57 Rewards

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(Point of View)

| Setting |


| Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas|

| Date: Friday February 17, 2006 10:40 pm |


(3rd Person)

The arena floor buzzed with excitement as celebrities, players, coaches, and staff members celebrated one of the most memorable rookie games in recent memory.

Javi found himself at the center of it all, surrounded by teammates and players he admired but hadn't met before. Meeting various players, from legends like Moses Malone to modern icons like Magic Johnson, felt surreal to him. He knew that from this day on, things were going to change significantly.

After the initial frenzy settled down, it was time for the awards ceremony. The commissioner, David Stern, stood with a mic next to the rookie team.

A few moments after everyone calmed down, it was time for the award ceremony. Commissioner Stern stood with a mic next to the rookie team, holding a trophy in his right hand. The glass trophy sparkled with what seemed to be stars embedded inside of it, and its shape resembled a star at the top as well.

"What an incredible game!" he began as the crowd erupted into cheers, applause, and various other reactions.

The crowd's excitement soared as they cheered for the rookie team.

"As the winners, I present the trophy to the Rookie team," announced Stern before handing the trophy to Javi, who proudly hoisted it alongside his teammates as the crowd erupted in cheers.

"And now, for the MVP of the challenge! It's no surprise that this honor goes to Javier Morales!" declared Commissioner Stern as he handed a trophy to Javi. The trophy appeared to be similar to the previous one, just of a smaller size, with Javi's name engraved onto the front of the wooden base.

The crowd roared with approval as Javi accepted the MVP trophy, who smiled brightly. It was his first trophy in his career, and he knew deep down that it was just the beginning.

Cameras flashed as pictures were taken of the triumphant team, each member beaming with pride. After nearly another hour of celebration, the event wound down, and people began to head home.

The teams boarded the bus to their hotel, filled with chatter and laughter. The entire experience had been unforgettable, unlike any other game they had played. The intensity and competitiveness of the match made the victory even sweeter.

Some of the team members wanted to go out and party, but Javi declined, as it wasn't really his scene. Despite their attempts to persuade him, Javi stood firm, and eventually, they relented.

As they headed to the club, Javi made his way to his hotel room, reflecting on the incredible day.


(1st Person - Javi)

After I got to my hotel room, I set down my trophy that I smiled at once more. After settling down, I made sure to call and text my family and friends. I knew the importance of maintaining these relationships from my teammates who all gave me tips on how to maintain a good work-life balance.

'I wish Coach Will and Caleb could see me play,' I thought with a sigh.

Unfortunately, Coach Will and Caleb hadn't been able to attend any of my games thus far. Even when I played in North Carolina against the Bobcats, they had their own game scheduled at the same time. However, I was grateful for the chance to catch up with them after the game before I left with the team. I hoped they might be able to attend some of my playoff games, but I wasn't certain about their schedules.

After a long night, as I prepared for bed, I finally decided to open my rewards.

[Reward: Rising Stars Pack (Mythic+), 500k Gold]

[Bonus Reward: Choose Legendary Skill From Different Profession]

I smiled about the rewards, I had seen them previously, however, I wanted to wait until I got back to my hotel before claiming them. I was still curious as to what would come out of the bonus reward as well.

Taking a deep breath, I claimed the rewards and prepared to open the pack. The only other Mythic I had was 'Mamba Mentality,' and that skill was incredibly powerful. Some of its abilities could be legendary skills on their own. So, I was even more eager to see what I might get.

So I was even more eager to see what I could potentially get.

'Fuck it' I thought as I stopped hesitating and began to open the pack.


[Mythic - Quantum Leap Sneakers: Crafted from materials sourced from across the cosmos. When equipped, they grant a +5 to all stats and a unique ability to perform a 'Quantum Leap' once per game

[Quantum Leap (Active) - Once per game, instantly teleport a short distance on the court, bypassing defenders]

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed in excitement, though it quickly turned to contemplation.

