As a Lucifer in DxD

Every DxD fan knows that there is only one pure blooded living Lucifer that is Rizevim livian lucifer but what if he had a brother who was a 18yr old high schooler in his previous life and by some chance of fate he became Cain livian lucifer. Follow cain as he becomes the strongest in DxD while enjoying life and giving hell to his enemies. This my first fanfic I am writing with preparation so give it a go. Thanks. Created a discord server join if you want the high quality enhanced pics or if you wanna ask some question about the fic. https://discord.gg/9bHCngP74Y

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Top 10 strongest beings list, chronology and Sacred gears

Top 10 list before the great holy war


2.Jade emperor

3.Vishnu and Yahweh


5.Sakra(Indra), Lucifer, Azrael, Draig and Albion

6.Thor, Amaterasu and Buddha

7.Sussano, Hades, Amun Ra

8.Fenrir, Typhoon, Apophis

9.Aten, Lugh, Samsara

10.Sun wukong, Scathach

Top 10 list after the great war


2.Jade emperor




6.Thor, Amaterasu and Buddha

7.Sussano, Hades, Amun Ra

8.Fenrir, Typhoon, Apophis

9.Aten, Lugh, Samsara

10.Sun wukong, Scathach

Top 10 list before any major war


2.Jade emperor, Chaos(Greek)

3.Vishnu , Yahweh and Uranus

4.Brahma, Nyx and Amun Ra

5.Sakra(Indra), Lucifer, Azrael, Samael, Draig, Albion

6.Thor, Amaterasu, Buddha and Anu( Sumerian)

7.Sussano,Hades and Apophis

8.Fenrir, Typhoon

9.Lugh and Aten, Samsara

10.Sun wukong, Scathach


1.After Titanomachia the greek pantheon was severely weakened as Uranua died, Gaia got sealed, Chaos got weakened and also other primordial lost their powers as less and less people worshipped them.

2.Egyptian Pantheons power declined as their worshippers demnished.

3. The sumerian pantheon lost its divine domain and got destroyed.

4. The dragon emperors died in the great holy war.

5.Rank 1 to 5 all are supreme stage gods or angle emperor class or dragon emperor class.

6.Rank 6 to 10 all are Mighty stage gods or their equivalents.

7.The list will change during the cannon as Mc will also be in the top 10.

=>Sacred gears:-

1.Sacred Gears, also known as God's Artifacts, are items with powerful abilities bestowed upon humans by God of the Bible. 

2.Only humans or half human hybrids are able to use the sacred gears.

3.On special occasions one may posses more than one sacred gear.

4.The strongest sacred gears are called Longinus and said to be capable of killing gods.

a.) True longinus

b.)Zenith tempest

c.)Dimension lost

d.)Annihilation maker

e.)Boosted gear

f.)Divine dividing

g.)Incinerate anthem

h.)Absolute demise

i. )Sephiroth grail

j.)Regulus names

k.)Canis lycon

l.)Innovate clear

m.)Teleos karma

Possible longinus

a.) Aeon balor

b.)Nereid kyrie

c.)Star buster Star blaster

d.)Alpecca tyrant

e.)Unkwon dictator

f.)Complete vritra set

Chronological Order of Events

Pre-Great War(1500 years before cannon)

Titanomachia weaking of greek pantheon and Lucifer starts having ideas to rebel.

Great War(1000 YBC)

The great holy war between the three factions of biblical pantheon starts .Azazel invade underworld and forms grigori

Post-Great War

The great holy war ended in draw as God dies the four great satans died and fallen Angel's became neutral the war ended with the death of the two heavenly dragons.

Devil Civil War (500 YBC)

The battle between Old satan faction and New satan faction ends with the crowning of the new satans

Tepes and Carmilla Faction Formed(200 YBC)

The vampire faction is divide in two parts

World War 2 - Kokabiel Fights Strada(63 YBC)

Ends in kokabiel loss and he gets some of his power taken

Assassination of Yaegaki and Cleria(3 YBC)

Cleria belial and her lover are killed by Zekram bael's men to hid the secret about the king piece

Cannon start 2008

The death of issei hyoudou by the hands of fallen angel raynare and revival by Rias gremory the heir of house of gremory.

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