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Javier Morales has harbored an unwavering passion for basketball since his childhood. Even as a young boy, he devoted his time to watching NBA games after school, fostering a deep love for the sport and nurturing dreams of making it to the big leagues. However, destiny had a different plan, and Javier's height plateaued at a modest 5'9". In the towering world of NBA prospects, where most players stood nearly a foot taller, Javier faced the unfortunate consequence of being overlooked by many teams, leading to his undrafted status in 2005. Undeterred by the setbacks, Javi refused to relinquish his love for basketball. His tenacity paid off when the San Antonio Spurs offered him a chance to prove himself through a 10-day contract. Little did he know that accepting this opportunity would mark a turning point in his basketball journey. [Would you like to open the Starter Pack?]

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All Star Weekend: Rookie Challenge III (FINALE)

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(3rd Person)


"Sitting at 15 points, 4 assists and 1 rebound, let's see if Javier can help the Rookies take back the lead" stated Albert.


However, the Sophomores proved to be formidable and relentless, running pick and rolls to get Iguodala the ball, who converted on a tough mid-range shot contested by Luther Head, bringing the score to 46-43.

Despite this effort, the Rookies attacked back with Javi leading the charge, utilizing ball screens to exploit mismatches and create opportunities for his teammates. With the Sophomores sending help defense towards Javi, he capitalized on this by making smart passes to open teammates like Villanueva, who finished with an easy dunk.

The intensity of the game heightened as both teams traded baskets, with Devin Harris of the Sophomore team scoring a layup to extend the lead back to 3 points at 48-45.

In response, Javi entrusted the ball to Paul to run the offense, resulting in Luther Head hitting a crucial 3-pointer to tie the game, prompting a timeout called by the Sophomores.

"The game is once again tied, off the made 3 from Head the score now stands at 48-48 with a timeout called by the Sophomores," stated Albert.

"You can already see the impact that Javier has just by being on the court," noted Reggie, emphasizing Javi's ability to influence the game both on and off the ball.

"He's not only great on-ball but I believe he truly shines off-ball as well. Since Javier is so quick, defenders are always on their toes, allowing him to manipulate the defense and create more opportunities for his teammates," Reggie added.

"I completely agree; we've seen glimpses of this during the season whenever he needed to step up when Tony wasn't playing," acknowledged Albert.

"If given the chance, he would undoubtedly start on any other team," Reggie concluded.

"With just under 3 minutes left in the quarter, let's see if both teams can maintain this pace," stated Albert.

The game continued with heightened defensive intensity and no signs of whistles from the officials. "It looks like the officials are gonna let them play this out," noted Albert.

As Javi attacked the basket, maneuvering past Harris with a quick crossover, he delivered a crafty bounce pass to Chris Paul, who swiftly cut along the baseline and completed an effortless reverse layup, propelling the Rookies into a 50-48 lead.

"Rookies finally take back the lead off of a bounce pass from Javier to Chris Paul," narrated Albert.

"Javier now has 15 points and 6 assists," stated Reggie.

On the other end, the Sophomores retaliated as Iguodala lobbed a pass to Dwight Howard for a thunderous slam, tying the game once again at 50-50.

With just over a minute remaining, Chris Paul was fouled while attempting a floater and made both free throws, putting the Rookies ahead 52-50.

However, the Sophomores quickly responded with Iguodala hitting a beautiful off-the-glass mid-range shot, tying the game at 52-52.

"Iguodala with a beautiful off the glass mid-range ties the game once again at 52-52" stated Albert.

As the Rookies attempted to regain control, a double team by the Sophomores on Luther Head led to a steal and an easy fastbreak dunk by Ben Gordon, giving the Sophomores a 2-point lead.

"Amazing steal by Ben Gordon to bring the lead to 2 points" stated Albert.

Luther Head acknowledged his mistake and passed the ball to Javi, who, with 50 seconds remaining, accelerated towards the basket, drawing defensive attention from both Harris and David West. Recognizing an opening, Javi swiftly passed the ball to Paul under the basket for an uncontested layup.

"Javier threading the needle!" exclaimed Albert.

"This has been a great game so far; the constant back and forth, I can feel the intensity from here," remarked Reggie with a laugh.

"With just under 30 seconds left, it seems the Sophomores are hoping to drain the clock before taking a shot," Albert observed.

The Sophomores held onto the ball, attempting to run down the clock before Iguodala's open 3-pointer narrowly missed, prompting a timeout from the Rookies with one left to give. They designed a play for Javi.

