Apocalypse - World Traverse System

Transported to a post-apocalyptic world, Seth gains the World Traverse System. He discovers that beauty from two different worlds can sense each other. In the 1993 post-apocalyptic world, Nicole, who swore allegiance to Seth for survival, remains a superstar in Hollywood in 2006. However, the moment she sees the protagonist, she can't help but feel the urge to kneel...

AllenWorker · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
369 Chs

1993, The Apocalypse

"Where am I?"

Seth groggily woke up from his sleep.

Looking at the scene before him, his mind was in chaos.

This was a rather luxurious bedroom.

The walls were adorned with purple gilt wallpaper.

The floor was made of rustic and solid original color hardwood.

A mahogany bedside table held a luxurious lamp and an antique bronze clock.

A Rolex watch gleamed with a dazzling golden shine.

All of this showed the wealth of the room's owner.

"What the heck is going on? How did I suddenly end up here? What place is this?"

Seth fiercely knocked on his somewhat torn head, a string of questions pouring out of his mouth, but no one answered him. All around was quiet, not a single sound.

These questions continued until Seth saw the clock on the bedside table and was suddenly shocked awake!


Seth abruptly sat up, horrified, looking at the clock on the bedside, which displayed a few English letters and a date:


"Could the clock be broken?"

Seth picked up the heavy clock and looked at it repeatedly, then pulled the bedside lamp's pull cord.

However, the luxurious and antique lamp did not emit any light.

"No electricity?"

Seth tried another switch on the other side and, after confirming there was no electricity, stood up and walked to the window to open the curtains.

The next moment, Seth's pupils constricted rapidly, almost falling to the ground, shocked by the scene outside the window.

"No! What is this?!"

Seth, trembling, propped himself up and looked out the window at the densely packed people aimlessly wandering on the nearby road, overwhelmed with horror!

These "people" some were missing arms, others half of their bodies, or even their legs, crawling on the ground.

Almost every one of them was incomplete.


Seth swallowed hard, struggling to contain his shock, and got up to take a closer look at the walking dead outside the window.

Upon closer inspection, he could see the face of a woman missing half her neck, peering over the railing closest to him.

It was a disgusting and numb face.

Rotting flesh, gray-white eyeballs, and sharp teeth coated in disgusting mucus were exposed in the collapsed and enormous mouth.

The only remaining physical features and her tall, voluptuous figure indicated that this woman was a Caucasian female.

Seth took a deep breath and looked back at the clock displaying 1993-10-3-7:35.

This time, he was finally certain.

"I've traveled through time... and to an apocalyptic world, no less!" At this moment, Seth felt an indescribable sense of despair and confusion.

For someone from the 21st century, zombies were not unfamiliar.

Numerous zombie movies and post-apocalyptic novels quickly made Seth aware of his situation.

After a long while, Seth finally came to his senses from the confusion and horror, and his resilient mentality allowed him to quickly accept the reality before him.

Since he had come to an apocalyptic world, he should find a way to continue living well.

At least, now he owned a big house and a decent life he had always dreamt of in his past life.

Looking at the luxurious bedroom with all its furnishings and the Rolex watch on the bedside table, Seth couldn't help but feel emotional.

Even in the worst of times, it couldn't be worse than his previous life, living in a cramped cage home, suffocated by mortgage and car loans, not even daring to find a girlfriend for a more comfortable life.

At least, now I am unburdened and can live recklessly.

The worst that could happen is getting devoured by zombies!

In the past, when facing dissatisfaction, I could only swallow my pride and bear it, having the strength but not daring to assert myself.

Now, the streets are full of zombies, all prey for my unrestricted killing!

If I can adapt to life in this apocalypse and find a way to survive...

Seth couldn't help but smirk at himself: "Maybe, as a thirty-year-old man, I can find my woman here... maybe even more than one!"

In the apocalypse, there are no rules, no morals; the strong are revered. Having strength and resources makes one the king of this new world!

And those women who could demand the sky in prosperous times, shamelessly scorning men, in this apocalypse, might just be a man's accessory or a resource!

A man can freely control a woman's fate!

Naturally, one can also easily obtain the once unattainable goddess.

Pulling his thoughts back from these fantasies, Seth began to consider his immediate priorities.

"Now, the most important thing is to check how much food and water is in this house and figure out where I am. Ideally, I should find some weapons for self-defense."

Seth rummaged through a closet and pulled out a wooden stick from a clothes hanger, muttering to himself. He tiptoed to open the bedroom door, carefully peering out to ensure

there was no danger before stepping out.

This was a standard American-style building, with only two floors.

Descending from the second floor led to the living room, and to the left of the living room was the kitchen.

Seth tightened his grip on the wooden stick and cautiously moved through the living room into the kitchen.

The kitchen looked somewhat messy, but the first thing Seth noticed was a huge refrigerator.

"Damn!" The moment he opened the fridge, Seth couldn't help but be pleasantly surprised.

The fridge was not only filled with lots of food, but also many drinks and bottles of alcohol.

It seemed that the original owner of this villa was a homebody, much like himself.

These food and drinks would be enough to sustain him for a while!



"Fuck! Damn! Go die!"

Just then, a loud noise suddenly came from outside the house, followed by a woman's scream and a man's cursing. Judging by the sounds, it seemed to be happening not far from his own house!

Hearing the voices of living people immediately excited Seth!