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I originally thought this was a world like any ordinary urban novel... Drawing manga and traveling is quite enjoyable. But could you please tell me what's the deal with this magus named Emiya Kiritsugu who suddenly appeared in my face? Who changed the setting? And it seems that now I can enter the world of the manga I created and get a reward?

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[283] Obsession


Martha shattered a wall and swiftly rushed inside, where the air was filled with curses and poisonous substances. However, they had no effect on her. She possessed the ability to neutralize such things.

The real challenge was the divine beasts – the Sphinxes!


Just like that Alucard...

These creatures called "Sphinxes" were all undying!

They resurrected immediately after death, an endless cycle.

Though Martha managed to kill one Sphinx three times, she eventually had to retreat.

Dealing with one of them was already tough; now, there were seven.

They were tough-skinned, requiring a Heroic Spirit like Saber to handle/ Martha, with her bare fists, found it exhausting to defeat just one.

Looking at the wall in front of her, Martha took a deep breath while running. Clenching her fist, she prepared herself.

Then —



The wall shattered before her iron fist. However, in Martha's eyes, the broken area quickly restored at an astonishing speed.

Just one second was enough for a complete recovery.

But —

That was sufficient.

She was a servant, and one second was enough for her to charge through.

However —

She sensed that the wall didn't impede the Sphinxes, and immediately sprinted forward.

Though those creatures weren't her match, being constantly chased was exhausting. If this continued, she would be worn down eventually.

Boom — 

"What's happening?" Martha felt the ground shaking, not only the ground but also the ceiling —

The indestructible temple even had bricks falling!

"Is someone attacking from outside?"


"Haha! No way! This level of attack can damage my temple? It's too far-fetched! It's much weaker than the one in the desert. What? Are you out of strength?"

"No way?" Gilgamesh looked at the collapsed third of the temple, but in just a few seconds, it completely recovered. He laughed, "Hahaha! Everything is within the predictions of this King! He was concerned about the fragility of your temple, but it seems fine now. If that's the case —"

"This King will double the force!"


"Oh no—!"

Barthomeloi Lorelei, who just arrived, watched the situation and his expression changed. "Enkidu! Arash! Stop him!"

Doubling the force?

What was that situation?

If that happened... Maybe the Ozymandias's temple would be destroyed!

"Fool! Do you think I will just watch you attack like this—!" Osmanthus yelled, "Amon-Ra— Hmm?"

The shining light slowly dimmed.

Ozymandias shifted his gaze to the interior of the pyramid.

To the woman who appeared unexpectedly in front of him!

The Saint, Martha!

"Haha! Not bad. You alone broke through my divine beasts and came to me! Before the throne of the Pharaoh! Well done!"

Ozymandias laughed.

However, in reality, most of his attention was on Gilgamesh outside.

Therefore, he just ordered the Sphinxes to attack and didn't care about the defenses.

If not for that, those Sphinxes could have appeared directly anywhere inside the temple. It was too simple to just shake them off once.

"I'll say that!" Martha sighed, "So, you're the troublemaker, right? Releasing these Sphinxes to chase me! I just came in to hide a bit, and also — who allowed you to take the Holy Grail? I told you, right? You won't get your hands on it until the final winner is decided!"

"Haha! So what? I am the Pharaoh, and holding everything in my hands is only natural. Even if you are unwilling, what can you do?"

Ozymandias looked at Martha and laughed.

"Voices like yours are annoying!" Martha said discontentedly, stepping forward towards Ozymandias.

"No, you're wrong! Is there any sound more delightful in this world than that of the Pharaoh? None!" Ozymandias stopped laughing and said with a different tone, "Even if it's a joke, it's too much!"

Clatter, clatter, clatter —

At the next moment, the hall shone brightly.

Blue light —

Martha's expression became serious as she stared around —


Several light beams shot out, targeting Martha who stood in front of the Pharaoh!

Boom, boom, boom —

"I don't care about that. If you're unwilling to hand over the Holy Grail, then leave first! Black Rider from the Black faction has already left. It's time for you, the Red Rider from the Red faction, to leave!"

"Oh... you mean, the Black Rider has left?" Watching Martha continuously dodging and trying to approach, Ozymandias suddenly changed his tone completely, "Are you saying me, DIO, has left?"

"What —?"

Martha's face slightly changed, and her footsteps stopped.

Behind Ozymandias appeared that thing — DIO's Stand, The World Over Heaven!

It was directly hit by the incoming light beam!

Boom —

"Roar —!"

"Please, Tarasque!" A dragon suddenly appeared in front of Martha, blocking the incoming light beam.

"Haha, is that the dragon tamed by the Saint? Interesting!"

Martha looked at Ozymandias and frowned, "Just now... was it an illusion? Or... no, no way! What exactly happened just now? Are you Ozymandias? Or DIO?"

"Is it necessary to ask such a simple question?" Ozymandias frowned, "I already said! I am the Pharaoh! The king among kings, the supreme god-king! Therefore, the authority of the underworld is naturally within my grasp. It's not a big deal to summon one or two dead souls, right? Hmm... But, that DIO indeed exceeded my expectations. Even now, his consciousness hasn't completely dissipated... Haha, should I say it's a kind of obsession?"


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