Seeing the trust placed in him by his teammates, Javi stepped onto the court, aiming to end the half with a lead.

"With just under 6 seconds left, let's see if the Rookies can get off a shot here before the buzzer. Interestingly, Paul will be the one to inbound the pass," Albert remarked.

The game started as Harris pushed and shoved Javi in order to prevent him from getting the ball. However, after getting a screen from Jasikevicius, Javi was able to create enough space to get the ball from Chris. Catching the ball at the 3 point line, facing away from the basket. 

Turning quickly, Javi drove towards the basket, evading Harris's anticipated step-back, and rose up for a mid-range shot despite being fouled. The ball left his hand just as the buzzer sounded and swished through the net, igniting the crowd.

"WHAT A SHOT BY JAVIER!" exclaimed Albert.

"Javier helps the Rookies lead by 2 points going into the 2nd half," concluded Albert.


(3rd Person)

"Oh my gosh!" Miggy exclaimed, leaping around and mimicking Javi's dunk.

"Did you see that, Dad!?" he asked eagerly.

"Yes, Miggy, I saw it," his dad replied, smiling.

"Dad, can we go watch a Spurs game!?" Luis asked, brimming with excitement.

The dad hesitated before replying, "We'll see." He knew that attending a Spurs game would be costly, but he had some money saved up and was considering it as a possible gift for them.


A couple sat together, cuddling on the couch as they watched the all-star game. They had recently reconciled after breaking up at an NBA game.

Their breakup remained unspoken, shrouded in mystery, as they chose to keep it private. Speculation swirled among their friends, assuming the worst—perhaps something terrible or embarrassing had occurred.

Yet, now, it was all in the past. They enjoyed each other's company, immersed in the excitement of the all-star game.

As the tension in the game mounted, the girlfriend requested a drink from the fridge. Her boyfriend hesitated briefly, recalling a previous mishap, before obliging and darting off to fetch it. Hoping to avoid a repeat of the last time, he hurried back with the drink in hand.

However, to his dismay, it wasn't the one she wanted. Reluctantly, he hurried back to the fridge to get the correct drink. Amidst the fridge's hum, he heard a sudden eruption of noise from the TV. Hastening his return, he asked his girlfriend what happened.

His girlfriend brushed it off, claiming it was nothing. Yet, as the highlights showcased an incredible poster dunk by Javi over Dwight Howard, he slowly craned his head towards her.

With an expression of worry, the girlfriend attempted to explain. However, met with a deadpan gaze, her boyfriend simply uttered, "Get out."



(1st Person - Javi)

In the locker room, the team's morale was at an all time high as we eagerly anticipated the upcoming half. 

I grabbed a bottle of Gatorade and settled in as the coach went over the lineups. Thankfully, I was starting this time, alongside Chris, while Nate Robinson took a seat on the bench.

The coach also outlined a basic play for us, nothing overly intricate since this would be our first time playing together.



(3rd Person)

"As we head into the 2nd half of the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge. We look at the leading scorers on each team" stated Albert as an image showed up on the TV screen

"Andre Iguodala leads the Sophomore team at 22 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists on 11/17 shooting" stated Albert.

"Javier Morales leads the Rookie team at 17 points, 8 assists and 2 rebounds on 7/8 shooting. Having only missed a single shot the entire game!" exclaimed Albert.

"That efficiency is scary, which is why Javier is able to have such a pull on the defense as they know he's got the hot hand and probably won't miss. Sometimes you just have to live with him passing to the open man rather than him taking a shot" replied Reggie.

A moment later, the lineups came in. 

"To nobody's surprise Javier, will be starting this quarter for the Rookie team" stated Albert.

"Javier received the inbound pass from Bogut to start off the 2nd half" commentated Albert.

Looking at the defensive shift from the Sophomores, Reggie noted "It seems like they are really hoping to slow down Javier. If you look at David West, the Forward for the sophomores, he is playing slightly off his man. So anytime Javier makes a move toward the paint, he's going to drop off his man and contest the paint." he stated.

"Even though they will be leaving Channing Frye in the open for a 3-pointer, they are going to just live with it and hope that Frye misses" he finished.

The play unfolded as Reggie stated, with Javi easily bypassing Harris and being soon met by West. Javi, sent a pass to the corner for the open Frye who sank the 3-pointer bringing the score to 57-52 with the Rookies up 5.

"Wow, what a call Reggie" stated Albert.

"Well, I played the game for 18 years, so I should at least do this" he stated with a smile.

