262 [262] Stalemate Before the Holy Grail

Everyone has their own views on power.

As for Kazuya... he has his own views too...

Perhaps, true invincibility lies in the combination of strong power and a strong heart.

Some people obtain power for revenge, some for personal ambition, some to protect something, and some stumble upon it unknowingly... and so on.

As for Kazuya...

Although he has his own ambitions and things he wants to protect.

His relationship with the power he gains is not that significant.

He wants to obtain power because... it's fun.

It's like a child... whether the power is strong or not doesn't matter, what's important is whether it's cool or fun.

What matters is whether others have it, and what matters is whether he has it.

It's like a game, even if he already has the strongest card in his hand... if someone else has something that, while not as strong, is cool and stylish, he wants it.

He wants to have it.

Different powers for him are like collecting different cards in a card game.

The desire to collect... and Kazuya's desire is to collect power.

Later on, he won't specifically use it for anything, just... occasionally before going to sleep, he'll flip through his list of abilities... and feel a sense of satisfaction.

After all... in this world, there's nothing he needs revenge for, nothing that makes him dissatisfied...

Everything has been going well for him so far, and his thoughts have been quite ordinary.


He failed...

Whether it's The World Over Heaven, the ability to give people a Stand through the "Arrow," the last missing piece he lacked, the ultimate item, the Red Stone of Aja, or the Stand D4C that can traverse parallel worlds...

He didn't obtain any of them.

Even D4C was just a little lacking.

It's not without gains. The seeds have already been planted!

He planted the seeds of D4C in himself.

Just one step.

Just that one step to awaken... although he doesn't know how long it will take, as long as he continues practicing his ripple, maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, maybe next year, maybe several years later...

He will awaken his Stand on his own.

Awakening the Stand named D4C—


At the same time... in another parallel world—!

The nature of Stand abilities is hereditary, like if a parent has a Stand, the child will have one too.

If an older brother awakens a Stand, the younger brother will also awaken...

Unlike the previous Stand...

This is truly awakening a Stand from Kazuya's body... meaning, it's passed down, and a certain bond has been transmitted to the past.

Although, in reality, Kazuya and that person... his sister, Kazumi, no longer have a blood relationship.

But it's the same material, the criteria for this body's material is still based on Kazuya before he came to this world...


Even if it's weak, it still brings Kazuya a different possibility.


The flow of time is also slightly different.

At this moment, Kazumi has already felt that her body... seems to be undergoing some changes, as if something is about to come out of her body, and with each practice of her ripple breathing technique, this feeling becomes even stronger—

That is... the sign that she is about to awaken her own Stand!


"Hey, you're back My Master—" Alucard's voice brought his consciousness back.

"Hmm?" Kazuya slightly regained his senses and saw the current situation, "I see, so if DIO is gone, does that mean I'm the next target?"

Around him—

The Holy Grail is behind him, and in front of him, those who held guns were aiming at the servants, magus, and executors around—

Even though it's one person, it gives the feeling that this place is not part of a single world.

"How's it going? I remember you were planning something. Did you succeed? Did you fail?"

"No, I failed." Kazuya moved his neck a bit and sighed, "Without a doubt, I failed. I didn't get anything, but instead, I consumed something... but—how about it? Are we ready to start the final battle now?"

Kazuya looked at Barthomeloi Lorelei and said, "Spare me. I still have to do some create manga. It's not acceptable for me to die here."

"Oh, right! That's it, that's the spirit! That's what a artist should be!" Shakespeare laughed.

"You shut up." Barthomeloi Lorelei spoke and raised her hand, "What about DIO?"

"He's dead."

"Is that so... Hmph, as expected. Well then—see how you performed, and I'll give you a chance for face—to choose, die here or join us."

"We can offer you that as well." Ambrose Conant interrupted Barthomeloi Lorelei and said, "As long as you come over, the Holy Church will take responsibility for protecting you."

"You, this guy, seem to have had enough of life, right?" Barthomeloi Lorelei's pupils emitted a dangerous aura.

Kazuya squinted slightly...

In the current situation...

Indeed, it seems very unfavorable—

It looks like they are discussing how to deal with him next, but in reality, it's not like that.

What they are truly fighting for is... the Holy Grail behind Kazuya—

Before, this Holy Grail was managed by people from the Mage's Association, but now it has changed... now, the Holy Grail has appeared on the battlefield, in front of everyone.

At this moment, whoever gets the Holy Grail means that the advantage will tilt towards that side—

Barthomeloi Lorelei looked at the current situation and gritted her teeth slightly. She began to let their last Servant, who originally belonged to the Black Faction, Berserker, head towards them.

If only they had placed the Holy Grail in Ozymandias's pyramid, it wouldn't be like this.

But that king is too arrogant, making her dissatisfied. If they just give him the Holy Grail like this, something unexpected might happen... However, it's unexpected that because of this situation, the Holy Grail appeared on the battlefield!

Blame that damned DIO! It's all because of that guy that the situation turned out like this!

Are they starting the final battle early?

Now... there's only this way!

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