Apocalypse - World Traverse System

Transported to a post-apocalyptic world, Seth gains the World Traverse System. He discovers that beauty from two different worlds can sense each other. In the 1993 post-apocalyptic world, Nicole, who swore allegiance to Seth for survival, remains a superstar in Hollywood in 2006. However, the moment she sees the protagonist, she can't help but feel the urge to kneel...

AllenWorker · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
365 Chs

Survivors, Superstar Couple

"There are other survivors! And there's a woman!" Seth's excited eyes flickered with a glimmer of hope, and he couldn't help but swallow. This at least proved that in this post-apocalyptic world, he wasn't the only survivor!

No matter how much food and water he had, Seth guessed he couldn't bear the loneliness and would eventually go mad.

Following the sound, Seth hurried to the window and looked outside.

He saw an SUV smashing through the iron gate in front of his villa, emitting white smoke and making a "thudding" noise. The surrounding zombies, as if driven mad, were attracted by the sound of the car and frantically surrounded the SUV.

These zombies were not fast, some even clumsy, but their astonishing number made Seth realize that if caught among them, even a special forces soldier would likely face certain death.

Through the windshield of the car, Seth could see the vague figures of a man and a woman inside, who seemed terrified, hiding in the car in panic.

Should he go and help them?

Seth frowned as he watched more and more zombies gathering around the SUV, attracted by the sound of the crash. By now, there were hundreds of zombies outside the iron fence gate surrounding the SUV.

Fortunately, it seemed to be a suburban town, with only a few scattered villas and lots of green space.

So, there weren't too many zombies here. Even if all the nearby zombies were attracted, it would only be hundreds or thousands.

Seth didn't dare imagine what a disaster it would be if the zombie virus appeared in the crowded cities and dense populations of the world he once lived in!

This made Seth feel somewhat relieved.

From his house to the SUV, there were no zombies for the time being due to the barrier of the iron fence.

If he went to help now, it should be relatively safe.

However, the iron fence gate had already been bent by the SUV, and the zombies outside could potentially enter the yard at any moment!

Moreover, the origins of these two people were unknown. If they came in, they would not only share his food and water but might also pose a threat to him.

To save?


Not to save?

As Seth pondered with a frown, the man in the car opened the sunroof and pulled the woman out of the car.

The surrounding zombies, seeing the living, swarmed toward the car like flies to rotting flesh.

Fortunately, the height of the SUV was enough to keep the clumsy zombies at bay for a while.

Even if some more agile zombies managed to climb onto the SUV, they would be dragged back down by their kind.



"Roar~~~ Roar~~~"

"Ah!! Ah!!!!!" The woman screamed in terror as a zombie's claw reached up towards her, while the man frantically swung his axe and roared in hysteria.

The bodies of these zombies seemed very fragile. Once hit by the fire axe, they were easily cut into large pieces.

However, except for the zombies whose heads were smashed, the others continued to lunge at the pair, unfazed by the fire axe and showing no sense of fear.

"Philip! We have to get out of here! There are more and more zombies!" The woman screamed in panic, hiding on top of the car and waving a wooden stick in her hand, calling out to the man who was fighting the zombies.

At that moment, Seth got a clear view of the woman's appearance.

"Nicole-Todd!" Seth stared in amazement at the stunningly beautiful woman with blonde hair, screaming in terror.

This world-famous actress, an Oscar-winning international superstar, was someone Seth could not fail to recognize.

Even among all the female stars globally, Nicole was one of the top superstars.

Just a short while ago, Seth had watched one of her movies online, where Nicole played a noble and elegant queen, leaving a lasting impression on him.

This ageless beauty, even in her 40s, still possessed a captivating charm.

And now, this goddess appeared before him, looking even younger and more radiant than she did on screen.


Based on the current timeline, she should be only 26 years old, in the most vibrant and charismatic phase of her life.

And the man, who was panting and fighting the zombies, Seth guessed without even having to look.


A world-famous male actor.

Golden Globe Best Actor.

Nicole's newlywed husband, Philip!

They were a superstar couple!

Before Seth could recover from his surprise, Philip-Harris and Nicole-Todd had already successfully jumped from the SUV into the yard and were rushing towards Seth's house.

The crazed zombies outside were desperately pounding on the teetering iron gate, trying to squeeze through the gap between the gate and the car.

"Is anyone there?!! Open the door!! Help!! Save us!!"

"Bang bang bang~~~"

"Is there anyone? Open the door quickly!"

"Thud! Thud!"

Urgent knocking and the sound of an axe hitting the door came from outside.

Seth's hand, reaching towards the doorknob, suddenly stopped mid-air.

The iron fence gate outside the yard could be pushed down by the horde of zombies at any moment, and a large group of zombies could invade the yard at any time.

Once the zombies broke into the yard, these two people would be trapped, and under the relentless attack of the dense swarm of zombies, they would surely perish.

In this era, security in the United States was not ideal, so almost every household had excellent anti-theft measures.

All doors and windows on the first floor of this house were fitted with anti-theft iron bars.

Even the door was made of steel for security.

If Seth didn't open the door for them, the two of them would certainly die.

To save?


Not to save?