The game continued in a nail biting back in forth as either side refused to let up. With 10 minutes left in the game the score was extremely close at 88-85 with rookies still refusing to let up their lead.

The air grew more and more intense as each team knew that things were getting close to the wire. Both wanting to put the game away as they played harder.

"Javier receives the ball off the inbound pass from Bogut. Javier is sitting at 21 points, 14 assists, with 5 rebounds so far. Shooting 9/12 and shooting 3/3 from beyond the arc" stated Albert

Javi passed the ball to Danny Granger, who cut to the basket but was fouled along the way and headed to the line to shoot his free throws.

"Granger get's fouled and heads to the line. Javier heads out to sit for a breather while Robinson takes his place" stated Albert.

"The Sophomore team also decide to rest Iguodala" added Reggie.


(3rd Person)

"Timeout called by the Rookies as the Sophomores go on a 10-2 run in the last 4 minutes 30 seconds. The Sophomores lead by 5 with the score standing at 95-90 as they aim to extend their lead," stated Albert.

"Morales checks in for the Rookie team, while Iguodala comes in for the Sophomore team. Just under 4 minutes left in what has been a tremendous game so far," stated Albert.

"Absolutely, the Rookies have really stepped up, along with Morales, however, the Sophomore team refuses to let up. The last minutes of the game are going to get increasingly more intense," stated Reggie in response.

The game quickly resumed with the Rookie team starting with the ball, and Chris Paul taking it up the court.

"Paul brings up the court this time," stated Albert.

After bringing the ball up, Bogut set a screen for Javi, allowing him to receive the ball from Paul just beyond the arc, with room to take a shot.

He confidently pulled the shot, but unfortunately, it rimmed out.

However, undeterred, the team got back on defense.

The Sophomore team, hoping to extend their lead further, gave the ball to Iguodala, who crossed up Frye and put up a contested fadeaway shot that got a kind bounce before falling in.

"Sophomores extend the lead to 8 points with Iguodala's tough mid-range shot. Iguodala sits at 24 points on 12/18 shooting," stated Albert.

The Rookie team refused to back down as Paul quickly got the ball up the court. Javi once again, utilized a screen from Bogut and received the ball a few feet beyond the arc.

Harris quickly closed the distance and played Javi closely, bumping and reaching, hoping to poke the ball away.

However, he found no luck as Javi used his off hand to protect the ball before he began to dribble and size up Harris. Javi, utilizing half-spins with changes of speed, was able to make it easily just inside the arc before accelerating toward the basket.

Quickly hitting the brakes, seeing the defender was still close to him, he executed a deadly spin move, leaving the defender in the dust before rising for a floater that hit the backboard before falling in.

The crowd erupted in response to the fancy move.

"Beautiful move by Javier, rising for the floater and bringing the score to 98-92," stated Albert.

Getting back on defense, the Rookies were able to secure the rebound off a missed shot from Andres Nocioni.

Frye quickly passed the ball to Paul, who was able to create space with a crossover and rise up for a mid-range jumper.

"Excellent job by Chris Paul, he checks before stepping into space and rising up for the jumper," stated Reggie.

"Rookies are making a swift comeback, with the lead now down to 4 points at 98-94," stated Albert.

The game continued back and forth as the intensity grew. The atmosphere electrified not only the players but also the audience, whether they were in person or watching through a screen.

"The game is still neck and neck, and we can feel the intensity from here," stated Albert.

"The score is still at a standstill with the Sophomores holding tightly to the lead at 102-99," stated Albert.

However, right after a missed attempt from the Sophomores, Granger grabbed the board and sent a pass to Chris, who quickly found Javier just across half-court.

Seeing the defense already back, Javi slowed down for his team to set up. Once again, Javi was faced against Harris.

"Javier is met by Harris, but it doesn't matter as Javier easily uses his speed to create space for a jumper," stated Albert.

"Javier sinks the mid-range shot, bringing the score within 1 point at 102-101," stated Albert.

"Javier now has 25 points!" exclaimed Albert.

"Yeah, and with a couple of minutes left, it is very possible for him to beat Jordan's record," stated Reggie.

The game continued with the Sophomore team attempting to score, however, Luol Deng was met by Bogut when driving to the basket, resulting in a badly taken shot that missed its mark.

"Rookies get the ball, let's see if they can take the lead back," exclaimed Albert.




Amidst the court, Javi was met by Harris, who wouldn't stop yapping despite being embarrassed time and time again, hoping to throw him off his game. However, trash talk just resulted in Javi playing better with 'Bird's Motivation'.

