4 Reborn as the Villain: My Chance for a New Beginning

Evan's heart raced as he took in the magnitude of what had just happened. The memories of his past life had tormented him for years. Every time he slept, the most painful events of his past played out like a never-ending horror show. He had mistaken them for a future where he would die miserably at the hands of a werewolf.

But the vision he had experienced tonight was different than the ones before.

It was real, and he had felt every moment, every emotion, and every detail with such clarity that he could swear he had been there. It was like he had been transported to another world, living an entire lifetime as Christian Wolfie. It was this experience that made him believe he was Christian Wolfie in his past life.

Evan was amazed by how different he had been in that past life. He had always thought of himself as flawed in his current life, but in the past, he had been kind, brave, and selfless. The revelation filled him with awe and happiness.

Looking around, Evan realized he was no longer afraid of being alone in his room. He used to be afraid that the monster in his nightmares would step out of the shadows and tear him apart limb by limb if he closed his eyes or lowered his vigilance. However, his fear had wilted away when he discovered the real identity of the monster, which was himself.

Now, he was no longer afraid of sleeping.

He was also not afraid of having visions. Instead, he was looking forward to experiencing them again.

"I bet my father would be so relieved to know that I've finally conquered my paranoia. But telling him about my memories of my past life might be pushing it. I mean, it's not every day you hear about a 16-year-old with 34 years of memories. I don't want to scare him off."

In order to prevent his father from regarding him as a monster, Evan decided not to disclose his secret to anyone and keep it hidden forever. It could be seen in his eyes that he had resolved to take it to his grave.

Evan sat up and turned towards the mirror, studying his reflection with newfound appreciation.

The man staring back at him had silky black hair and sharp eyebrows that slanted at the end, giving him a distinct and bold look. His nose bridge was high, akin to Cleopatra's, and his jawline was smooth and chiseled.

He sat with his lips pressed together, his expression serious and even intimidating. However, what truly caught his attention were his eyes.

They were a striking shade of royal blue, sparkling even in the dark.

The slightest hint of pink was visible in his eyes, a reminder of the vision he had just experienced. This pink hue would only last for a short time after his vision ended.

Evan knew from his father that having visions was a trait of a seer, someone blessed with the ability to foresee the future in their dreams.

It was a gift that he might have inherited from his late mother.

However, instead of seeing the future, he witnessed his past each time he had a vision.

This was a unique and unprecedented ability that had never been seen before.

Evan's father had once told him that his nightmares were ominous signs of his impending doom, a warning that a fierce adversary was coming to claim his life. The words of.his father had stirred a deep sense of dread and apprehension within Evan, leaving him in a constant state of paranoia and vigilance. Despite his father's reassuring presence as the Imperial Lord of Frost and the retired Field Marshal, Evan couldn't shake off the fear that his life was in grave danger.

At times, Evan felt a sense of regret about his prophetic ability. If he wasn't a seer, why should he be tormented by visions of an uncertain future?

But now that the truth has come to light, Evan has nothing but good words to say about the gift that he possessed.

"In the past, I resented being a seer," Evan mused, "but now I see it as a blessing. It has helped me recall my past life with clarity!"

Evan possessed a unique power as a seer that set him apart from others of his kind. While most seers could only catch fleeting glimpses of the future during their visions, Evan had the ability to recall every moment of his past life with vivid detail. This gift allowed him to recover memories of a game that he and his friends had played before his demise.

The game had taken the world by storm with its breathtaking graphics, immersive storyline, and captivating gameplay that ensnared players worldwide.

Christian Wolfie had been introduced to the game by his friends and never expected to become so enthralled by it. As the star quarterback of his football team and a responsible alpha, Christian had very little free time to spare for gaming. Nevertheless, he found himself getting lost in the game's world, mesmerized by the magical landscapes and mythical creatures that roamed within it.

It so happened that there was an infamous NPC in the game named Evan Frost, who had become the bane of many players' existence. Merely uttering his name was enough to send chills down the spine of any player exploring the game's world.

Evan was born into the Frost clan as the crown prince, and he had everything at his disposal. However, his grandfather and the clan elders viewed him as incompetent and unworthy of the throne. They pitted him against the most talented youth of the clan, and no matter how hard Evan tried, he couldn't measure up. In every competition, he was insulted and humiliated by the stepson of the head of the minor families.