"There's no way I can use the skill," I realized with a sigh. Using the teleport ability would likely attract unwanted attention from the government such as the FBI or CIA, leading to potential experimentation. Even if the shoes somehow altered reality to appear differently from the outside perspective, I wasn't willing to take that risk.

"At least I can use the teleport in the simulation games," I reasoned. 

"Even without the skill, the +5 to all stats is better than my other shoes that are only a +2" I thought

With that thought, I moved on to the next item, eager to see what else I had obtained alongside the remarkable Quantum Leap Sneakers.

On the next item, there was an image of a bracelet with a red and orange feather. (Image)

[Mythic - Phoenix Feather Band: Significantly enhances endurance and recovery rates. Allows for full stamina recovery at halftime and a 15x accelerated injury recovery rate when resting (stackable) and a unique ability to perform 'Phoenix Rebirth' once]

[Phoenix Rebirth (Active) - One time use, completely restores user to perfect health]

I examined the bracelet with a smile, sliding it onto my right arm, leaving my left arm with the bracelet my mom gave me. As I fastened it, the material felt soft against my skin, far from uncomfortable. Not only would it complement my 'Mamba Mentality' recovery speed when sleeping, but its active ability was where its true value was. In case of emergencies or injuries, when healing potions didn't work, I could rely on this bracelet, for myself or others.

Continuing on, the next card contained an image of a basketball with a 100 engraved in the middle of it.


[Heritage Sphere (Mythic) - Wilt Chamberlain's 100-Point Game Ball

Description: This basketball, a revered piece of sports history, was used by Wilt Chamberlain during his record-setting 100-point game for the Philadelphia Warriors against the New York Knicks on March 2, 1962, in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The ball is marked with Chamberlain's signature, the date of the game, and the historic "100," signifying one of the most unbreakable records in basketball history.]

I examined the ball, noticing its unique texture without laces, which was common for basketballs in the 1960s to improve dribbling.

'I wonder where the system get's these items...I hope it doesn't just steal it from someone' I thought worriedly.

I continued on going to the last item before the skill. I looked at the card that had an image of a potion with some rainbow colored liquid inside.


Upon looking at the back and reading the description, my eyes widened immediately.

[Mythic - Elixir of the Giants: Upon consumption, permanently increases height to desired height up to a maximum of 7'0 feet tall]

I immediately jumped around while yelling in excitement. My whole life I had been restricted by height, it had been a focal part of why it was so hard for me to even get the slightest chance despite the skills I possessed.

Gazing at the red elixir, I pondered the height I desired. "6'8 like Kobe? Or maybe even taller? Would I still maintain my agility?" I questioned myself.

However, as excitement waned, doubts surfaced. "How would I explain this sudden change?" I wondered. A drastic transformation from 5'9 to a towering height wouldn't go unnoticed. But that wasn't the only concern.

"What about my fans?" I whispered to myself. They looked up to me, finding inspiration in my journey despite facing their own challenges. I couldn't betray their trust.

Despite the urging of my mind, my heart knew I couldn't go through with it. "Damn," I muttered quietly, returning the elixir to my inventory. Perhaps I could give it to someone younger, disguising its effects as a natural growth spurt. Using it on myself would arouse suspicion anyways.

I took a breathe before muttering a prayer and grabbing the last card out of the pack. On the card I saw the image of eyes that appeared to be brown but had a subtle purple tint to them.


[Mythic - Magic's Eyes (Passive) - A pair of magical eyes

[1: *Empowered with extraordinary court vision, allowing for an unparalleled awareness of all players' positions on the basketball court. This keen perception enables split-second decision-making, facilitating exceptional passes and strategic plays that often catch opponents off guard.

2: *Gifted with the talent to see the latent potential in players, this skill sharpens the user's insight into their teammates' capabilities. It grants exceptional aptitude to identify and understand the intricacies and shortcomings in their teammates' techniques and performances, allowing for targeted guidance that unlocks their full potential.