"Yea, keep passing the ball pussy" he stated.

In a moment of impulsiveness, Javi decided to respond to Harris's challenge by calling for an isolation play.

With Harris closely guarding him, Javi initiated his move, driving to the right before executing a quick crossover to the left and stepping back for a deep mid-range shot.

As Javi prepared to release the shot, he noticed Harris losing his balance and falling to the ground.

"Sit down," Javi quipped, sinking the shot effortlessly as it swished through the net.



"Morales with a nasty ankle-breaker! Leaving Harris on the ground as he rises and hits the dagger!" exclaimed Albert.

"102-101 with 1 minute 15 seconds left on the clock," stated Albert.

"Javier is currently at 27 points, just 2 points away from tying Michael Jordan's Rookie Challenge game in 1985. This is not to be confused with Michael Jordan's all-star game appearance in 1985 as a rookie," stated Reggie.

The game continued as the sophomores took the ball, however again failing to connect on a shot attempt from Iguodala who was still stuck at 28 points and had been cold for the last few minutes.

Getting the ball with less than 40 seconds left on the clock, Javi hoped to put the game away as he used a screen to get a mismatch against their big. However, Harris frustrated and determined to stop the play, refused to switch.

Utilizing a similar crossover and change of speed, it was more than enough to get blow by Harris who seemed more like a ghost than a defender.

As Javi rose up for a floater, he felt a hard push on his back and landed on his left side as a whistle was blown and the crowd groaned at the fall. However, a moment later they crowd erupted in cheers at the shot going in despite the foul.

"And1 for Morales after a hard foul from behind by Harris," stated Albert.

"Oh come on," Reggie complained before continuing, "There was no call for that, I understand that this is a highly competitive game but that was unsportsmanlike," stated Reggie to which Albert agreed.

"Thankfully, Morales is quick to get up, he doesn't seem too badly hurt as he makes his way to the line to convert on a potential AND1 and to potentially beat Jordan's record," stated Albert in excitement.

Cheers erupted as everyone in the building became aware of the current free throw and what it meant.

All eyes were on Javi as he calmed himself. Finding himself enveloped in a comforting darkness, he drowned out the noise with his "Mamba Mentality." He rose up for a textbook free-throw that didn't even touch the rim when going in.

The darkness soon faded as cheers erupted and a timeout was called by the sophomore team.

"JAVIER DOES IT!" Albert exclaimed and continued, "The first rookie in NBA history to have 30 points, 18 assists, with 10 rebounds in the All-Star Rookie Game!" exclaimed Albert.

Moments later, the timeout ended as the Sophomore and Rookie team stepped on the court. The intensity of the game reached new heights with just a few moments left in the game.

"The score is 104-102 with Rookies taking back the lead in an amazing turn of events. There's 38 seconds on the clock with Sophomores getting the ball at half court," stated Albert.

"It's not over until it's over," stated Reggie.

Soon after, the Sophomore teams inbounded the ball to Iguodala who had stood at 28 points and had been their leading scorer, it seemed as though they were still trusting in him as he had a track record of being clutch.

Iguodala receives the ball and is closely guarded by Channing Frye.

"Iguodala takes the ball to the hole and creates some space for a difficult shot," stated Albert.

The crowd watched in anticipation as the ball approached the hoop, but their excitement turned to disappointment as it bounced out, eliciting groans from the crowd.

Quickly getting the rebound, Bogut passed the ball to Luther Head who got the ball. Surprisingly, it seemed like the Sophomore team wasn't going for a foul.

However, to everyone's surprise, Iguodala quickly doubled Luther with the help of West. Stripping away the ball at half court, Iguodala sprinted toward the basket hoping to go for a dunk just before the game ended.

The crowd watched as a speeding Iguodala made his way toward the basket with 9 seconds left on the clock.

However, quickly gaining on Iguodala was Javi as he sprinted with all his might in an attempt to thwart the shot.

Iguodala quickly rose up for a dunk with only 4 seconds left. The crowd watched in anticipation as Javi exploded upward, having caught up after trailing behind.

Iguodala reached forward, ready to put the ball in the hole, however, his face soon displayed shock after feeling a force on the ball as it slipped out of his grasp and hitting off the backboard before falling to the ground.

A moment later, the buzzer went off as the crowd blared in celebration as the legendary game that they had witnessed. The court was soon flooded by coaches, players, and all the celebrities at the game.

"WHAT A BLOCK BY MORALES!" screamed out Albert.

"What a perfect ending to a historic night!" exclaimed Albert.



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