Another Twilight fanfic

WARNING: -Expect drama while reading this, please be patient with me. It'll make sense even if it seems it doesn't. - a lot of swearing/cursing - MATURE CONTENT(kids you were warned) - Gore -GXG/WLW/BXB/LGBT+(just the gays, so homophobes, respectfully... begone please) -Forms of abuse from mental, physical, SA, etc. (It may be mentioned as someone's past or present) - THIS IS AN AU, AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. Certain events might change or would not happen or have happened. Some pairings will have changes. Some facts about the story or the characters might change (Honestly, it's because I'm too lazy to research and watch it all over again) -English isn't my first language, so you will see misspellings and grammatical errors, I might or might not go back to edit them later on. -the frequency of chapter uploads depends on the mood really, so you might get more than one chapter a week or just one. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT, STORY AND THE CHARACTERS OF IT BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OR OWNER OF IT, THE ONLY THING I OWN ARE MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS THAT WILL BE INCLUDED IN THIS STORY, THEY BELONG TO THEIR ORIGINAL CREATORS (did I do that right?) AN: This is a wish-fulfillment thing. I ran out of stories to read about Twilight, so I made one of my own. I'm not earning anything from this, I still have this boring job and responsibilities in real life, so please don't... please don't pressure me and be mean. For those who are wondering why I even published it here, it's because I wanted to motivate myself to continue the story. Thinking that there may be people wanting me to continue this as well. Basically, means I just don't want to end up forgetting about this. ~~~ This is a story of a woman who was forcefully reincarnated to another world. She was just working, kept thinking of just disappearing, and not existing. The usual shit that sadly a lot of people also think like this. Waking up every day, feeling shit because, well... I woke up. Seeing all this, a ROB plucked my soul out of my body, and just killed my healthy(not healthy, bitch be living like no tomorrow with the junk food and smoking) body and forced me to reincarnate, refusing my original wish to just disappear into oblivion! Told me I should be grateful to be alive and some shit that sounded like a 'live, laugh, love' type of culty thing. Woke up in a hellish situation, don't know which universe he shoved me in, just a clue that it was from one of the things I liked, but that didn't help to narrow it down aa, I liked a lot of stuff... Some weird too... Continued to suffer my hell for a while, cursing and begging the ass face for the sweet release of death and hopefully meet the guy again so I can punch him in the nuts, and suddenly the door opened and when I saw who it was, I now knew where I was. 'F***ing twilight?!'

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Not a chapter poll and answering comments


Received comments about my uploads not being consistent, well they're deleted already... I wouldn't have minded them if they weren't so mean about it, I usually take these comments as compliments, I even like the ones that had thebyandere vibes hehehe telling me not to dare drop this, but they seemed understanding about my uploads (I won't), but there are ones that were really mean. Why?

I already warned everyone that my updates will be depending on my availability, mood and whatnots. I'm not earning real life money here you know, this is free. I need to work IRL to support myself... It's pathetic to say, but I'm poor, there were even accidents that happened irl like blackouts and internet maintenance... I worked around it by going to convenience stores to charge and pay using my miniscule salary to load Data on my phone to write and upload the chapter. I'm not even asking anyone for money, if you donate through my paypal, thanks, I'll try to upload sooner then, but as thankful as I'd be, you're not obligated to do so.

I get it if you hate the wait, but if I had another way to earn money without cutting more time writing, I would you know. I'm sorry to disappoint you guys. If you drop the story because of it, I get it. No hard feelings.



ROBIN is going to be running around before she meets up again with the rest of Cullens again. So I'm asking this:

- which historical event or people do you want her to join or meet? Provide timelines for their deaths and current location or situation back then if you can.

It can be anyone, you can suggests what she can do with them, but for plot reasons, I'll think it over.



I'm swamped with work at the moment, so I cant upload yet, I'm trying to adjust to my boss's new business module/schedule. So it might take a while, I'll try at the very least upload at least 1 long chap a week.

I am not, and will not drop this FF, don't worry about that.

Thanks for all those who continue to support me.