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Anime/Cultivation System


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Kareem Valentine died on earth committing the heroic deed of saving a puppy. After his death, he meant The One True God who grated him several wishes. Being transmigrated into the world of cultivation where men can shatter mountains and split oceans. Watch as our protagonist transform from on Ant into a Dragon going from weak to strong sometimes traveling anime worlds all with the help of his Anime/Cultivation system. "Tang Ho! You might be a combat master but in front of me your skills are so so" "Demon King Xuebec! In front of my army, yours is truly lacking" "Heaven's! Throw lightning at me one more time and see if I don't deflect it back" I HAVE LONG SURPASSED THE HEAVEN'S! First time Arthur I'm writing this for fun if you like it thank you for the support. If you don't then I hope you find a better novel. You can always move on to find something batter no need for hating. [The system doesn't become on anime/cultivation system until chapter 26. Why because I didn't think of this when I just started writing it and now I did so I did some editing to the story and fixed up grammar errors and fusing the systems make it easier for me to write.] [ I do not own the cover it's Inuyasha's father. The main character looks exactly like the cover. The cultivation stages are from Library of Heaven's path which belongs to the author of library of heavens path.]


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