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WARNING: -Expect drama while reading this, please be patient with me. It'll make sense even if it seems it doesn't. - a lot of swearing/cursing - MATURE CONTENT(kids you were warned) - Gore -GXG/WLW/BXB/LGBT+(just the gays, so homophobes, respectfully... begone please) -Forms of abuse from mental, physical, SA, etc. (It may be mentioned as someone's past or present) - THIS IS AN AU, AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE. Certain events might change or would not happen or have happened. Some pairings will have changes. Some facts about the story or the characters might change (Honestly, it's because I'm too lazy to research and watch it all over again) -English isn't my first language, so you will see misspellings and grammatical errors, I might or might not go back to edit them later on. -the frequency of chapter uploads depends on the mood really, so you might get more than one chapter a week or just one. Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN TWILIGHT, EVERYTHING ABOUT IT, STORY AND THE CHARACTERS OF IT BELONGS TO THE ORIGINAL CREATOR OR OWNER OF IT, THE ONLY THING I OWN ARE MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS. I DO NOT OWN THE SONGS THAT WILL BE INCLUDED IN THIS STORY, THEY BELONG TO THEIR ORIGINAL CREATORS (did I do that right?) AN: This is a wish-fulfillment thing. I ran out of stories to read about Twilight, so I made one of my own. I'm not earning anything from this, I still have this boring job and responsibilities in real life, so please don't... please don't pressure me and be mean. For those who are wondering why I even published it here, it's because I wanted to motivate myself to continue the story. Thinking that there may be people wanting me to continue this as well. Basically, means I just don't want to end up forgetting about this. ~~~ This is a story of a woman who was forcefully reincarnated to another world. She was just working, kept thinking of just disappearing, and not existing. The usual shit that sadly a lot of people also think like this. Waking up every day, feeling shit because, well... I woke up. Seeing all this, a ROB plucked my soul out of my body, and just killed my healthy(not healthy, bitch be living like no tomorrow with the junk food and smoking) body and forced me to reincarnate, refusing my original wish to just disappear into oblivion! Told me I should be grateful to be alive and some shit that sounded like a 'live, laugh, love' type of culty thing. Woke up in a hellish situation, don't know which universe he shoved me in, just a clue that it was from one of the things I liked, but that didn't help to narrow it down aa, I liked a lot of stuff... Some weird too... Continued to suffer my hell for a while, cursing and begging the ass face for the sweet release of death and hopefully meet the guy again so I can punch him in the nuts, and suddenly the door opened and when I saw who it was, I now knew where I was. 'F***ing twilight?!'

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Chapter 58

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Torture... Gore... Violence... Mentions of SA, racism

Honestly, just skip this. This is just me getting revenge for me and venting. Might be in bad taste, but like I said, this story is me processing my baggage while having fun by giving my character the happy ending I couldn't get.



We were now walking towards the old lady's house, seeing the now visible, normal-looking structure, one that people would describe as homey or having an old or vintage theme. But you know, these types of houses have the potential to look like one of those very creepy, haunted-looking abandoned houses... And thinking about what I'm about to do, there's a possibility that this house might very well end up as one... I am going to try and hold back. Keyword °Try°.

I must say, I could've used Isaac's gift on our way here, I couldn't just run past this many people, even at night... It's not too late in the evening, I can't exactly do what I'm about to do in the morning when everybody's awake... And out. Nasu is fast in his human form, but just still by human standards, and he can't exactly run around in wolf form. So on our way here, I had to compel everyone we came across to ignore us and forget that they've ever seen us. Pretty easy but still annoying.

We could've just disguised ourselves, breaking into some random person's home and grabbing some stuff to cover our most distinctive features, but that's more annoying for me. Sooo... Nah.

We reached the front door of our target. I didn't knock immediately, but looked behind me towards Nasu who was visibly tensed. Which is understandable, remember what he went through here, ok?

"Nasu, you're fine. You're not the same person as you were before. And I'm here, I won't let anything bad happen to you, or let you do anything bad, you won't get out of control as long as I'm with you... Listen to my voice bebe and calm down, boy" I said while giving him a reassuring smile, which of course worked, it seemed my skill was really compatible with his state at that moment.

