An Osmosian in Marvel (MCU Fanfiction)

A man from our world dies and ends up in the MCU with the powers of the Retconned Osmosian from the Ben 10 series Follow his journey as he navigates his new world filled with aliens, monsters, and gods. Note: This story is an AU, since it will not be strictly MCU but will also include the X-men films, the early F4 films, and all of the Spidreman films from Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield MC/Laura Kinney/Emma Frost

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Chapter 4: Joining The X-men

Before I knew it two days came and went.

Standing outside the entrance to my subway home I waited for Charles and Ororo to appear.

More at ease now than I was two days ago.

Since after absorbing Charles' powers I now have a way to defend myself against his telepathy.

I mean sure, right now my defenses are nothing someone like Charles who has had years of experience using his powers but still, at least this will give me a fighting chance if he does try to invade my mind.

I hope.

Moving on.

A few minutes after I arrived at the meeting spot Charles and Ororo followed suit.

I'm convinced they were simply waiting for me to make my appearance before showing themselves but that's neither here nor there right now.

What's important is the conversation we're about to have.

"Mr. Xavier, Ms. Munroe, good to see you again." I said.

"You as we'll Roman." Ororo said.

"Yes." Charles added. "So, have you come to a decision about the offer we made you?"

"I have." I replied. "I've decided to take you up on it. I would like to attend your school Mr. Xavier."

Since at the moment its my best and safest option.

Refusing the professor would mean I would on my own without utterly any support.

A prime target for the likes of the Brotherhood, or some of the X-men other foes like Trask or Striker.

Don't even get me started on Sinister.

I don't know if he exist in this AU MCU but if he does it's yet another reason I am joining the X-men right now.

I need a place to safely train my powers and grow, not to mention work on plans for what I'm going to do about future events in this world. Since if I can help it 'The Blip' won't ever happen.

Since there is no way I'm going to leave my entire existence up to the luck of the draw in a situation created by a purple ballchinian with a God complex.

Not happening.

That's not even mentioning all the powers I can absorb from the X-men.

So yeah, joining Xavier and his team is what's best for me right now.

But it's only temporary until I am able to strike out on my own.

Hearing my words both Ororo and Charles put smiles on their faces.

"Excellent. That's wonderful to hear Roman." Charles spoke.

"Yes, it truly is." Storm added.

I gave a curt nod in response to their words.

Once I did so the three of us started moving.

Then in only a few short hours I was sitting in the back seat of a dark four-dour Sedan heading down a road.

On my way to become a member of the X-men.


The sedan slowed to almost a crawl as we arrived outside a gate. 

When we did so I looked outisde the window and read a sign that said [Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters].

As the gate in front of us opened the car entered the school grounds.

Once it was fully through the gate closes behind us.

Arriving at the front entrance of the mansion the sedan stopped.

When it did so I exited it.

A few moments after I did so I was soon joined my Xavier.

"Welcome young Roman, to the school and I hope eventually your home." Charles said.

"Thank your Mr. Xavier." I said.

"Please, just call me professor. Almost everyone else does." Charles explained.

"Ok then, professor." I spoke.

The moment after I did so the front doors of the mansion swung open and out stepped a man-like creature covered head to toe in dark-blue fur. The man behind many of the X-men equipment and vehicles and a brilliant mind in his own right despite his appearance, Dr. Henry McCoy, aka Beast.

"Charles I see you've returned." Beast spoke. His eyes turning to me after he did so. "And it looks like your mission was a success. Welcome young man. My name is Henry McCoy."

"My name is Roman Maxwell, it's nice to meet you sir." I said.

Beast and I then shook hands briefly before the three of us entered the mansion itself.

The moment after we did so I saw numerous kids, ages ranging from 11 to 18, moving all around us.

Some of the kids looked completely normal, while others had physical mutations.

It was a mixed bag, but what stands out the most is the relaxed atmosphere all of them are generating.

So I guess that means Xavier is doing at least one thing right.

"Professor, welcome back. I see you've brought yet another new student." A female voice spoke.

Turning in its direction I saw none other than Jean Grey.

Seeing the red-headed telepath/telekinetic/Phoinex-Force host up close and personal I can see now why many men related to the X-men become simps for her.

She's gorgeous.

"Ah Jean allow me to introduce you to Roman Maxwell." Charles spoke. "Roman, this is one of the teachers here. Miss Jean Grey."

"Hello miss Grey." I said. Akwardly sticking my hand out in Jean's direction. This time around my awkwardness not being an act.

Since Jean is a beautiful woman and I am a teenage boy going through puberty once again.

Which sucks by the way.

Taking my hand Jean lightly shook it. "A pleasure to meet you Roman. I hope you come to like it here."

"We'll see." I replied.

Not forgetting to absorb Jean's power of telekinesis despite my bodies raging hormones.

Soon our handshake ended.

Once it did so Jean and Xavier went off together, while Hank started giving me a brief tour of the school and the grounds.

Which came to an end at my room.

"Thanks for the tour Mr. McCoy." I said. Entering my room after I did so.

After I did I took note of an empty bed on the far left-side of the room pushed up against the wall. A desk and chair, with a dresser sitting right in front of it.

I also took note of the person sitting at the desk on the right-side of the room.

Turning to face me he got up and walked over to me and offered me his left hand. "Robert Drake, nice to meet you." He said.

"Roman Maxwell, nice to meet you as well." I replied.

Shaking Ice-Man hand and absorbing his DNA and powers in the process as I did so.

Telling me temporarily joining the X-men was the right move after all.