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[261] The Fall

"Hmm... hmm hmm, so this is his trump card? No wonder he was so calm... I didn't expect such a card."

Returning to Cairo, Alucard chuckled.

"I see, so Star Platinum's ability isn't time stop but The World duplication?" Martha pondered for a moment. "Hmm... that's not a bad ability either."

As she spoke, she scratched her hand, feeling a bit itchy...

"Gil? How about... returning? Can we go back?"

"No—" Gilgamesh shook his head. "Although it's unpleasant, that place is not easily accessible even for this king. Perhaps sacrificing a portion of my treasures would work... but it's not worth it—definitely not worth it... to go there for a dying man!"


"Alright! Since you've also mastered The World, let me see which 'truth' is superior—my the world or yours! After killing you here, I'll return to the previous world and exterminate every version of you in each parallel world! I'll completely sever the bloodline of Joestars in every world!"

"Come on, DIO!" Kujo Jotaro took two steps forward, pointing at DIO with one hand.

"Fine! This is the true and final ROUND!"



The clash of fists.

Each punch carried the 'truth' of the two, and any slight mistake would erase the reality completely—

"MUDA MUDA—" DIO laughed, "You can't possibly be my match, Jotaro—feel it! Can you feel it? Your truth is gradually slowing down! Hahaha!"

"But... damn it—this is getting dangerous. Hey—what was that method you mentioned earlier?" Kujo Jotaro's face turned slightly pale, a result of his spirit burning too intensely.

"Linking spirits." Kazuya said, "Can you feel it? What's coiling around your arm?"

"Uh...?" Kujo Jotaro paused slightly, pushed back by DIO's attack, and felt the rope coiling around his arm.

"Hold onto this. Victory is ours if we bind DIO's hands! Have you used it before? When you first gained the ability to rewrite reality—did you turn DIO's physique back to normal? Reverted him to the state he became after using the stone mask... that is, the state vulnerable to ripple and afraid of sunlight!"

"Ah... yes, I rewrote his reality, but it seems he hasn't noticed it yet!"


DIO kicked and broke Kujo Jotaro's leg. "It ends like this! The Joestar bloodline will be completely severed!"

"Why wait—do it now!"


Golden ropes appeared from Kujo Jotaro's arm, binding DIO's hands.

"MUDADA! Something like this can be easily broken!"

"Indeed, under normal circumstances, yes, but how about this?" Kujo Jotaro said, releasing control of his body, allowing Kazuya to take over.

"How long has it been since you've sensed the ripple's aura? Hoo—"


"Ripple Dash!"

Crackling sounds—

A powerful ripple, stronger than anything DIO had faced before, amplified by the ability of the ropes that increased ripple damage by fifty percent—

Instantly rushed towards DIO's arm!

"MUDADA! Ripples like this can't affect me now—what?!"

DIO's face turned unpleasant, "Impossible! How could something like this—"

The ripple began to spread along his arm, burning it. His entire palm turned into charcoal: "Impossible... I am DIO... I am DIO!!!"


His clothes fell to the ground.

DIO was completely melted by the ripple.

"Phew... it's finally over..." Kazuya sighed in relief, completely restoring his body with a slight wipe of his hand.


Completely dead.

Watching the scene in front of him, Kujo Jotaro also sighed slightly in relief: "No matter how many times I say it, you pissed me off."

At this moment, in front of Kazuya, there was only that enormous object—the Holy Grail.

Because DIO's death had already been exposed in front of him.


"Heh... hehe... now it can be used like this! Indeed, first give me the ability of Over Heaven!"

"Stop, this thing—"

"No! The one currently controlling this body is me—"

Kazuya laughed, but the next moment, his expressions turned ugly, "No? What's this remaining time? Something's wrong! Didn't it just take less than ten minutes? The time of descent is about to end? There are only a few seconds left? No... no way... If The World Over Heaven doesn't work... give me the Red Stone of Aja... No! Is there not enough time for the Red Stone of Aja either? Then at least... at least D4C!"

"Yare yare, it seems the time is up." Kujo Jotaro spoke inside Kazuya, "I didn't expect that using the Over Heaven ability would also reduce my remaining existence time... I was too hasty, didn't have time to observe these things."

"Too hasty?" Kazuya wanted to use the remaining Over Heaven to rewrite reality.

Reaching his hand towards the Holy Grail, relying solely on Kujo Jotaro's 'truth' was not enough. He needed the Holy Grail too! Both together!

Although he wanted to manifest Over Heaven or use the arrow to grant Stand abilities to those with potential, it was already too late for a The World Over Heaven's level to rewrite reality.

This ability was indeed powerful in theory, and theoretically, there was nothing it couldn't achieve.

However... this was only in theory. To realize this theory, the first requirement was—a large amount of spiritual energy!

And what he lacked most now was exactly that!

"D4C... as long as I obtain this ability, everything still has a chance—"

D4C... was also a Stand ability, and simply put, its ability was—traversing parallel worlds! Of course, there were some subtle differences, but those could be discussed later.

The next moment, just as he was about to create that Stand—time ran out.

Kujo Jotaro and his ability disappeared from his body almost instantly—he and the Holy Grail were forcibly ejected from this space—


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