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Ancient Father of Cultivation


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Read my new novel-- Ascendance of the Almighty Emperor “You lowly beings trying to be an equal to me? GOD! Just die!” A handsome man said, he was wearing gold and white robes and there were two men in front of him “This is not the end…This is just the beginning!” the person who had a heavy wound on his chest said, and the another man was just unconscious on the ground. “Hmph, your going to die…” God was stopped when he saw what the person was trying to do. “STOP!!!” God shouted, but the person already destroyed his own life core. - - “NOW COME BACK THE ANCIENT FATHER OF CULTIVATION” An Old Man shouted at the sky while standing in the middle an array draw by blood. Follow as The Ancient Father of Cultivation raise to the top of the world and meet his family! With his new family. --------------- More chaps when this becomes popular Release rate: 2/Chapters/day 3 Chapters/day top 69 (... a dream)


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