Alpha Reborn! Book

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Alpha Reborn!


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Amidst the frosty grip of the Imperial Frost Clan, a young Prince named Evan was burdened with a life of ceaseless misfortune. The weight of his crown brought constant threats from those who coveted his position, and his health began to wither away at a tender age as he was consumed by a debilitating paranoia. As his very soul hung in the balance and his Fall From Grace seemed inevitable, fate intervened in a most peculiar manner. In a moment of unbridled clarity, Evan was granted a striking vision of his past life - one in which he was a nefarious villain who lost everything after a futile attempt to murder his nemesis. As the realization that he had been reincarnated into the game he once played dawned upon him, Evan swore to defy his destiny and forge a new path for himself. Yet, the road ahead is strewn with countless obstacles and a formidable cycle of fate that seems nigh impossible to overcome. Will Evan's sheer willpower and determination to break free from his predetermined fate be enough to propel him towards a brighter future? The answer awaits in the thrilling tale of Evan's quest to carve out his own destiny! ... Release rate= 2 chap/day