All you need is - immortality

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What is All you need is - immortality

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This story takes place in distant future when all people are immortal. There are no diseases, no suffering. There is no division into rich and poor. Everyone is equal. Science is developing so fast, that robots, other dimensions became an ordinary things. And in addition to all this, scientists created someone who can read thoughts and fulfill any wishes. They called these creatures - Wizards. With the appearance of this kind of magical creatures who were born in the laboratory, people have a new source of entertainment. They can make a wish and magical creature will make it come true. Now, the world has completely changed. But humans became cold and emotionless. New dangers are everywhere. Even if the world is free from death and suffering. When everything becomes too cruel and scary, the main character goes against the system, in order to remind everyone about what is it to be a human. There is a long journey to understand it. And on his way, the main character meets his love. So now, he has more meaning in his life. This is the story about cruelty and morality. It is ironical and sad. But the love is always beautiful, even if everyone forgot about it.

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Wow!!!... this is normally not my genre, but I'm glad I read it. The story is really descriptive and I love the authors' style of writing. The characters really flow well with each other.


This is the kind of book that makes you think and want to debate. I had to hold myself back so many times from typing out long philosophical comments and read further.


I love it so far! I've just started reading this book, getting to know the character and his world and it's background but everything is so interesting! I love how the author managed to see the future in their mind and reproduce it in this book!


From what I read, the idea is pretty unique. I am pretty scared now if one-day we do become immortal. The story will sure to make you think. It also very neatly written so you can enjoy it just like I did.


the story revolves around a very interesting concept, honestly, it has a lot of potential, you just need to polish your writing skills a bit more and correct some lines to make it a 10/10, other than that, you are very creative!


Thinking about immortality, it will be a little hard to handle it if you got it, right? You got many thing you want to do. 🥺 But aside from that, the plot is great. I'm in love with it. It makes me wonder about lot of things. ❤


Such a great book!! I love the characters and the world-setting and plot is 👌👌👌👌👌👌. Great job!! Keep up the amazing work [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Not bad, not bad at all. The premise was interesting and I didnt feel bored. The overall writing quality was decent and there weren't flaws that struck me as 'glaring'. Looking forward to read some more future updates to come!


What an interesting story. The description is very narrative and formative. I am not someone who would normally read books like this, but this one was impressive. I always say to myself everytime I see books like this one on Webnovel-where does those authors get their ideas from?! I am not a fan of the science fiction genre, but I'd like to try it out one day. Your book gave me that inspiritation author. Great story.


I Added to my library... This is the first time reading this kind of genre. But, your story is very interesting that made me wanna read more.. I recommend this story .A must read... Maybe this will be a start for me to read this kind of stories...


I love the philosophical question in the beginning sort of poetic in the first Chapter. I've always liked that style of writing. it did make me laugh when the second chapter starts with like "wake up. wake up."


An impressive,thoroughly fascinating novel that pulls you all the way in.The characters are very believable and we'll developed,good job author!


Great storyline, character development is on point, although I haven't read all chapters with the chapters I have read..this story is awesome. Great job!


I really like this book! Its world building is simple yet sophisticated. its easy to read and the chapters are just the right length. i love the characters the ideas they have. i also love that you give each character there personality. The immortality concept is something i really dig. Good job!


The author's way of writing is simple and perfect. The world, the author created sounds peaceful and fun that I wanna be in that place too. I like your story and the character development here. And updating daily is a tough one but you doing great.


the words you used are simple but impressive.😍😍😍😍 its easy to understand and read. updating is double great.😃 its really hard to publish 2 chapters everyday. hope get better day by day.


Very interesting idea. Author describes the world and the character development is good. I'd hate to think of a future like this where we have no sky!


I have read a book of this author before, and I can say that her work is still unrivaled. unrivaled in the sense that it makes you think, what if humanity achieve everything it ever wanted, will it really be a better place? The way the author narrates makes me believe that this world is possible and yet just as much, the feelings of the protagonist are much justifiable. An outstanding job once again, from one of my most favorite authors!


Everything is so accurate, cute and fascinating! especially the lead's relationship with his mom, the writing's so good too, keep it up author~


This is such a good read, you simply can't help but fall in love with the main characters, and also, a mama's baby, anyway enough spoliers😅.


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