Hale Academy: University of Sui Generis Book

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Hale Academy: University of Sui Generis


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Rated 18yrs & Above * Seven Individuals from across the world, receive a mysterious envelope, containing a letter that invites them to attend a prestigious academy and train as warriors to defend against great evil... Well, It's almost a typical 'Save the World' story. * #IntelligentMaleLead #BisexualCharacters #NonBinaryCharacters #ExplicitContent #MatureContent #Adventure #SchoolLife #SliceofLife #PansexualCharacters #StraightRelationships #gayLesbianRelationships #Romance #Comedy #Thriller #R-18AndAbove * Rinzen had spent almost all of his teen years feeling vaguely uncomfortable in his own skin. He mostly knew he was awesome, okay; it was just that he was also acutely aware of his flaws. Or at least the things other kids counted as flaws. His intensity for one thing, that often made other kids he was getting friendly with 'back off'. His True-blue loyalty had always been an understatement for other teenagers who just weren't prepared to handle that kind of fidelity. The babbling thing annoyed most people — actually all people — on the days when he couldn't focus, and on the other days when his attention was sharp as a razor but limited in scope they resented his stillness and silence. Balance was hard for him, and he had struggled for years to find that line. Now he was supposed to be some kind of hero? What, in the name of Hell?! * (for more information)