All New Sunspot (Marvel)

A man from our world, who is a comic book fan, goes to sleep one night and then suddenly wakes up as one of his favorite and, in his opinion, most underrated characters in all of Marvel. Now follow his journey as he makes a new life for himself in a world filled with superheroes, aliens, magic, etc. MC/Elizabeth Braddock (Psylocke)/Daisy Johson (Quake)

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Chapter 6: A Tense Meeting

The four of us reached the living room with no trouble.

Once we did I called for the rest of my family, and within a few moments my parents and sister arrived.

Their gazes going directly to Charles' group after they did.

"Son, who are these people?" My father asked.

"Hello there Mr. Da Costa. My name is Charles Xavier. And the two with me here today are my associate Logan, and a student of mine whose name is Jean Grey." Charles explained.

"Nhn." Logan grunted. Giving my family a curt nod of acknowledgement.

"Hello, nice to meet you all." Jean said. Politely introducing herself.

Her voice lovely to hear. A perfect match for her rather beautiful body.

Which now that I am seeing in person and not on a page or a screen makes me understand why Cyclops and a ton of others became simps for this telepathic/telekinetic redhead.

But I will never be one of them.

Since it takes more than looks to entrance me.

"Nice to meet you as well young lady. But you didn't answer my question Mr. Xavier. Who are you, and why have you just showed up at my home unannounced like this?" My father asked. This time with a bit more force in his voice.

"To answer your first question Mr. Da Costa I am many things. A doctor, a teacher, and just like your children one who possesses extraordinary abilities thanks to the activation of my own X-gene. Like them I am a Mutant. As our Logan and Jean." Charles explained.

That's when Logan raised up his left hand into the air and his signature Adamantium claws popped out. But they only stayed out for a few seconds before he retracted them. He then brought his left hand down.

"Now as to your second question, as I said just a moment ago I am a teacher. And currently I run a school where I teach and train young Mutants to help master their powers. A school I have come to offer both your son and daughter a place at, with your permission of course." Charles explained.

"I see." My father mused. Putting a mask-like expression on his face. Trying to make sure no one in the room could tell what he was thinking.

But in Charles case that won't work if he decides to go into my fathers mind. Same with Jean.

Which I can only hope is not the case at the moment.

"Mr. Xavier, while all this sounds very interesting I am curious as to how you found out our son and daughter are Mutants? Since outside of family we haven't told anyone. And I can assume our children haven't either." Mom spoke up.

"I haven't." I spoke. The original Robertos' memories confirming I am telling the truth. 

He told no one about his powers.

Not that he had anyone to tell, since the guy didn't have many friends in the first place. He mostly kept to himself.

"Me neither." Beatriz spoke up.

"My children have spoken professor, so I ask again, how did you come to learn about them and their powers?" Mom asked. Leveling a glare at Xavier.

"I found them using a machine I have access to which augments my abilities." Xavier explained.

"Which are?" Dad asked.

Digging into Xavier for the truth.

"I am a telepath." Xavier finally revealed.

"So that means you can read our minds?" Beatriz asked. Unconsciously taking a few steps back from good old chuck.

"Yes, I can." Charles answered. "But I am not doing that right now. And I try to never read anyone's mind without their permission." He explained.

"It's true. The professor instilled that rule into me when he helped me to control my own telepathic powers." Jean spoke.

The poor girl, having no idea that Charles may have violated her mind and suppressed a part of her. All simply because he was scared of it and didn't understand it.

The hypocrite.

Just like Dumbledore Charles Xavier is the poster child for the phrase "For The Greater Good".

At least Magneto is generally honest about his intentions.

"I get what you're saying, still you could be reading our minds right now and we would likely not even know." I spoke.

"Yes, it's true. But I am not young Roberto. I ask you to believe that." Charles spoke.

"Mr. Xavier, no offense, but my son doesn't have to believe anything you tell him. Especially given how you have presented yourself to us. Showing up at our home without any warning in the slightest." My father spoke.

"Yes, you are right, and once again I apologize for that." Charles said. "But I truly only came here with the best of intentions. So if you'll allow me may I present them to you all?"

"I mean, I don't have a problem with hearing him out." Beatriz spoke.

"Okay." Mom agreed.

"Fine." Dad said. "We'll here what you have to say." He spoke.

"Let's hear it." I said.

Still working to keep my mind clear.

Hoping with all I have that Xavier truly isn't taking a peak inside my head right now. Since if he is I might be fucked. Especially considering all the stuff I know in regards to him and his actions.

"Thank you for this opportunity." Charles spoke.

Once he did my family and I took our seats on the couches in the living. Logan and Jean doing the same.

After we did Charles started his pitch. Giving us a little detail about his personal history, then what led him to found his school, that being his dream for Mutant/human co-existence one day.

My family and I listened to it all until Charles was finished.

"So with that, I once again would like to offer Beatriz and Roberto a place at my school." He spoke.

"Mhm, sorry. I'll pass on the offer." I said.

Mainly because I wouldn't feel safe being around Charles like that with my mind as unprotected as it currently is. Even if he isn't the mind rapist version of Xavier, the risk is just too great for me to take.

"Me too." Beatriz added.

"There you have it professor. Our children have spoke." Our mom spoke.

"I see. Well I can't say I'm not disappointed, but I understand your decision Beatriz and Roberto." He spoke.

"Thank you professor. And even though I am not a student I hope I might be able to come and visit your school one day." I spoke.

Namely because I want to meet the X-men, and may or may not bring some of them to my side.

Since I could definitely use allies like that to combat all the future threats.

"Yes, of course you can Roberto." Charles spoke.

"Thanks professor." I said.

Once I did my father and I escorted the professor Xavier, Logan, and Jean out of the house.

We then quickly returned to the living room where my mother and sister were and had a little family discussion about what just happened.

My dad insisting on increasing the security on our property, and our persons.

But I told him it would be for not given that Xavier was a telepath who could simply control the guards minds if he chose.

Hearing this from me my dad understood, and said he would look into some other options to keep people like Xavier from simply arriving at our doorstep in the future.

Good on him.

Soon the family meeting ended.

When it did I returned to my room and then sat on my bed. Where I ended up having an epiphany.

I'm taking things too slow.

I need to ramp up my preparations and quickly, since I did not like being caught off guard by Xavier's visit. Completely and utterly defenseless if he decided to attack me or my family.

I didn't like that feeling one fucking bit.

Meaning it's time to accelerate things.

I'm about to put my foot on the gas.