263 [263] Seizure

"How? Master—? Faced with the current situation, what should we do? Give the order! Should we join forces with someone among them, or should we kill them all? Give the order—" Alucard eagerly asked, "Any command will do! Give me the command!"

"Command, huh..." Kazuya let out a sigh, "Well—"

However, it seemed a bit wasteful, he just had to use one Command Seal.

"Hold on!" At that moment, a voice interrupted!

Saint Martha stood in the middle of everyone, saying, "This battle stops here!"

"What do you mean?" Barthomeloi Lorelei turned around, flicking his ponytail.

"I mean, this battle stops now!" Martha said, and behind her, a faint light appeared, "I have the authority to grant two Command Spells to each Servant. This time, Lancer's Master responded to my call to gather and defeat DIO—so I won't allow you to immediately turn against your previous allies after this!"

"So what? Don't forget, this is a war, the Holy Grail War!"

"Indeed, but I am the Ruler! If you have any complaints, say them! I'll listen carefully!" Martha said, revealing her gauntlets, ready for a fight.

Who wanted to go against her?

If it was just one, they could exchange fists.

More than two?

Order them to commit suicide first with a Command Spell!

"Tch... Retreat!" Barthomeloi Lorelei waved his hand in discontent.

Now, on the Black Faction, their hostile opponents were only "Lancer and Archer."

Only Alucard and Gilgamesh remained.

Although both of these Heroic Spirits were formidable opponents, their side also had a powerful lineup!

Berserker - King Vortigen.

Archer - Arash.

Lancer - Enkidu.

Saber - Mordred.

And the strongest Rider - Ozymandias.

With such a formation, with such an army, how could they possibly lose!

"And us!" Shakespeare chimed in from somewhere, "Don't forget about us!"

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Shut up and follow."


And so, DIO exited the stage—

At least, that's how it looked to almost everyone.

But no, DIO had managed to escape his final "reality" just before dying!

He escaped partially...

Drifting aimlessly, not even regaining self-awareness!

Gradually, he regained consciousness, "Ugh... damn it, Jotaro... when will he use ripple again? And it's that high ripple dash..."

DIO supported himself against the golden wall in front of him, panting heavily, "Even my Vaporizing Freezing at its limit can't freeze at that level... But when did he change my 'reality' into fearing the sun's 'reality'? No... I don't remember... I didn't expect... I, Dio, would be in such a pathetic state!"

While speaking, he followed the corridor and passed through, "Where is this? It seems... the bricks are not of low quality, that's good. Let me have a good meal here! This way, I'll recover... wait! Even if Kujo Jotaro appears again, it won't be possible for him to be my opponent!"


"Hmm." DIO frowned slightly, "Why am I laughing?"

"No, it's not you who's laughing! It's me, DIO!"

"What—?" DIO quickly turned around, and the surroundings had turned into a grand hall at some point, and the one laughing was the man sitting on the throne in the center of the hall—

The Pharaoh of Egypt.

"Rider from the Red Faction..." DIO frowned and looked around, saying, "I didn't expect that I somehow ended up here unknowingly—"

"No! You didn't come here on your own; it's I who guided you—guided you into this great temple!"

DIO frowned; this guy's voice was too similar to his own, making him feel like he was talking to himself, "Stop it; whatever you have to say, it has nothing to do with me. Stop using that voice of yours to talk!"

"Hahaha—" Ozymandias laughed, "I haven't said anything yet, and you, this residue-like thing, are making so many demands—?"



"Ugh." DIO took a step back, his body becoming even more transparent.

"Haha, blocked it, right? This is that ability to rewrite reality, right? But—look at your weak appearance. How many times can you use it? Once? Twice? I forgot to mention, the attack just now was just a casual strike from me. So, can you still block it?"

"You bastard—specifically bringing me here, what's your purpose?" DIO gritted his teeth and asked the Pharaoh, who had the same voice as him.

"Good question!" Ozymandias stood up and laughed, "I am Pharaoh! King of Kings! I am supreme, perfect, unique, and must exist forever. Limited lifespan is the only tragedy for me. But—I saw possibilities in you! If I obtain the ability to rewrite reality from you, I will be able to obtain a physical body, I will be able to live forever! So—"

"Oh... so you want to take my Stand?"


"Impossible!" DIO laughed, "Stands are manifestations of life energy, and everyone's life energy is different! How could you obtain my Stand?"

"No—this is possible!" Ozymandias looked at DIO and said, "Otherwise, why do you think I brought you into this temple? If it were outside, even I wouldn't have any way, but in here—it's different. In here, I am almighty! Even obtaining the power to rewrite reality, like your Stand, is something I can naturally do—"

"Hey—wait! What are you going to do!?"

"To ask why, that's because I am! To ask why King Ozymandias, the almighty, should do anything more than necessary—haha... hahahaha... hahahahahahahahahaha—So, now the last piece is about to be filled! I am about to become a true god-king, and life will no longer limit me! You can't stop it!"

"You bastard—stop it!" DIO roared, but it was useless!

—To Be Continued

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