An Osmosian in Marvel (MCU Fanfiction)

A man from our world dies and ends up in the MCU with the powers of the Retconned Osmosian from the Ben 10 series Follow his journey as he navigates his new world filled with aliens, monsters, and gods. Note: This story is an AU, since it will not be strictly MCU but will also include the X-men films, the early F4 films, and all of the Spidreman films from Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield MC/Laura Kinney/Emma Frost

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Chapter 7: Testing Powers

Moving through the halls of the mansion I trailed behind Jean.

Since this morning right after I finished breakfast she came to get me.

The two of us continued walking for about five more minutes before we reached a set of double doors.

Right after we did so Jean opened them, revealing a sleek grey-colored room on the other side of them.

As she stepped in I followed, and once we were both securely inside she closed the doors and then pressed a button situated on a pad on the left front wall.

Revealing to me we were inside an elevator.

While it descended one of those cheesy elevator jingles played.

Yet both Jean and I simply ignored it.

As the elevator came to a stop the doors opened, but behind us.

Turning around I found myself looking down a hallway, which was grey-colored and sleek exactly like the elevator.

Telling me Jean has brought me to the X-men secret base.

As the two of us stepped out of the elevator I asked her some questions. "So Ms. Grey, not to be rude but what is this place and what are we doing here?"

Jean got ready to speak, but before she could I heard a hissing sound.

Turning my head in its direction I saw a man come out of what seemed like the wall itself, when it was likely just the entrance to a room.

Hugh Jackman, aka my boy Wolverine.

When he turned in mine and Jeans direction it took all the self-control I had not to fanboy.

I mean Wolverine is standing before me in the flesh.

Thee Wolverine.

"Jean." Logan said. He then look at me. "Whose the kid?"

"This is a new student the professor and Storm brought back a couple of days ago. His name is Roman Maxwell." Jean explained. She then looked at me. "Roman this is another teacher at the school. Logan."

"Hello Mr. Logan." I said.

I then walked up to him and extended my left hand.

Logan stared at my hand for a second before he grasped it and briefly shook it. "Nice to meet you kid." He said.

I simply nodded my head at his words.

Doing my best not to start squealing like a teenage girl, while also making sure I absorbed Logan's DNA and his powers.

Since even without adamantium thrown into the mix they are terrifying.

The two of us broke our handshake after a few seconds.

He then walked past me and Jean and got in the elevator.

As the doors to it closed Jean walks over to me. "So, as I was about to say before Logan interrupted us this place is the part of the mansion we use to help the students train their powers, amongst other things. And as to why we are here today it is because I am going to give you a small tour of these facilties. Then you are also going to get a health checkup and we will also do an assessment of your powers. Any questions?"

"Nope." I replied.

Once I did so the tour began.

Jean showed me the Danger Room, the hangar where the famous Blackbird and several other vehicles were kept, and also several other rooms.

Though I didn't get to see Cerebro.

But considering how important and powerful it is and that I just arrived here I can understand why I was kept away from it.

Though I do hope to see it once before I leave the school.

As the tour came to an end Jean escorted me into one the rooms of the mansions subterranean level and I found myself in a lab with various pieces of equipment around. Along with Hank wearing a lab coat.

Telling me this is likely his personal lab.

Seeing us he smiled. "Ah Jean, good to see you. And you again as well Mr. Roman."

"The same to you Mr. McCoy." I said.

The pleasantries out of the way we got down to business.

Dr. McCoy gave me a full physical.

Though thankfully he didn't draw any blood.

I didn't want to think what would happen if he got a hold of my blood.

Actually now that I think about it that same rules applies to many others in this world.

'It looks like I need to take pre-cautions against that as well.'

I resisted the urge to sigh.

The more time I spend in this world the more the list of things I need to take care of grows.

Ah well.

It could be worse.

I could've ended up reincarnated into Warhammer 40K or worse, Boku No Pico.

Moving on.

The physical was completed without any issues.

Once it was we moved on to my power assessment.

Time for today's main event to begin.


Wearing gym shoes and a tracksuit of all things I stood in the middle of a bunch of items made from different materials.

A log of wood, a large rock, a big rubber exercise ball, a metal desk, etc.

All of this had been set up after I described my powers to Jean and Hank as the latter filled out a sheet on a clipboard.

Well most of them.

I kept the fact I could absrob powers from others a secret.

That is going to be my trump card for now.

"Roman, are you ready?" Hank asked me.

"Yes. Mr. McCoy." I replied.

"All right then, begin. And remember, if this gets to be too much you can stop at any time."

"Understood." I said.

I then moved over to the metal desk and worked to lift it.

Which I was able to do, and quite easily I might added.

It seems that even without using my powers I am stronger than a baseline human.

Good to know.

I moved the table around in the air for a few minutes before placing it back on the ground. Not even winded in the slightest.

After I put the table down I focused and absorbed from it. My entire body soon having transformed into the same metal as the table.

Removing my hand from the table I began concentrating.

The image of a machete in my mind I worked to will my hands to transform into said blade.

The minutes ticked by as I waited for the change in my hands to happen.

Then upon reaching the ten minute mark the change occurred and both my hands were now machete.

"Yes!" I happily cried. Swinging around my machete hands as I did so.

'It worked! It actually worked!'

I mean I knew it would, but seeing and believing are two very different things.

After the excitement of turning my hands into machete blades sore off I used my left one to create a small cut in the table.

I then worked to will my hands to transform back to normal.

Which they did, but only after five minutes of concentration.

I guess because I'm not skilled in that aspect of my powers it's taking a while to activate.

But with training I know I can cut that time down.

No rather, I need to.

Touching the small cut I just made on the table with my right hand I worked to fix the cut.

I made a liquid version of the metal and used if to plug up the hole.

When it was finished I removed my hand from the desk and then transformed completely back to normal.

I repeated this same process with the various other objects in my immediate vicinity.

As I finished repairing the last object using my powers I noticed I wasn't tired in the slightest.


Putting a small smile on my face I walked over to Hank and Jean.

"My word Roman, your powers are incredible." Hank spoke.

"Thank you Mr. McCoy." I replied. "So, are we done?" I asked.

"We are." Hank said.

"Right." I replied. "So um now that we are I need to tell you both something. You see, when I first met the professor something stranged happen and ever since I...I've been hearing voices in my head."

"Roman, are you saying your also a telepath?" Jean asked me.

"No. I think I absorbed the professors powers." I said. Putting a fake nervous expression on my face as I did so. "Please don't be mad. I didn't do in in purpose. I don't even know how it happened." I said.

Lying through my teeth as I did so.

Which I am doing because I want training in how to use my telepathy.

Since I know the moment I started using it Charles and Jean would sense me.

So I figured I should just reveal I have it rather than try to hide it.

"Roman, it's ok. No one is mad at you. It was an accident. They happen." Jean said. "But I need to ask, have you accidently absorbed the powers of anyone else?"

"No." I replied.

Which is not technically a lie.

I absorbed powers from others with the full intention I knew what I was doing.

" I see." Jean replied. "Well if it does happen please inform me or one of the other teachers immediately."

"Yes man." I replied. "So, are you going to help me with my telepathy?"

"Of course. That is what we are here for." Jean said.

"Thank you." I said. Putting a smile on my face.

While grinning internally.

Because everything just went exactly as I planned.

As Hannibal from A-Team would say: I love it when a plan comes together.

I now understand those words perfectly.

After my confession on possessing telepathic powers the power assessment ended.

Marking another end to a wonderful day in my new life.

I hope these days never end.