Although Evan was the son of the patriarch of the main house, he could never match up to the stepson of the head of the minor families.

This realization shattered Evan, but losing his position to that person drove him mad.

He began plotting against the newly appointed Crown Prince of Frost, even going as far as hiring an assassin to carry out the job of killing him.

Unfortunately, Evan's attempt at the new crown prince's life was a grave mistake.

His actions were exposed.

The Frost family had strict laws. Even though he was the only son of the clan's patriarch, the law enforcers, backed by the elders of the Punishment Hall, didn't hesitate to punish him.

Evan was stripped of his privileges, exiled, and subjected to severe physical punishment, leaving him half-dead and bloodied.

While the Imperial Lord of Frost was being suppressed by the Grand General, Evan was thrown into a random portal that teleported him to a junkyard of a world.

Banished from his homeland, stripped of everything he held dear, and separated from his loving father, Evan became a man without a home or a purpose close to dying.

He would have died if he hadn't been saved by a kind-hearted scavenger who wasn't exactly a beauty. Her face was average at best, and if he were a swan, she would be a toad. However, her personality was as beautiful as a blooming rose. It was not an easy task to find someone like her on a planet where the waste of the intergalactic empires was dumped.

While she was nursing Evan back to health, he found himself developing feelings for her. It was clear to him that she felt the same way, and perhaps it was because of his charming face. As they spent more time together, they grew closer, and Evan found himself falling in love with her.

One day, she proposed to him, and he immediately accepted. He was no longer the crown prince of frost, and it didn't seem like a bad idea to spend the rest of his life with her.

They lived together happily for half a year. This much time was enough for Evan to realize that beauty is not just skin deep, but it also comes from within.

The love they shared was pure and true, and he was grateful that someone as kind-hearted and gentle as his wife.

But his good days didn't last long.

His cousin sent space pirates after him. A tracking chip was implanted in Evan's body without his knowledge. It happened when he lost his consciousness due to the punishment.

While Evan's Father, the Imperial Lord of Frost, was desperately trying to find his son, the space pirate hired by Evan's Cousin easily found him with the help of the tracking device.

The shots fired from the spaceship destroyed Evan's home and killed his beloved wife. He had been rescued from the rubble by a masked mercenary who had been tasked by Evan's Uncle, the head of the minor families, to capture him and throw him into a hellhole where he could never escape.

The pain and agony that he had felt at the loss of his wife were indescribable. The memories of their time together were etched into his mind, and he could not help but think of what they had planned for the future. It was all gone in an instant.

While being pulled from the wreckage of his home, Evan felt numb and disoriented. The mercenary acted quickly, grabbing him roughly and shoving him into a waiting spacecraft. Evan was too dazed to resist, and as the ship lifted off the ground, he watched in horror as the ruins of his life disappeared from view.

Days passed as they flew through the galaxy, the mercenary keeping him locked in a small, cramped cell.

Evan was only given the bare necessities and medicine to survive, and the darkness had swallowed him whole. He didn't know who the mercenary was or what his purpose was.

The fear of never seeing the light again nearly consumed him when he was pulled out of the spaceship and sold to a ruthless cartel that smuggled drugs and trafficked humans.

The cartel saw Evan as a valuable asset, a man who could help them expand their operation.

Although he was in a dire situation, Evan wanted to live. He wanted to amass power to avenge his wife. Evan's past life as the Crown Prince of Frost proved to be his greatest asset. He used his knowledge to help the cartel bypass security checks and expand its operation.

As Evan's contributions increased, the cartel gave him a hideout to run.

That was his character template.

He was a boss that players had to defeat to complete one of the game's most popular quests.

The players came to personally hate him, for the target of his operation were noobs and orphans. They despised him for his cruel tactics, never suspecting that he was once a victim himself, a man who had been forcefully taken from his life and thrown into a world of darkness and fear by his own Uncle and Cousin.

"Upon sacrificing myself for my pack's safety, I reincarnated into a notorious character in a famous MMORPG game. Is there anything more ludicrous than this?"

Evan couldn't help cursing his absurd fate; his past and present lives intertwined in ways one couldn't imagine.

It was all so absurd that he couldn't help but chuckle in anger.

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