57 Hell

Third Person PoV

After everyone was calm seeing Cain, all of them went inside his castle to discuss the upcoming things.

In the hall, all the important persons sat down in the couch and looked at Cain, motioning him to start explaining on how to create Hell.

"First of all, Falbium and Sera I think you guys have finished what Grayfia told you to?"

"I have made sure no one is outside of the border."

Falbium responded in an awake voice, the current situation was tense so he wasn't sleeping.

"I also finished my work!"

With that Cain looked at Ajuka and said

"Then me and Ajuka will go on a little inspection tour. Till then do the following things i have told Grayfia."

Saying that Cain teleported alongwith Ajuka.


After the two satans dissapeared from the hall Grayfia without any delay stared barking out order like a sergeant.

"Lord Falbium, Lady Scathach please clear the entirety of the monsters and beasts in the forest."

"Lady Morgan please be prepared as you will need to handle the world tree when it is planted."

"What do you mean be prepared, the world tree will take centuries to grow!"

Zeaira then revealed something to her

"Cain has a way to make it grow quickly so be ready, you might need to tend to a fully grown world tree from the start."

Morgan hearing that got serious and went to prepare her mind.

Grayfia then sent Lilith to talk with Tiamat and Medusa. While Zeaira was to clear a place in the backyard for creation of a new space. So Cain had told her to destroy the space in the backyard.

"Why do we need to destroy the space?"

Ereshkigal silent for so long finally asked something. This time Grayfia responded

"Lord Cain said that a world tree for its quick growth needs a new and pure space, the current space is very old and not pure, thus the need to destroy it. The world tree will create it's own space, suited to it."

Then Grayfia looked at Ereshkigal and Serafall and said

"Lady Serafall, please provide energy to Lady Ereshkigal, as Lord Cain needs his reserves full for the upcoming event. Also I will be handling the energy requirements for the divine realm outside, so please ask anything you want to know now. "

Nobody had any questions as everyone had already been briefed about this. Grayfia and Lilith went to the divine realm while Serafall and Ereshkigal stayed inside.

Scáthach and Falbium were killing the demonic beasts, Morgan was readying herself.

Zeaira was literally deleting space while Cain and Ajuka were mapping the boundary which they need to take into the newly created dimension.

Cain had taken Ajuka because of his calculation prowess. And he himself was neccessary just to check if Hades was not playing any tricks.


While Cain and Ajuka were busy marking the boundaries, a very important discussion was going on inside the divine realm of Nyx.

This discussion was crucial in making Cain's peerage and it was left in the hands of someone he trusted, his mother Lilith.

Just as Lilith and Grayfia alongwith Rayla, who didn't have any work to do, entered the divine realm of Nyx, they were faced by two monster beauties.

Just as Echidna and Lilith matched eyes, they formed a mutual understanding. Afterall only a mother can feel another mother.

Also it helped that both of them had very similar past, neglected and used by their husbands, bad children and being saved by Cain.

Thus only with this Echidna was convinced that Cain wasn't bad being from her point of view.

For his enemies though, he was nothing sort of the devil, which he was both racially and metaphorically.

Lilith went to talk with Echidna and Medusa, while Grayfia went inside the house to meet with Nyx.

As a maid it was her duty to be acquainted with her Lord's wives. And Nyx was ranked very high up in Cain's harem. Although the hierarchy was purely made up by Rayla and the other were dragged into it.

And as much as Grayfia doesn't show it she is proud that she is the one to marry Cain first, even though it is not officially known to anyone except the harem members.

Seeing her Nyx said

"So, you are his Lucifuge. I guess you are maintaining my realm and me currently?"

"Indeed, Lady Nyx. I am Grayfia Lucifuge, personal maid of Lord Cain."

"Your demonic signature suits Cain, his being monstrous and domineering, while yours frosty and submissive, only to him I might add."

"I work to please."

The meeting between the two moms and snake queen went nicely, with Echidna even calling her sister. Although Lilith told her not to say that to Cain for unknown reasons.


Sometime later everyone was done with their job and was waiting for the two satans to come back so the main part can start and they appeared, from a magic circle.

"So everyone ready?"

The voice of Cain was different from normal, stand ratings of excitement and anxiousness in it, and it was justified. Afterall he was going to do something that not even his father the creator of devils was able to do, create a real Hell.

Seeing everyone confirm to him. He took out the world tree seed and told everyone to step away.

The basic plan told by Cain was pretty simple to understand but hard to execute.

Cain, Zeaira and Ajuka will feed the world tree just as it was planted, the entirety of their energy reserves in their superdevil form.

Doing this will make it grow faster. Cain expected the tree to be equivalent to a 2000 year old world tree at the end.

Just as they finished this, Morgan would teleport her pocket space around the space that will be created by the tree. This will make the tree connected to that space.

After that Nyx and Ereshkigal will take control of the dimensional core and connect it to the world tree, after that Ereshkigal will create a separate pocket space in the newly created dimension, specially dedicated for storing, punishing and reincarnating souls.

Nyx will take control and make it such that the dimensional core will suck the extra energy from the dimension and give it to the world tree, the world tree will then purify and increase its amount.

The new, better energy wil be replace the old energy, while the extra will be used by the tree for it's own growth. Thus enabling it to grow as the dimension grows and its inhabitants do so to.

While this was going on Scathach, Tiamat and Medusa will be responsible for handling anyone who comes to interfere.

A certain death god was sure to cause trouble. Falbium had included everyone inside his absolute defense for extra security.

Serafall and Grayfia will be busy supporting the two goddesses. Rayla will be just there for moral support or not, she will be the one handling the devil pillars, if any come for answers due to the trouble.