I'm not sure, but he seems a bit different from the canon twilight shifters, I know he's not a werewolf. So no teen wolf logic, but his eyes do turn red when shifted. Which is not the same as canon. Gotta remind myself to check on that later.

I then knocked on the door and waited, there was a possibility of the woman not being home after what happened the last time Nasu was here, he did say he yeeted her somewhere in the room and given her advanced age, it was a possibility that she was injured and got taken to the hospital... Or worse, died... But given that the house wasn't barricaded as a crime scene, and sensing a 1 presence inside, we knew she was home. I guess old people from this period were pretty resilient, I remember some old people from my past life being strong even for their age, and living a long loooooong life.

I heard footsteps getting closer, taking into account her age, by the gait and breathing, it did not seem like she was injured. Which is good, because we don't want her to be too fragile for what I plan to do to her. I feel my lips curve into a smirk.

The door opens and I finally see the woman who single-handedly destroyed a lot of lives, probably thinking that she'll never be caught and will not receive any repercussions for being a monster. Nope, You wrinkly expired prune.

"Oh my! You're so beautiful... And young... What can I help with deary? It's quite late for a young fine lady like you to be out" Normally people would see and hear this as an old sweet lady being sweet and caring. But nope, I saw it, envy and spite flashing in her eyes.

I wanted to vomit, she ruined that endearment for me now... It'll take a while and a lot to erase her memory of that word.

I see her change her gaze and catch sight of Nasu, I see her eyes grow wide, and her expression clearly changed into a mix of anger and fear, she grabbed the door to close it and was about to shout to us, but I was obviously faster, I held a hand against the door, halting it...

"Shut up, you will stay conscious and sane, but you are not allowed to speak a word, or even open your mouth until I tell you so," I told her while smiling sweetly.

For those thinking that my words would also affect Nasu... You're right. While I can try to compel him to not be affected by my orders, which I actually did on the way here, I ordered him to ignore my orders, up until coming here, but I dispelled it... Because I need to be able to calm him down because it's already expected that he's going to be affected a lot by what I'm gonna do and what he's gonna hear. While I do think that he needs to face his demons, I still did ask him not to come with me, but he refused, he said that he knows it's stupid but he refuses to leave me alone with someone like her, also said that he has to be part of this, that I should not take all the burden... Sweet, I wonder if he'd still think that way after witnessing what I'm gonna do.

"Walk to the living room, PERVERT" I ordered, still with a sweet smile. She walked normally towards the living room but panic and defiance could be seen in her eyes.

She stopped in the middle of the living room, on the way here, I saw the framed pictures that Nasu told me about, yep. Creepy vibe even on pics.

I look over to Nasu who was also standing in the living room, because of the order... Tsk I went over to him and got close to his ear. I guess I have to do this. I'll just dispel it when he needs to be calmed down.

"You will not be affected by my orders until I say the word °Dispel°" I said in a low, almost whisper-like volume to not affect the old pervert.

I moved away and saw his pupils dilate for a few seconds and then it went back to normal.

Done... I hope it holds up, or nothing goes wrong, I only ever tested this with humans before I met him, and on the way here. I guess we can view this as part of our little experiments/practice. Risky to do it in this situation, yes... But I had to do something right?

"Now, I need you to go and get me a couple of things before we start... Hmmm... Let's see, a bucket, or better yet, 2 buckets of water, a sharp knife or razor, it should be sharp ok? I'll search for the rest... Bring the things I asked in the living room"

I then proceeded to search for the other items I wanted to use, occasionally ordering the Antique waste of space to tell me their location, all of this with a smile on my face.



I was just left standing here, frozen, unable to speak or even move a single finger.

When I first saw HER, I thought that it was my time, and an angel descended on earth to take me to heaven, she was so beautiful, her whole being was surreal if I didn't feel the stinging pain from my shoulder that got injured when that monster threw me against the wall.

The woman kept asking where I put some of my belongings, and I... moved and spoke as she commanded... What does this bitch want from me, she's clearly a monster too, just like him! Did he go to her to take revenge on me? I didn't even do anything to him yet!