3: *Inherits an innate ability to "read" the game's flow, enabling adjustments to be made on the fly that can alter the momentum in favor of the player's team. This insight includes identifying weak points in the opponent's defense and capitalizing on them, as well as detecting and neutralizing the strengths of the opposition, thereby shifting the game's dynamics.

*Slightly Alters Eye Color]

[Integration Requirements:

1: Achieve a minimum of 10 assists per game for 21 games straight without turning the ball over more than 5 times]

2: Participate in a developmental program as a mentor, and successfully guide at least three players to improve specific aspects of their game over a season. Progress must be measurable in statistical improvements]

3: Lead the team to come from behind to win in at least 10 games, demonstrating the ability to make real-time strategic adjustments. In post-game interviews following each game, accurately reflect the changes in game dynamics were observed and acted upon.

'Holy shit...' I thought looking at the skill.

However, my initial excitement was quickly dampened upon seeing the integration requirements. The first skill didn't seem overly challenging, but the main hurdle was completing 21 games straight without turning the ball over more than 5 times! A daunting task for any point guard.

"But I guess that's a mythic skill for you," I thought, acknowledging that higher rarity skills often came with more demanding requirements.

As for the second skill, while it didn't seem too difficult, there were only 29 games left in the season out of our 82, so I wasn't sure if I could accomplish it in time.

Regarding the last skill, I wasn't sure how feasible it would be. We were currently the 1st seed in the Western Conference, so we didn't struggle often. Thankfully, this skill didn't have a time limit however.

Then there was the 'Alters Eye Color'. I wasn't sure how 'subtly' it would alter my eye color, but hopefully it wasn't anything crazy noticeable. I also assumed it would change my eye color to the one shown on the card, but I wasn't sure if it would happen immediately or gradually as I unlocked each ability.

"And how would I explain that?" I questioned with a sigh.

"I could probably wear contacts if anything," I pondered.

I hoped that when completing these requirements, I could switch from one skill to another and retain my progress.

Moving on to the bonus reward, I was thrilled, considering most of the system revolved around basketball. However, this reward promised something different: the ability to pick a legendary skill from a different profession, which intrigued me.

Opening the pack, adorned with a question mark, I found myself greeted by several cards, each displaying different images. Above each card, a bold phrase read, "Skill will be automatically unlocked upon selection."


1. Chef - Midas Touch (Legendary Passive): This skill ensures that no matter the food, the taste will be perfect.

2. Programmer - Code Weaver (Legendary Passive): This skill allows the user to write code with an innate efficiency that often requires minimal debugging.

3 Detective - Sixth Sense (Legendary Passive): The detective can pick up on the slightest discrepancies in cases, leading them to uncover clues and make connections that others would miss.

4. Teacher - Sage Scholar (Legendary Passive): Improves all students' learning speed by 2x and helps bring out latent academic potential.

5. Gardener - Green Whisperer (Legendary Passive): Plants and flowers thrive extraordinarily under the gardener's care, growing at an accelerated rate and blooming more vibrantly.

"Whoa," I thought, amazed. Some of these skills seemed much stronger compared to the basketball counterparts, but I attributed it to being a bonus.

'I wonder if I went down a different career, would this system still be here but just altered to fit that profession?' I pondered.

After careful consideration, I immediately ruled out the fourth and fifth options. While the Teacher's passive could potentially be helpful for assisting other players, I wasn't certain if it would work in a basketball context or solely in an academic setting.

Further contemplating, I eliminated the Programmer option as I wasn't sure what projects I would pursue with that skill. I needed more of a support skill rather than something to use as my main job, considering basketball was already my focus.

With that reasoning, I decided on the Chef's skill, as it would allow me to prepare my own meals.

"Plus, who doesn't appreciate good food?" I chuckled to myself before selecting the card and integrating it into my system.

"I can't wait to test it out," I thought before finally heading to sleep, eager to watch the All-Star game the next day.


A/N: Hope you're enjoying the story so far! I wanted to add a few more opportunities for other skills outside of basketball, however it won't be a common occurrence.

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