anxiety disorder

Author: Sesel_Berera
Contemporary Romance
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What is anxiety disorder


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In a peaceful corner of the kingdom's border, lives Sebastian, a dedicated botanist whose passion for plants is only matched by his lack of adventure skills. However, he has always found solace in crafting poisons to protect himself while collecting samples in the dangerous surroundings of the enchanted forest. His tranquil life takes an unexpected turn when a group of daring adventurers arrives with a strange request: they need a doctor to accompany them on a perilous expedition, as they lack a priest capable of healing their wounds. Despite his doubts and limitations, Sebastian accepts the proposition and ventures into the forest alongside the group of adventurers. After two days of arduous trekking, they discover a recently formed dungeon. Blinded by greed, they decide to explore it, and Sebastian is compelled to follow suit. Upon reaching the depths of the dungeon, they find a mysterious red orb radiating a hypnotic glow. Beside it, a malnourished and terrified little girl watches them, trembling in fear. Convinced that the girl is the dungeon's master, they mercilessly resolve to end her life. However, Sebastian staunchly opposes such cruelty. Disregarding his objections, the adventurers press on with their plan, unleashing a critical battle. In a desperate act, Sebastian employs his deadliest poison to confront his companions. After a bitter struggle, he emerges victorious and chooses to protect the girl as if she were his own daughter. Little does Sebastian know that his noble action will unleash a series of events that will lead to the emergence in the future of the "Empress of the Eternal Night." As the secrets of the girl and her connection to the dungeon unravel, Sebastian delves into a world of magic, power, and darkness, defying his own peaceful nature as he fights to protect those he loves and confronts the terrible challenges that lie ahead. Can Sebastian face his own intertwined destiny with the girl and the hidden power that resides deep within the dungeon? Discover the secrets of the "Empress of the Eternal Night" in this thrilling and captivating story of adventure, love, and sacrifice. Embark on this thrilling tale of romance and action, where Sebastian's world is forever changed. Though I am new to writing, I assure you that it will be an engaging journey. I have always admired strong female characters in stories, so there won't be any kind of betrayal or romantic relationships between women. This story will be a long one, so don't expect the protagonist to conquer worlds and move mountains in the first 100 chapters. I prefer a slower pace, but rest assured, there will be intense battles. This is a safe haven where the heroines are strong enough to fend for themselves, eliminating the need for kidnappings.

ShuraZero · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
34 Chs


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