Soon, I heard footsteps getting closer to me, along with the sound of something being dragged on the floor and settling behind me.

"Sit, you degenerate moldy prune" I hear her command me, and same as before, my body moves on its own to follow her words.

I wanted to protest, yell, and struggle to move and escape... Retaliate... Anything, but I couldn't, I could still feel and hear, but It was like I was trapped in my own body.

I sense another presence coming in the living room, no doubt it was that monster boy, I shouldn't have taken him in, he was older than my usual targets, but I got too complacent and greedy to try my hand at an older and more durable child.

[AN: fr fucking creeped out with the last statement, but this is a real thing that ai have heard with my own ears. 😑]

I hear rustling behind me... footsteps... And then I see both of them, the boy walking to the end of the room, leaning on the wall, looking in our direction with a disgusted look, the nerve of this orphan child, how dare he look at me like that when I was kind enough to take him in even when he has that dirty colored skin, just because he was a bit more attractive than most children, he gets cocky.

<slap >

My head turned violently to the right, and I felt a stinging pain on my face. And I saw her holding up a belt... my belt and hit me with it.

"tsk tsk tsk... I don't like that look in your eyes. Fix it" The bitch said, looking at me for a second, and then continued to rummage through some things.

Looking now at her, and actually seeing what she's up to, I saw a very familiar box... My blood ran cold, goosebumps all over my body, my eyes grew wide... That's my box, that's THE box... That's where I kept my most precious and personal memorabilia, that's where I keep the proof of my love. How dare she touch them!!!

I saw her looking through the pictures, and stopped at one of them, then walked to me with the pictures, and held them in front of my view, one in particular was the picture of a beautiful young boy, marked all over with the whipping that happened, crying, bruised. I remember this, he had made a mistake by refusing my love, so I taught him a lesson, and made him understand the beauty of it, and that he had to be thankful...

<slap >

<slap >

<slap >....

I was hit with consecutive strikes of the belt, and I lost count after three because I was too disoriented and in pain, I was about to pass out, and was actually looking forward to it, but before I did.

"Don't you fucking dare pass out you degenerate dinosaur. You don't get to pass out, you need to feel all of this before you go." her voice undoubtedly was the most beautiful sound that I have ever heard, and weirdly enough, even with all the things she was doing to me, I can't even think of saying that I hate it, that I hate her...

I felt heat coming from the direction of the fireplace, it had been lit, probably by the boy. The woman went there and threw the picture she showed me.

She then proceeded to look at the next with a blank expression. And then proceeded to show me what it was, it was another boy I had kneeling on the floor with rock salt, he too had been naughty and refused my love, so I had him kneel on salt as punishment...

My reminiscing was cut off when light reflected into my eyes, and when I looked, I saw her holding a knife, I recognized this as one of my kitchen knives, my favorite to use...

"Open your mouth, put your tongue out," She said in a flat tone, her gaze unfeeling and cold while she held the knife in front of my face... I was in pain and scared, I had an idea of what she was gonna do, and I didn't want to follow her orders anymore, I prayed to God for strength, to be able to defy and free myself from her hold... But it would seem that he has abandoned me. My jaw dropped, and my tongue moved to present itself to her...

<slice >

<slice >

<slice >

3 slices on my tongue, my tears were blinding me at this point, the pain was too much, this is the most painful experience that I have ever experienced, and I can't imagine feeling worse than this... But I guess I spoke too soon...

I saw her hold her hand out to the boy and I saw him put something in her hand before I was able to look and see what it was, she grabbed me by the neck, making my head turn up, and then I saw and felt her pour the contents of her other hand... And closed my mouth... It was salt... I wanted to spit it out and scream, but the pain was too much, I could feel my heart pounding, and by this point, I was praying to get a heart attack and die...

"Calm down, calm your heart down. You can't die yet... Not yet... Swirl and melt the salt in your tongue..." She looked at me intently, watching my expression contort from the pain, but my heart was forcibly calmed down... The feeling was so surreal, it was unimaginable pain, but my heart was beating normally... How is this possible...

