All The Stars Became Cosplayers For The Anime Book

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All The Stars Became Cosplayers For The Anime


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Lin Nian travels across parallel worlds and becomes a student at the Northern Film Academy. In this world, there is no circle and industry of two-dimensional animation, and various film and television works are also extremely old-fashioned. Lin Nian thought that he would embark on a path of making animation, but he didn't expect that the system was completely changed from American Comics! As the name suggests, he was able to perfectly shoot the live-action versions of those classic animations from his previous life! Whether it is special effects, acting skills, or scenes, they all reach the extreme! Therefore, Lin Nian perfectly photographed Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, Demon Slayer, Spy X Family, Jujutsu Kaisen, Violet Evergarden, Haikyuu!, etc.! Various anime famous scenes are staged. In this old-fashioned and boring era of film and television, it is almost a dimensionality reduction blow. A generation of film and television legends thus emerged. Ju Jingyi, Bai Lu, Boss Yang, Sister Shenxian... and other major stars, as well as those with strong acting skills, rushed to become his cosplay actor!