Among Giants: Starting with Mamba Mentality (NBA Pack System) Book

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Among Giants: Starting with Mamba Mentality (NBA Pack System)


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Javier Morales has harbored an unwavering passion for basketball since his childhood. Even as a young boy, he devoted his time to watching NBA games after school, fostering a deep love for the sport and nurturing dreams of making it to the big leagues. However, destiny had a different plan, and Javier's height plateaued at a modest 5'9". In the towering world of NBA prospects, where most players stood nearly a foot taller, Javier faced the unfortunate consequence of being overlooked by many teams, leading to his undrafted status in 2005. Undeterred by the setbacks, Javi refused to relinquish his love for basketball. His tenacity paid off when the San Antonio Spurs offered him a chance to prove himself through a 10-day contract. Little did he know that accepting this opportunity would mark a turning point in his basketball journey. [Would you like to open the Starter Pack?]


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