thought this was a world like any ordinary urban novel... Drawing manga and traveling is quite enjoyable. But could you please tell me what's the deal with this magus named Emiya Kiritsugu who suddenly appeared in my face? Who changed the setting? And it seems that now I can enter the world of the manga I created and get a reward?

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[65] Tohsaka Tokiomi and Fate

Powerful creatures, powerful abilities.

Learning a new language in a short time just by hearing others speak, greater control over the body than a vampire, and even the ability to instantly extend rib bones from their back for an attack.

If it weren't for JoJo's Ripple, he would have died by now!

A creature so powerful that not even Ripple techniques could harm it, stronger than vampires, and seemingly invulnerable!

How could such a creature be dealt with?

The chapter ended here.

With excitement, he looked at that familiar [——ToBeContinued], and his heart was filled with mixed emotions.

"I have to wait until next week, huh? Tsk, this issue surprisingly didn't have any breaks! If only someone had taken a break, we could have had an extra chapter."

Flipping to the next page, there was the new work by Kurokawa Kazuya, [Fate/Zero].

"The art style is completely different from JoJo... Oh well, let's see what Kurokawa-sensei's new work is about," Rito Ishizaki said as he noticed a few lines of small text next to it.

[I am Kurokawa Kazuya. While working on [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure], I actually had some spare time. Since I had nothing else to do, and I had a new idea in my mind, ...]

There were some interview contents below...

After reading it, he realized that [Fate/Zero] had already finished serialization! Even [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] still had many drafts left, and he was even preparing new manga.

"Industry prodigy... that's probably what it means..."

But he just said that; after all, he wasn't clear on how exhausting it was to draw manga and how much time it took. However...

Seeing the other mangaka in this issue of Shonen JUMP, who were either past or present mangaka themselves, they clearly understood how difficult it was to create manga.

And now—there was suddenly someone so abnormal that many people were wondering whether "Kurokawa Kazuya" was the name of a mangaka or a studio.

Especially with the huge change in art style between JoJo and this Fate.

But—all of this had nothing to do with Rito Ishizaki. He just wanted to read... an interesting story.

He opened the pages with a completely different art style from manga in this era—


Tohsaka Tokiomi bought an issue of JUMP...

Well... in fact, he had been slightly interested in [JoJo's Bizarre Adventure] from the beginning, and now he was starting to get hooked.

"Hmm? This person... could it be Kirei?"

Looking at the person on the cover, Tohsaka Tokiomi said with some surprise. Having someone who looked like himself wasn't a problem, as he had already agreed to Kazuya's request.

It was for the sake of gaining recognition for the Tohsaka family in the outside world. Reputation could sometimes be a weapon, so even if something happened to him in the future, the reputation and wealth he left behind could protect Rin until she grew up.

He had already thought about it; the Matou family didn't have a suitable heir.

In a while, he would look for an appropriate opportunity to see if he could send Sakura over...

Sakura was younger than Rin, and if something happened to him in the Holy Grail War, Rin should still have some means of self-protection. After all, he planned to start teaching her magecraft soon, and within a year, he should be able to teach her some things.

As for Sakura... she was too young, and it was too early for her to start learning magecraft.

If she were sent to the Matou family, although Zouken Matou was a bit repulsive, facing a child who could potentially bring prosperity to the Matou family, he would surely protect her like a treasure.

This way, the safety of his family would be ensured, and he could focus all his efforts on preparing for the Holy Grail War.

The next moment—

His pupils slightly contracted.

He saw a sentence on the cover of this JUMP manga—[Seven magus vying for the all-powerful wish-granting machine in Fuyuki, a cruel war is about to begin!]

"Impossible—! How could that man possibly know about this?"

"Dear? Is something wrong?" Tohsaka Aoi, outside the room, heard the sound and walked over.

"No, it's nothing." Tohsaka Tokiomi took a deep breath and used magecraft to hide the manga he had just hidden on the top shelf of the bookcase.

'The Tohsaka family's motto is to always maintain elegance, and I just lost my composure... but... I've checked, and Kurokawa Kazuya doesn't have the qualifications to be a magus. So what's going on? How did he get information about the Holy Grail War?' Tohsaka Tokiomi thought, resisting the strong urge to immediately read the manga. He was quite disciplined.

First, he went outside to reassure his wife, Tohsaka Aoi.

Then, wearing his usual gentlemanly smile, he entered his study.

The moment he entered, his expression darkened.

Holding the book he had just hidden, he went to his underground magecraft workshop, activated the nearby boundary to prevent anyone from intruding, and focused on the manga.

"Seven magus vying for the all-powerful wish-granting machine in Fuyuki, a cruel war is about to begin... Fuyuki, seven magus, all-powerful wish-granting machine, and... the appearance of Kotomine Kirei on the cover, which I find particularly concerning... What is all this? Where did that person get this information about the Holy Grail War?"

And... the Holy Grail War. Could this manga be about the Holy Grail War? But this is something that hasn't even started yet.

And the appearance of himself and Kotomine Kirei on the pages confirmed that this should be the Fourth Holy Grail War, which was supposed to happen in about two years, no... it was less than two years away. Just over a year!

This is the Holy Grail War that is about to take place during that time!

This is no longer information that could be collected.

That person... a high-level Clairvoyant? No... it's impossible. That has long disappeared and shouldn't appear on the magi of this era!

Then... future vision?

That person... after leaving here, for some reason, awakened to future vision?

And it's quite advanced.

How could such a coincidence happen—


"[Fate/Zero]... is the information in here?"

He carefully examined the manga, trying to see if he could gather any useful information.

But... most of it was probably fabricated by the mangaka himself. Future vision could only see limited things, and he probably combined what he saw with his own thoughts to create this. But... there must be something hidden within!


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