All New Sunspot (Marvel)

A man from our world, who is a comic book fan, goes to sleep one night and then suddenly wakes up as one of his favorite and, in his opinion, most underrated characters in all of Marvel. Now follow his journey as he makes a new life for himself in a world filled with superheroes, aliens, magic, etc. MC/Elizabeth Braddock (Psylocke)/Daisy Johson (Quake)

ArifuretaForever · Anime & Comics
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23 Chs

Chapter 9: Cloak & Dagger

The sun hitting my face I opened my eyes.

I then got up out of my bed.

The previous nights sleeps having been quite comfortable.

Despite having it in a monastery run by an ancient secret society of magic users.

But once again since this is a Marvel universe I am rolling with it.

After waking up I moved to get dressed.

Putting on the robes of an order novice.

Once I did I left my room, a smile on my face.

Since I was about to learn how to throw around spells like a boss.

Hell yeah!


Resisting the urge to groan, my excitement having deflated like a balloon with a tear in it, I found myself in Kamar-Taj library.

A big ass stack of old and huge books in front of me.

Jericho sitting right across from me in the same position.

The two of us currently working on our first challenge to become masters of the mystic arts.

Studying the language of spells.

Which means learning to understand Latin, Hebrew, Arabic, and a host of other languages hardly anyone speaks in the modern era.

In my excitement I forgot Strange had to do this in the film.

So now here I am.

But it's honestly not to bad.

Considering I am already multilingual.

In my previous life I spoke both Spanish and Japanese.

The latter so I could watch anime without subtitles.

Since I am that much of a weeb.

But also because I found Japanese an interesting language.

While in this life I know Portuguese thanks for the original Roberto having learned it from his parents.

He also learned to speak German, French, and Mandarin from a young age at all the private schools he went to.

So combining all that language knowledge together getting through the books in front of me shouldn't take too long.

Jericho seems to be doing alright as well.

So in a comfortable silence the two of us studied.

We then continued this trend for two months before we finished our language studies.

Once we did we moved onto the more practical aspects of magic and spellcasting.

Our first lessons dealing with the Sling Rings and portal creation.

An ability which Jericho, and surprisingly I picked up easily.

Which confused me.

I mean I understood why Jericho had an easy time learning magic, given what I know about him, but when it came to me it I didn't understand.

So I asked the Ancient One and it turns out I have a natural aptitude for magic.

Go me.

That knowledge in hand I poured myself into my magical studies.

Jericho and I becoming friends/rivals along the way.

Time began flying by, and before I knew it an entire year had passed since I began my magical studies.

Me having made a large amount of progress.

Which was excellent.


[December 4th, 2003]

Pulling the jacket I was wearing tighter around my body I walked through Central Park.

Enjoying the Christmas decorations they were already hanging up.

Despite the fact Thanksgiving only ended shortly ago.

Well I guess that's New York for you.

Beginning to hum a tune I continued my walk, just enjoying the peace and quiet around me.

A far cry from the daily events at Kamar-Taj where both my body and mind get pounded into the ground and rebuilt almost every day.

So I am thankful for times like this when the Ancient One allows me to take a break from my training.

Which is necessary to keep up my cover story to my family about me traveling around the world.

Though of course I will tell them the truth one day.

Along with several other things.

Continuing down the path in front of me I suddenly stopped in my tracks when I sensed dimensional energy nearby.

Zeroing in on it I turned in its direction and then started running right toward it.

Pulling out my phone and sending a text to Jericho about the situation along the way.

Since I have no idea what I'm about to encounter and I want backup in case it's something I can't handle.

As I arrived on the scene I looked to see Jericho had replied to my text.

He also told me his location.

So I took out my Sling Ring, opened up a portal, and he came through it.

Looking ready for battle.

"I have alerted my brother to the situation. He should be here shortly with backup." Jericho explained.

"Excellent." I said.


Right after I did I heard several screams.

Sharing a quick glance Jericho and I both nodded.

We then headed in the direction of the screams.

Arriving we found quite the scene.

Several armed gunmen wearing suits and masks were being attacked by two people.

Teenagers to be exact.

Whom I recognized immediately. Especially considering the powers they were using

It wasbTyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen. Also known as the superhero duo Cloak & Dagger.

Who look exactly like the actors who played them in the short live action show about the pair.

Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph.

[Insert Image of Tyrone Johnson/Cloak Here]

[Insert Image of Tandy Bowen/Dagger Here]

Creating daggers of light Tandy threw them at the gunmen with amazing accuracy and took them down.

Meanwhile shadows and darkness spread out from Tyrone and enveloped the gunmen.

Making them scream in terror and fright and fall to their knees.

Before long the pair has defeated all the enemies present.

Once this happened they turned their gazes to us.

Just as they did a portal opened up and Master Drumm along with several other members of the order arrived.

Combat ready.

Well, this is certainly an interesting situation we find ourselves in.

Now I just have to make sure it doesn't blow the fuck up.