Liilith will be helping and providing Morgan support, as the Fae queens magic reserves were not enough to last the entire duration of the process.


The formation of a new pantheon after such a long time was started by the transformation of three superdevil at once.

The density of demonic energy at the place went from above average to the densest in the entire underworld.

Everyone inside the absolute defense barrier felt the pressure. Scathach sensing that from outside remarked

"So those two also have that form"

The warrior inside her was trembling to challenge them, but her thoughts were interrupted by Medusa saying

"I doubt even you are capable of fighting anyone of them, currently."

"Indeed, but the future is uncertain, Gorgon."

"Call me Medusa, we serve the same master from now on."

"Yes, Godslayer. I also am a part of the peerage of the child of Lilith named Cain."

Scathach looked weirdly at Echidna's way of speaking but ignored it. She was already sensing some Grim reapers but they appered to be scouts instead of attackers.

Cain had told her to only to kill them when they attacked first. So she let them be or killing them was way too easy for her. Sending the other two was only a precaution incase Hades appeared himself with Pluto and Thanatos.


The three superdevil's poured the entirety of their powers in the rainbow colored glowing seed.

The seed slowly started germinating, first the roots came out and they went inside the space instead of ground.

They binded the space around it compressing it and making it more stable, Cain seeing that said

"Morgan, just when I say summon your pocket space."

The tree gradually increased its roots and started covering more and more space and slowly its shoot also started growing.

"Morgan, Now!"

With that Morgan did her job and the tree just as predicted, started compressing the the pocket space, but wasn't grown enough to do so at a larger scale.

Thus, it merged with it. The pocket space becoming a part of the tree. Without anyone knowing Cain summoned his scythe inside the trunk of the world tree, which was hollow and not filled yet.

He did this in order to create a spirit for the dimension. It will take one or two centuries to grow, but when it does it will be worth it.

But till then he needed to refrain from using his scythe frequently. He can still use it if he required, it's just that the process will be delayed depending on much he uses it.

The world tree gradually grew, and it was becoming massive. When the three superdevil's felt there reserves becoming half.

Cain signaled to Nyx and Ereshkigal to start the connection between the world tree and the dimensional core.

Both the goddesses, not in their best state but still gave it their all. Both of them were used to using the dimensional core.

Nyx due to her age and her divine realm while Ereshkigal as she used it after the Mesopotamian pantheon collapsed and only she survived.

The world tree just growing was not able to avoid the masterful use of dimensional core by the two goddesses and was connected with it. Just then Cain increased his output and said

"Ajuka, connect to the dimensional core and create the dimension."

The Beezelebub did as he heard and directed the formation of the dimension, but just as he started it. Some unpleasant things were going on outside the boundary.


Scathach was standing on top of a small mountain of grim reapers, all dead of piercing wounds from her spear.

While Tiamat and Medusa were also surrounded by some dead grim reapers.

Scathach decided agianst letting these scouts go back and report, the formation of a dimension to Hades. It is better to kill them. As it will delay the response of the death god.

This was the reason Cain chose her as the queen. She is capable of making decisions when he is not around quickly. A vital skill for a queen, due to being second in command.

This act of Scathach managed to earn a significant amount of time for the process to be successful.


In the meantime, the world tree had grown upto to a humungous size. The only reason the devil pillars were unable to see and not question its appearance were due to it being inside a different pocket space.

The process was almost finished. Just as Ajuka finalized the coordinates and came back to providing energy, the entire devil society was feeling the tremors form the dimensional change.

Zekram, Zeoticus, Lord Agares and Lord Sitri immediately teleported to the Lucifer castle, to know if the satans knew about this.

But they only found Rayla their waiting for them.

Zekram immediately questioned

"May I ask what is happening to the devil society? Lady Lucifer neé Phenex"

"I think Zeaira had informed you of this, Lord Bael. But just you pacify you I will tell you that currently, we are becoming independent and this is just the precursor to the formation of Hell."

The lords went on to ask some more questions but Rayla managed to answer them all, while still keeping the important information safe.


Finally after sometime the dimension stabilized, Hades felt his authority weakening. He was prepared for this, but was still shocked as he could not sense anything from the part of the underworld where the devils lived.

He contacted the grim reapers stationed their but found them all dead. And just after that he felt the presence of another dimension very close to the underworld but gradually going far.

He cursed out loud.



That day the entirety of Olympus trembled from the anger of Hades, but alas their was nothing he could do now. Attacking the devils will lead to a divine war.


On the other hand the newly formed dimension slowly drifted in the dimensional gap going towards the destination fixed by Ajuka, that was known only to himself and Cain.

In that time, Morgan was busy handling the World Tree. Even being supported by a expert and experienced magic user like Lilith, defining the rules and conditions of the dimension and pantheon was tough.

Not to mention the world tree suddenly growing from a seed, to such huge tree was not able to control its powers correctly.

But somehow they somehow managed to do so.

In the dimensional gap the place was found by Cain and Ajuka after searching in the dimensional gap very much. And they had put a lot of high level barriers even to keep even god king level beings from approaching it.

After a few hours the dimension reached the place and stopped. Just about the same time Ereshkigal finished creating a miniature Kur inside of Hell and embedded the divine realm of Nyx in the dimension of Hell.

And soon after that Falbium lowered his absolute defense, and the three members of Cain's peerage came inside. They had jumped inside the dimension when it was forming its barrier.

And just after that Ajuka and Zeaira ran out of energy and reverted back to their normal forms and fell. But Ajuka was supported by Falbium while Cain caught Zeaira.

Cain being used to his super devil form didn't fall.

And then looking at everyone said.

"To everyone present in this dimension"

His voice echoed in the newly formed dimension, courtesy of Nyx

"We have created history, We have created Hell!"

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