Is she a witch? The devil? They did say that the devil can disguise themselves as beautiful beings, to deceive and lure people to evil's side. But I don't think so... No matter what she had done to me... I still couldn't say I hate her... What is wrong with me... I still view her as an Angel, despite the atrocities, the torture... Is she a succubus? Is she using her charm on me?

I had many questions and was in a lot of pain, and continued to be in pain... And more pain. Being tortured in different ways, depending on the pictures in my collection, she would match the torture to the punishment I inflicted on them...

My nails were pulled off...

She made me swallow needles after she commanded me to chew on them...

She held my face down on a pail full of water, pulling me out when I was about to pass out...

Stapled my nipples before cutting one off...

And many more ways...

She would burn one picture and item from the child, for each torture... Sometimes one at a time, sometimes several... I wasn't very creative with my punishment enough.

I screamed internally... Tears, snot, urine, and blood stained me all over and probably the floor directly under me... I just wanted to die... I want this all to end, what did I do wrong? I helped those kids, I gave them a home, and I loved them... I did nothing wrong, I don't understand...

I look up to see her face, I try my best to do so, because as crazy as it sounds, her face and voice are the only things that's giving me comfort... But when I did, I saw her crying, tears flowed from her beautiful expressive pink eyes, so pure, and full of hurt...like she's looking at someone who wronged her, and she's now taking revenge...

My heart broke for her... Why? She's torturing me! Why am I feeling guilty? I don't even know her! I've never seen her before tonight! Stop looking at me like that!

I saw the boy hug her, and bury her face to his neck, whispering things to her, trying to calm her down. I couldn't catch everything... But I heard her apologize to him for getting out of hand and making it personal...

Did somebody do those things to her? Did someone hurt her like I did with the kids? ANGER ROSE FROM THE DEPTHS OF MY SOUL... How dare they hurt such an angel! Wait, there's seriously something wrong with me... I know remember all the things I've done to the kids... And it dawned on me... A massive pressure of the guilt... My heart started to pound like crazy again... But she... Again... Forcefully calmed my heart down...

I'm the monster... I don't deserve to live... I deserve all this, and more...

I wanted to ask more... Punish me more, I want to repent and die by her hands... I want to stop her tears... I don't want to be the same kind as those who hurt her... It would be best if she's the one who kills me...

She was still clinging to the boy, who was just a bit smaller than her in height... But eventually broke free, and looked at me... Her eyes still looked like she was in pain like she was reliving something... But then it turned cold. I don't mind... Punish me more... Make yourself feel better sweetheart... I wish to die by your hands...

"you will stay in this house, do not go out... You cannot commit suicide directly... You will write a letter where you confess that you are a lustful and sinful old woman, a pervert who lusted for those who you should not, that you killed Nasu, and threw his body to the forest to be eaten by wildlife...You will be in a lustful, horny state, always, forever, up until your death... You will fuck yourself with anything you can get your hands on, regardless if you bleed, or get hurt, you will continue to fuck and violate yourself until you die" She commanded. And then started to walk away from me, I felt my body get hot, and as she commanded, I indeed felt as she told me to...

But no... Don't go... Watch me, kill me with your own hands... Don't go...

But my silent pleas were ignored, she never looked back, but the boy did... He gave me one final look. There was no anger, only disgust and then concern when he looked at his friend's back, following her out of my home...

That's the last I saw of my angel... The one that saved my soul, and made me realize I was wrong...


8 days after that night


Police cars were surrounding the house of an old woman... The place was barricaded, a stretcher was being carried out, a dead body... To be precise, it was the body of the old lady who lived alone there.

A concerned neighbor discovered her body when she entered her house, the front door was left unlocked, and she was horrified at what she saw, the whole place was thrashed, and there was blood everywhere... Strange smells... She didn't go further, ran out of the house, and then called the police.

When the police came, they had the same initial reaction but pushed through with the investigation, and looked for the resident of the house and clues... The more they looked around, the more uncomfortable it was for them...

And then they reached the master's bedroom, and when they did, all of them felt their stomach churn in disgust...

After that, they tried to do their job but moved almost mechanically... They just want to get this over with...

No matter who it was, the neighbors, police, reporters, everyone... They knew this was something that would haunt them forever.


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